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21st November 2006

Welcome Home & Thanks
Dear Merryn Welcome home and many thanks for the great travel blog, I really enjoyed all of them. Maybe see you at CAE Chinese? Dermot
20th November 2006

Welcome Home, Chuckie !
Welcome Home, Chuckie ! And I feel I should say: a consistent thing all the way through your travels has been fantastic photography. I'm hoping I get to see some of the pictures that never made it onto the Blog sometime. Catch you later x.
20th November 2006

What an adventure!
Glad to hear that you made it home again, safe and sound. We so enjoyed having you in Louisville as a Derby guest. And you will always have a place to stay in Louisville at Derby or any other time. We have followed your travels all along the way and have felt the richer for it. We have to say thank you to the the Sinisis for bringing you into our life. Best wishes, and be sure to let us know when the book is published.
20th November 2006

Hi Merryn, Lovely to read all the travel stories (well only the china ones for me...but still). You made me put china on the long list of countries where I have to go in my lifetime...and the list is getting longer and longer :). Did you organise your pictures yet? that was my favourite thing to do at home. Have fun back are lucky that you are back in australia (the summer is coming!)..I miss australia really bad. Maybe when I come back to australia (some day) we will meet again. Thanks!
20th November 2006

Brought tears to the eyes
Thanks for keeping up your travel blog and entertaining us with your witty banter. Great to have you back.
18th November 2006

I enjoyed my wonderful visit to China through your eyes and photos! Thanks
16th November 2006

Loved it!
Hawi Hordofa - Send me back a message rather than a comment and I will be happy to email you through my thoughts about the trip
10th November 2006

Great times in china?
Hi Merryn, Great stories..and pics. China looks beautiful. I was just wondering how you were doing in china...but it seems that you get along just fine (and how is you're chinese now? lost you're arabic?) I'm already home for several weeks and everything is back to normal again...and i miss the travelling a lot (and it is cold!! it is freezing at night..very nice!) Enjoy the last part of you're trip because before you know it you're back at work and wondered if you did al that traveling or that it was just a dream (but luckely you have you're pictures). Well have fun and enjoy everything!..and thanks again for the nice time in Hong Kong. greeting, Simone
3rd November 2006

Hi Merryn, Nice pics. I suppose you went to the public stand of the Sha Tin race track. Most aussie punters go to the members stand with nicer facilities.(hk$150 entrance fee)
1st November 2006

loved you'r trip and have some question.
Hi! how are u? I loved your blog, and I am doing a research on Mt.kilimanjaro. I was excited to see your pictures; i am really interested. If you have time, could you answer a few questions? 1. What was Kilimanjaro like? 2. Where did you travel from? 3. How long did you stay there? 4. What will you remember most? 5. What did you least like about you’re trip? 6. Was it worth it? (The trip) 7. Where did you stay? 8. What was the weather like?
9th October 2006

I think the reason there are so few car accidents is because everyone drives in the "god willing" fashion ... if someone is pushing in then they are meant to be there ... or something! I only saw one in a month in egypt - at some stupidly large roundabout in cairo with about 10 lanes of traffic rolled into about 4 lanes! Your pics of dahab take me back to the tough decisions to make each day about which particular beachside cafe to have lemon and sugar pancakes for brekkie at. played lots of backgammon there too! am still INSANELY jealous! sara's new bub (Zachary Francis) born today. mum and bub apparently doing well
From Blog: 3 weeks in Egypt
26th September 2006

Ain't no mountain high enough
Merryn There ain't no mountain high enough Ain't no river wide enough to keep you from seeing the world... Congratulations on climbing Mt Kili!! Gongxi (Congratulations in Chinese) Am enjoying reading about your wonderful adventures!! A few months ago, I was offered a job that I really wanted at CSIRO, so I have postponed my travel plans for awhile (and perhaps indefinitely beyond holidays. But who knows, one day, some day...) Anyway, keep enjoying yourself and we will enjoy your experiences vicariously! Cheers Mae
25th September 2006

Cool Beans....or was that ostrich to surrender by?
The Derby was just cake and ice cream compared to this. This settles it..your the Queen Bee. Yearling (Hope) is home...take care and enjoying your adventure....except the toilet gods on the way...or was that toilet bushes there?
25th September 2006

A big congrats on getting to the top. Have been following the trip with envy!! Look forward to seeing you home soon. cheers Alex.
22nd September 2006

Great pictures!
Hi Merryn Tim and I have just finished looking at all the pictures - absolutely fantastic. You could get a job with National Geographic as a photographer! Cheers Penny and Tim
18th September 2006

Like watching a year of Animal Planet in a few days. Photos from Serengeti are amazing! I see posters in your future - and Africa in mine! Thanks Mary
18th September 2006

now now or just now?
Ahhh - the joys of "Africa time" - the continent where things happen in their own sweet time! Your photos are amazing - can't wait to see the full version. Makes me want to head back tomorrow - if only there weren't so many other places on the to do/see list... and no money. no snow to speak of at hotham this season but have chilli peppers tix so life is not all bad!
18th September 2006

Ahhh, my dream holiday. Perhaps one day. Loved every comment and pics were fantastic. Keep them coming. Hope you are keeping safe and well. Love Heather, Bernie, Oscar and Ben.
16th September 2006

The Famous Merryn Charm
Couldn't possibly comment......
10th September 2006

Keep having fun!
Merryn, It sounds like you are having an amazing time and I note that the famous Merryn charm is working on many a stray man in the hostels you are crashing in! Keep enjoying it and keep having fun! Matt B
10th September 2006

Is it true that Aphrodite was the Greek goddess of skank?
28th August 2006

She lied about the stag
Hi Merryn Hope you enjoy your trip up Kili and mind the rats and poo too much! The Stag proper is not for another 6 weeks so watch this space!! Read your blog on our trip to the alps and was slightly shocked if not hurt to see you had made several crucial omissions from the tale to enhance your role in the proceedings. I see you failed to mention Jez's single handed capture of the those burly street criminals, Martin falling asleep on the bass speaker of that rocking Night club we visited and Ged's uncanny resemblance of a sheep you once owned. And me being the only one to stay awake. ENjoy the rest of your trip and I shall look forward to more blogs x
28th August 2006

Roman Holiday
Loved the Roman Holiday. That was my favorite movie when I was a little kid. And made audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck my favorites until I fell in love with Paul Newman years later. Thinking you skipped Venice? Is Santorini in your itinerary? I'm exhausted just reading about the Ferry! Keep Smiling
15th August 2006

The Italian Affair...III ....The Final Chapter
If your journey was an horse race.......would you be kicking in about now......or ....drifting in or out some...? Take care and wishing you a safe and pleasant journey home.
14th August 2006

Hey Merryn; glad you're doing fine in Rome. Looks fantastic. I like that picture of the weird guy pulling a pose at the tunnel entrance. Reminds me of a snowboarder-dude I once saw. Keep safe, Mart.

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