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9th August 2006

The Italian Affair
Ciao bella Merryn Enjoy reading your magnificent travels. Rome is wonderful. As in Rome do as the Romans do. Teresa Hi Merryn, I have been following your travels from your blog that you send Greg.I can see that you are having a great time. Keep it up and I am jealous. Corrine
4th August 2006

Hi Merryn, Lovely to see that you are having a great time. You should be charging the Italian Tourist Bureau! Off out to l unch with Jars shortly to work out how we can sort out the NHS. Stay tuned - you're part of the plot !! cheers Peter
2nd August 2006

Booze n Birds
You omitted your topless run through the centre of Chamonix, the bit where we set fire to Martin's trousers and the night in the cells.
24th July 2006

AMAAAZZZING photos Merryn. We definitely should have bought much, much, more memory at Samy's!! I think of you fondly each time I have prints made from your gift certificate there! Thanks for the updates
24th July 2006

Drunk Category # 4
Stuff the G-rating. Can't believe you left off Skanky drunks which can be broken down into about 7 sub-categories, most of which are personal favoruties of mine and have pet names of the 7 dwarfs.
23rd July 2006

Well Written
and glad you liked one of my favorite places in the world.
13th July 2006

still very jealous ... but it is miserable weather here so hopefully it is dumping snow at Hotham where I am heading tomorrow!
11th July 2006

Hi luv, it looks like you are having a wonderful time. You certainly look happy and relaxed, am so jealous! Take Care and have some more cider for us!
11th July 2006

Rubbing shoulders with the Upper Class
Not surprised at all to see you sucking up to Lord Coe. Thought you may have been trying to seduce him into taking the Bombers job after Sheedy is sacked at the end of the year. Would love to see Coe at Windy Hill addressing the boys before another loss "Tally ho chaps, can't you convicts kick straight"
9th July 2006

The agony of defeat
Watching Australia fall to Brazil is like watching the Boston Red Sox fall to the Damn Yankees. I feel your pain! wonderful photos of Germany
8th July 2006

Some of our favorite things
Glad you got to Devon and Cornwell by car. We did that trip several years ago with Bev and a friend of hers. We had severasl serendipitous experiences and decided the area was quite magic for us. We are really enjoying traveling along with you and reliving our experiences in the same places. Thanks for the post card from London. Meko sends his love.
8th July 2006

Hi there Merryn Great to receive your Blog comments and pics; sorry the replies have been a bit 'thin'. Your trip sounds fantastic and we also enjoy the photos, especially the one of the boats at Dartmouth (a bit different to Vuda!). We look forward to receiving more, and thanks for including us. Love, Arthur, Helen, Simone and family.
8th July 2006

I hope you loved the soccer match beetween Germany and Argentina ;)
6th July 2006

Fawlty Sowers
Doing a great job Merryn. It seems you are whizzing all over the place! Great to read the blog as we wait for the new arrivals. (1 month to go). BM
6th July 2006

You go girl
Meeting locals makes any trip - keep it up ! PS I was weak in that i had 1/2 a pint to everyone elses pint and I still had shocking hangovers
29th June 2006

Finally in contact!
Hi Merryn, We are thoroughly enjoying reading about your travels and adventures. I am sending this from the farm as we are still not yet connected at home. Thanks for the postcard, Tim is following your travels and asks regularly where is Merryn now! Keep having fun and take care.
28th June 2006

yo Merryn We're just back from a week in Las Vegas, followed by a week in Denver. Great to get your message and photo from London. There's a song in My Fair Lady about the Ascot - never know what it meant until now! It was THE PLACE to determine if Liza had learned enough of the British social graces to "pass" for royalty. I see why.
25th June 2006

Vicariously enjoying your travels
A hot humid night in Cairo with a slow internet connection did not keep me from again vicariously enjoying your travels. I love seeing your sense of adventure and ability to drop into the local cuture - be it the wealthy race horse owners or the Spainish villagers. I am in Egypt to supervise stamping the American high school diplomas and meet with the Ministry of Education officials. I'll be home in Denver in time for the American 4th of July celebration and to think of Joe on his 5th of July birthday. Thank you for sharing your travel journal and pictures with us.
25th June 2006

Very swish sounding Merryn. I hope you got shattered and threw up on a prince's shoes, just to show them how a day at the races is done properly in Oz ...
21st June 2006

All Caught Up...
Hey Mez, I have just caught up with your travels. For some reason... most probably ISB... yesterday was the first 'new update' email that actually made it through to me! And here was me thinking you were just not writing any!! All sounds very exciting and you are going along swimmingly. And yes... glad to hear you belted out your rendition of Brooklyn Bridge!
20th June 2006

G'day from Moggs
Hi Merryn, Julie just put me onto your site today. so I've just spent the last 30 mins catching up on your awesome travels. Feeling insanely jealous. We have booked a holiday in Fiji in July, so not all bad. What camera did you buy? Your photos are brilliant. Ross and I want to shop for a digital camera soon. Any recommendations. Will enjo more updates. Love Kate.
13th June 2006

Hi Merryn Please keep on going to places as mystical and magical as Morroco. It certainly helps me keep my mind off work.... Cathy xo
9th June 2006

Great to hear from you. Thought you were lost! I still liked the Gibraltar apes - tame or not. Thanks for the update! Jon and Mary
9th June 2006

hello wandering traveller
Merryn Have been loving the vibrant photos (yes the new camera is doing the trick) and little anecdotes. I am glad that the trip has been as amazing as you were hoping. As my new job has been busy, I've barely made it to any Chinese classes since you left and so we probably will still know about the same amount of hanyu. The others are proudly keeping the flag flying though. Have lots more fun Mae
9th June 2006

Bloody thieving tourist-animals
A racoon tried to steal a tourist's handbag while I was in a park too. Kinda ruins it a bit to know that they are that un-wild!

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