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11th December 2011

city is great and beautiful and compare 2 Prag really clean.i Love Bratislava and this city got a great opera buildings and shoppings as well
8th January 2012

Bratislava: A City Worth Visiting
Relatives wondered why on earth we would want to visit Bratislava. We found it relaxing and easy to get around. The buildings were charming and certainly a must on anyone's intinerary. Pleased someone else found it equally enjoyable.
8th October 2011

Thank you for your information,it is really meant to me.
Thank you for your information,it is really meant to me.
19th August 2011

Monet's Garden
That's just what we thought too. We had a great day and well worth the trip.
18th August 2011

Looks like you had a really nice day in Monet's garden. The Lily pond looks just like the painting!
21st July 2011

A big thank you.
We are pleased you are enjoying our blog and thank you for your wonderful comment. We just wanted to share some aspect of our adventure without boring people by creating a travelogue. It also helps us remember some of the wonderful and funny things that happen to us while touring. Chris & Marilyn
21st July 2011

Loved your blog so much. Beautiful description of your journey very simple yet sophisticated. Especially your journey to the border.
30th June 2011

Great travelling companion
It was great have your company and to share our laughs and frustrations. Hope you enjoyed reminiscing when reading the blog about Tuscany. See you in August, if not before.
27th June 2011

What great blog entries, you've described our time in Rome perfectly, it was a great week and I enjoyed all of it! Wish I was able to still be there but your fun and adventures will continue. Thank you for letting me come along :)
25th May 2011

Haven't been to Faro
Would love to help but only by-passed the places you mentioned on our way to Seville. We stayed at Albufeira as it was a cheap convenient stopping place. We weren't there for the beach or night life. Chris
24th May 2011

Where to stay in Faro?
I'm going to be in Faro, Portugal August 2 thru 5. Should I stay in Faro near their beaches, or 15 miles east in Tavira and hang at their beaches. I really need to hear from someone that's been there. I have a feeling if you want the resort life, stay in Tavira, but if you want some city life at night, stay in Faro. Help me please.
23rd May 2011

Hi Dave & Merry Jo We were interested in going to Gibraltar and as it was on our way we thought why not. We were a little disappointed but perhaps we didn't do enough research beforehand. Chris & Marilyn
23rd May 2011

Loved your blog
.....and the story of walking across the runway. How cool is that? I'd like to go to Gibraltar.
20th May 2011

Lisbon and its delights
Pleased you have enjoyed our photos. We guess you may have been following us through several countries. We have many more to go. We are driving ourselves through Europe for four months and then heading for Scotland before we go home to New Zealand in October.
18th May 2011

I would like to go to Lisbon
I like your rooftops of Lisbon and the Monument to the explorers!
13th May 2011

Spain and now Portugal by car
Hi Kathriona, welcome to our blog. Pleased you are enjoying our travels as much as we are. We are having a great time exploring new and exciting places and trying to learn snippets of a new language. We will endeavour to keep you fascinated by our journey. Chris & Marilyn
13th May 2011

Spain from an armchair
Hi Grahame gave me your blog details and I have just been reading of your advetures in Spain and also seeing some great photos
5th May 2011

Miss GPS
Our lovely friend who is determined to get us to the exact location is unwavering as to where she wants to go. A brief variation produces an instant "recalculating" response. We are aware of the road taxes in Spain so will be a little devious. Putting in the hotel coordinates has kept the stress levels to a minimum. As for adventure, I'm sure there's more to come. Just waiting for the drive through Portugal.
5th May 2011

Cheap Liquor
Don't miss out on the real cheap liquor on your way back through Andorra as there is no tax.Brandy was about NZ$5 a bottle !!Also cheap diesel/petrol as again no tax.So arrive empty and fill up as you drive through and make you feel good for at least a day !!Petrol now NZ$221.9 and an article in todays paper discussing how we will get along when it hits NZ$4 !!Bring back the horse and cart.!
5th May 2011

Get rid of the GPS,where is your sense of adventure and the back country roads are far more interesting with quaint villages that you would otherwise miss.AND its cheaper.Wait until you get to Spain as the distances are bigger and they need the money to balance the budget.We are still married although I am sure Gretchen would have dumped me on the odd occasion.
4th May 2011

Our Cahors Visit
Thank you for reading our blog. We have thoroughly enjoyed our time in the area and would recommend the region to everyone. The historic bridge was truly amazing.
4th May 2011

Nice to read
I am living in the Cahors area for years, I love it, I hope I will be here the rest of my life. Regards Leif
3rd May 2011

Now you mention it we can see where it all happened. The boats motor up and down the river taking sightseers. Must check out with the receptionist in the morning if she knows more about the filming.
3rd May 2011

The Wedding!
No fear we got out before the place went crazy. The chaps putting up the flags were great to chat with and quite keen to get themselves on our blog. Hope all is well and the rents you are collecting are going into our travel fund. Having a great time especially in this part of France - a place to die for.
From Blog: London to Lyon
3rd May 2011

Chocolat Movie
Hi, after seeing that photo of the river I looked up the Chocolat movie on Wikipedia and it says part of the movie was shot in Beynac. I thought I recognised it. Anyway just a piece of very useful information!

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