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29th August 2010

Hi Marketa - buuz were filled with mutton (and associated fat) and the vego ones had potato and onion! And I wil keep an eye out for cool door knockers - don't like my chances but I have 11 months to source one!
28th August 2010

Dear Merryn, Pleased to see that you have finally arrived in one piece. In a few hours I hop on a plane (back of the bus ) for the dreaded trip back to the UK. Managed to spend a few days in Melbourne and caught up with some of the troops. Always great. PL's girls coming for a few nights at Chez Pierre in September. Hope to catch up with Peter and Viccki for a weekend in Paris. Good luck for your UB . I'm sure that you will have some stories to tell cheers Peter
28th August 2010

Door-knockers and kitty statues
Hi, love the pics. Love the door-knocker. Can one get on ebay or the like? Also love the statue of the cat. The statue is almost as big as Pebby is getting now. What are the little dumpling things filled with? Or is it best not to ask. xx Marketa
27th August 2010

A great entry Merryn. I'm really looking forward to learning more about Mongolia. Unfortunately I didn't stop there when I was in the neighborhood in 2003. It's inspiring to think about what you are doing and I'm looking forward to living vicariously through your writing and pictures for the next year. It will be interesting to hear what winter is like in that part of the world especially from someone who hasn't enjoyed winter for months at a time before. Love the pictures. Take care, Richard
17th August 2010

How is Mongolia
What'S going on in Mongolia ? ;) Is it cold or very hot? I hope you had a good start !
15th July 2010

Love your photography Merryn! The spring blossoms are beautiful, could just imagine the heady scents in the warm afternoon sun and wish I was there too!
21st June 2010

A beam of Optimism
Merryn; please excuse me - you published this entry weeks ago now and yet I didn't think to check after your last London entry. Such a brilliant blog: short, sweet, and not about anyplace in particular, just your thoughts on realising you've discovered something about the UK's collective psyche. Great, great travel writing.
17th May 2010

Lizzie birthday
Was Mrs Popogopolous there (nee Ms Windsor?)
4th May 2010

I loved your blog on Ortneys and and Scotland, have nejoyed your new one, like you have been to Newxastle Durham, Cambridge and Newmarket, where of course I lost my dough. Our friends in Northampton love racing, so of course had to go take care
4th May 2010

wow! You are covering some territory. Lucky you!! Hope you are now getting some better weather. Where to next?
3rd May 2010

Horses and such/Newmarket
Newmarket/Races.....not a bad day.....Your wagering luck was much the same as mine at the Kentucky Derby this year. Our Judge John hit the trifectia and went home a happy man. Glad to see you enjoying the days given . Cheers.
21st April 2010

Whisky and all that is good
Merryn, Fantastic reading your adventures I am very envious of your whisky adventures - that's it I am going to do a whisky tour. Regards Dermot
From Blog: The Orkneys
20th April 2010

The Doric
Hi Merryn. "Fit" is part of the ancient Doric dialect still spoken around Aberdeen - in most cases the "wh" is replaced with "f". Its not unusual for subtitles to be used on national TV when a fisherman from this part of Scotland is interviewed! Sorry you couldn't stop in Edinburgh in your travels - could have arranged for a visit to the Scotch Malt Whisky Society with its dozens of single cask whiskies - most around 60% abv! Alan
14th April 2010

no puffins
sorry Marketa - wrong season. The closest I came was a stuffed one at the Stromness museum!
14th April 2010

Let me know when you leave Scotland and I'll try to track down the closest Detox Center and Alcoholics Anonymous support group!! Glad you are journaling your trip cuz there's a good chance you'll not remeber much! Happy Trails Mary and Jon
14th April 2010

So you've sampled the whiskey and seen the hairy cow (pronounced by the Scottish as "cooo"); but have you seen a puffin yet?!
13th April 2010

I enjoyed your post. My blog is looking for travel photos, stories, accommodation reviews, and food reviews. If you have the time and have some to share, email us at or check us out at Continued fun on your travels, Eric
7th April 2010

Thanks for taking me on the journey!
Hi Merryn, loving your blogs - t'is like flicking through a rivetting cooking book with short recipes and visuals presenting the real essence of life! Continue travelling well and blending in with the international community... Volunteer stint sounds like a challenge in resilience of the heart with a bit of politics thrown in no doubt, keen to hear on updates. Cheers, Suzanne in Melbourne x
6th April 2010

Wow!! Absolutely fantastic
Hi Merryn, just loved your blog of the trip so far. The way you write, you can honestly hear you speaking. It sounded as though it was absolutely out of this world. Good on you, you deserve every minute of it. I think the Scotland trip will be slightly different, no make that totally different. Your trip is one contrast to the other. Hot dessert, sheiks, oppulent life to cold, misty, history, whisky etc. etc. Have a blast and above all stay safe yourself. I look forward to the next chapter of your travels.
2nd January 2010

10 out of 10
Well done Merryn, your Dad will never forget such a nice surprise.
4th January 2009

Perhaps you should be aware that Mowgli was taken from Sepilok Orangutan Rehabiliation Centre. There he had a chance of being returned to the forest to live his life in the wild. Now he's just a zoo exhibit. The poor thing has had his life taken away to exist in conditions that are from ideal - another orangutan drowned there last year.
13th September 2008

Amazing pics
Jeepers Merryn, you took some amazing pics! Was a great holiday!
3rd February 2008

Super to hear from you! On the road again I see. Photographs are terrific. I would so love to get up close and personal with an orangatan. I thought at one time of volunteering 3 months in borneo at an orang rescue group parenting baby orangs whose mother had been killed by poachers. The stories of bird-sized mosquitoes dampened by enthusiasm. Will email shortly to catch up. Two days from now we're having dinner with friends on their way to OZ, specifically to Perth. and then a train to sydney?! I certainly thought The Great Ocean Road(which they are NOT doing) would trump a train trip on the west coast - but what do I know. Best tip on Perth? More Later Hugs, Mary
6th December 2006

Merryn. You have a home in LA as long as we're here! Bet you're a bit weary of travel at this point!! Hope to see you again, either here or there. We're still looking at Australia in the Spring. See you on the Ocean Road!

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