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12th June 2011

Fantastic Camel Photos!
Thanks for such a great blog - the Camel Festival is definitely on my future travel plans.
31st March 2011

bodily fluids?
Bodily fluids, frozen and otherwise, on the footpath? ewwww
30th March 2011

Ohh those memories
Hi Merryn, sounds like those deltones were in full swing. Thanks for the dedication. Sounds like we need a Karoke reunion :) So Land Down Under wasn't on the Karaoke machine lol. Take care, speak to you soon. If you back in Melb. now, we must do a lunch. Let me know when your free.
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30th March 2011

Great 'people' pictures
Merryn, Great pictures of people, particularly the guy carrying the polo mallets, and 'Jarmin' drinking from a bowl. Good 'National Geographic' type pictures and you've done well to capture them when it looks like they weren't aware. You use a long lens on them? Welcome back to Melbourne & the heat. Time to breathe a sigh of relief. Speak soon. Mart.
30th March 2011

hear hear!! (there, there....)
hi Merryn I don't often get a breather to read your blog entries but I'm pretty sure I've told you before that I think they're awesome - insightful, humorous and cutting enough without being totally pessimistic I was nodding away to many of your comments - although when I looked at your photos of your lviing conditions, I guess our siuations aren't all that similar, what with me living in an epat paradise. But I agree - there' no place like home! can't wait to get back ... just gotta find my ruby slippers. PLease let me live vicariously through you - tell me about all the gigs you get to, people you catch up with, etc. miss you
30th March 2011

welcome back adventurer
i do not believe you! I give it a maximum of 12 months before I'm invited to another round of farewell drinks for Merryn. Enjoy the hot showers! S
30th March 2011

Thanks for the work you have done for My country and my hometown. Much appreciated.
29th March 2011

Hi there
Hi Mez...fantastic tales from your experience...thanks for including me in the email alerts. Catch up in wonderful Melbourne once you're settled...cheers, Ev
24th March 2011
St Merryn's church

This is the church we got married in and this is a great pic of it!
20th March 2011

End of Mongolia
You have kept me enthralled with your blog, have shown various grandkids some of them while visiting me. All you need to do now is to get a similar jod in Peru, Equador or Costa Rica and I will be in 7th heaven. Hope to see you back in Australia PS I saw some of the vultures circling while in Mongolia
17th March 2011

Hi, that's really sad about the orphanage. Those children are so cute. What happens to them? Do they get any care for their physical/metal disabilities? Or do they stay there for the rest of their lives?
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17th March 2011

the van
Hi Merryn, oh reading about the van and the breakdowns soooo reminds me of Egypt...remember how we were squished into that van (granted the seats were attached) and we kept screaming at the driver to slow down as he was hurtling along the dirt "road", not braking for cattle crossing etc...
16th March 2011

Hello, Wow the skies look so blue... I miss the snow.... Can I have you e-mail address again. Kila
4th March 2011

hi i am munkhuu and mono is my friend .we know you .
From Blog: November tales
13th February 2011

What and insight - Fantastic
Merryn What a great insight you have given us, it is very true of the old saying "Want to know me, come live with me". Looking forward to your arrival to more first hand. Regards Dermot
6th February 2011

Hey i'm mono. of course u don't know me. i was in the Lotus when u were there. Sandrina, Levi, Conversation club, Austrailia etc.
From Blog: November tales
1st February 2011

Leaving MUST be postponed
Hi Sorry but you can not leave, what other interesting blogs will I have to read, this is just too good to miss!!! However I agree, it is a pity that your role did not get the necessary support, but we know of such things in areasa where they are must needed. I assume we will be treated to one last blog as you exit what must be one of the last few areas where tradition is still a part of everyday life.
31st January 2011

Sorry to hear you are leaving
I've enjoyed your blogs. Hope you will continue to travel and blog your local area if nothing else. I have enjoyed your photos.
31st January 2011

Australia Day . . .
Thank you again for the update and pics. Back home by mid March. Suggest you plan trip to States for first Sat. in May.
31st January 2011

I've been enjoying your blogs and keeping up with life in Mongolia! Such a pity you couldn't get much traction at your placement (hmm, that sounds familiar!) but I can't wait to catch up with you when you get home :)
31st January 2011

Shame that you are finishing with a lack of progress work wise but it sounds like it has been culturally enriching and an otherwise enjoyable (and challenging) experience. Enjoy the dumpling festival - sounds like my kind of thing!
13th January 2011

Loved the photos
Hey Merryn Loved your holiday stories and photos. Hope your New Year is whatever you want it to be!! I've long ago stopped imagining what you might want it to be!! Who would think Mongolia??!! We're just back from four days of skiing in the Rockies. We talked about YOU!.. We woke up to -12F and started whining about the cold!!.. We decided that you would think this was pretty warm but none of us could figure what that temp was C!! So we just put on another layer of clothes and had a great time. Sign in winter clothing store "There's no such thing as bad weather -- just bad clothing" Hope you mom and dad can avoid the flooding. Love, Mary and Jon
12th January 2011

Happy Holidays
Looks like you are having a great time.
4th January 2011

We think the church and the facade are Russian Orthodox. Agreed?
well merryn to keep your mind at ease yes you right it is indeed russian orthodox i try to send you a pic so you might be able to add it to the blogg
2nd January 2011
Peter's Apple Tree

I love the bee
steady hand, good eye.

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