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2nd January 2011
Peter's Apple Tree

Great flower photography.
31st December 2010

Happy New Year
Hey there Merryn Great to catch up on your blog. It is 40 degrees here in Riddells Creek on this New Years Eve. First really warm day of summer with a lovely week of mid 20's to follow. Hope you survive the cold! Happy New Year Love Beth and Michael
25th December 2010

Anak response
Yes M - those beautiful thick woolly winters coats on the horses protect them - but our ponies were in stables overnight between rides.
25th December 2010

Do the animals live outside? Do the horses? How can they survive?
15th December 2010

Hey Merryn Enjoying your stories. I can't believe how many people I know are passing your way. On the day you posted your last blog, I also got a blog from friends who were driving from Melbourne to London and were having a rather tricky time there. (They are now in London). Now I know Mongolia is a big country but I bet the hospital system is small so...there is a young volunteer trainee doctor who is doing a placement in Mongolia (I don't know where) and his name is Morton Neve. He is good friends with my son cameron and he stayed at our house weekly for 4 years when he went to high school with Cameron at Melbourne High. He is a great, quirky young man and I hope you two can connect during the next 2 months of his stay. Stay cool! Jenn PS we are spending Xmas and Jan in Alice Springs so opposite temperatures. Cheers Jenn
15th December 2010

Hi, I've been following your blog for some time. Thanks for the splendid work you are doing for my country (my hometown for that matter!), really appreciate it. You are not gonna forget the cold for the rest of your life.
15th December 2010

You mad thing!
Merryn, I get the shivers just looking at the cold so can't truly imagine what -35C is like let alone going riding in it!! While you have snow we at home have been in a constant state of rain and flood to replace last years drought and fire....go figure. Stay safe and have a great (or is that gerrrate) Christmas and new year. I will occasionally think of you while enjoying the sun at the beach in South Gippsland.
1st December 2010

Heart-breaking re: the puppies. I am still haunted by all of those kittens in Egypt. Milk curd sounds god awful.
From Blog: November tales
1st December 2010

Mongolian Karaoke
I'm very impressed that Aussie Karaoke has made it to Darkhan. Sounds absolutely hilarious. I love getting your updates - it certainly seems like life in Mongolia is far from dull and provides an interesting and constant series of challenges that we in the western world cannot imagine. Hopefully your hot water and sewerage continues to work throughout the colder winter months. Meanwhile, here on the first day of summer it is pissing down rain and the dams are at over 50%. Hopefully this means that we won't have much of a bushfire season. In other crappy news, Mr Brumby has been ousted and replaced with the new Mr B. Dire times ahead in health and social justice.
From Blog: November tales
30th November 2010

nice pics ;)
From Blog: November tales
22nd November 2010

Congrats Juergen!
Thanks for the comments and congratulations on finishing your law degree! It's been a long time coming!
22nd November 2010

Nice pics. I hope you have great days there. I finishe my law study ;) I will write you son .
12th November 2010
Update on my apartment

No thanks needed
No need to thank me, but a little surprised that the 150th posters aren't above the TV so you can see them always, or are they on the roof of the bedroom ;). While these ones were a surprise any others you would like let me know. Oh, is that a laughing bird on the wall ;) Your dedication to serving others as a volunteer is an insperation, enjoy the cold weather coming up :) (look at the bird on your wall)
18th October 2010

On Vodka
Merryn, Another blogger whom I occasionally follow because of his adventures in Russian speaking countries wrote a long entry purely in an attempt to explain something about the relationship with vodka. It is long and rambling, but persevere because I think he's onto something.
17th October 2010

You have captured the good the bad and the downright ugly very well Merryn Mongolia is a cetainly and adventure in so many ways!
16th October 2010

Nobody could ever accuse you of sitting back and not enjoying what the world has to offer, be it good bad or ugly. Sometimes you need to see the ugly to really appreciate the good. Of course I'll kick in a percentage of my winnings on the "willy" horses over the Spring Carnival to your new project. Unfortunately it is zero at the moment but I'm sure it will improve.
11th October 2010

Wow - Great insight
Thanks for this fly on the wall look at your life in Darkhan. Looking forward to helping with the Art works and your request for financial assistance. What about selling it in here in Melb? Now that would be unique.
11th October 2010

Appreciate your travelblog
Hi Merryn Good to hear from you through your travelblog. Teresa sends me an email when new entries arrive and I love reading them. Some of the scenes you describe reminds me of my time in India. You will be surprised that I lived in a city (Madras - now called Chennai) and there were buffalos/cows feeding off rubbish bins, traffic chaos, unhygenic conditions around and yet everyone went about their daily affairs with hardly any sickness around. That was a long time ago and I have never been back. How do you spend your evenings and weekends. Apart from travel and visiting places of interest, do you get to interact with the locals and share their food. What is their staple food? Do all the volunteers stay in the same building. What about sport. Do they have a national game? Things are the same here. Nothing new other than workloads have increased due to the DHS/DoH split. Phil Willmer is now acting Lynton while is enjoying some time off with family. Lynton has become a proud father for the third time on Friday. He had a son Alexander David. He has a daughter 'Georgia' and a son 'Caelan'. Take care and hope to hear from you soon. Cheers Daff
21st September 2010

Wine glasses
Hi Jon and Mary - I thought you'd be happy I have reversed the trend from my last trip in that you don't have to worry about finding me an AA group this time! I have had very little to drink because wine is too expensive on a volunteer allowance and I am not taking up beer or vodka drinking. I will, however, purchase some glasses soon, so don't worry about me!!
20th September 2010

a care package maybe?
Dear Merryn: send your address so I can send a package of knives/forks, spoons, dishes, and for gawd's sake - wine glasses! You can not survive cold water and rationed electricity without a decent glass of wine!!
20th September 2010

Keep the tales coming. I love living vicariously through your trials and tribulations of life in the developing world! Perhaps tweezers onto the glass lightfitting fragments in the meantime til you find a vacuum cleaner?! The monuments are fascinating in a country which is clearly surviving on basics. Mental note - must visit ... but not in winter when you don't have warm (let alone hot) water.
6th September 2010

Hi Merryn It sounds and looks really good everything about you volunteer works over there. I'm proud of you. I wish I could do the same endeavours one day. Take care Rick
5th September 2010

Nice to see you are surviving well.
Hi Merryn, I have been enjoying your blog entries. I was only taking to Rita the other day about you - wondering how you were coping. It appears that all is OK with you and that you are surviving nicely. Same ol - same ol here so you are not missing anything. Continue to have a great experience and be careful. Fond regards tyrone.
31st August 2010

Hi Merryn! Great to hear from you. Looks like you strolled right into a documentary! Good luck with your language lessons and adgusting your palate. Cheers, Kerrie x
29th August 2010

Weather in Mongolia
Hi Juergen So far so good with the weather - it has been ranging from high teens to high 20's during the day and dropping into low teens overnight. My perfect weather but I am promised it won't last long!

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