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Megan Schmidt

Megan Schmidt

I am a high school English teacher and College Credit Plus professor of Communications. I am working toward a Master's in English. I lovelovelove to travel and NEED to revisit the world. Ohio is such a small thing...

South America » Ecuador June 7th 2016

Today is the day! Rachel, Hailey, Sara and I were dropped off at the Columbus airport this morning at 8am by Dear Husband. We made it through security despite Rachel's negligence in including a full water bottle in her carry-on. None of the girls have been out of the country or have even flown before, so there's a pretty big learning curve here. We are all really excited for the adventure ahead! We are traveling with two other groups: one from a high school in Iowa and one from New Albany High School in Ohio! The other groups are all Spanish classes, whereas we are just a service learning group. Luckily, Sara speaks some Spanish, so we are trusting her to not sell us off. :) Evening update: our flights have been delayed, but not devastatingly ... read more

Hello, all! So last month, I went to the Philippines with my good friend Lauren. It was a total blast! The island we were on was gorgeous, it rained for maybe a total of 10 minutes the whole week, it was never below 75 degrees F, the ocean looked like it was made of turquoise and sapphire, and I never wanted to leave. Our island was Panglao, just off the shore of Bohol. Getting to our resort was tricky, but we managed just fine. We took a 4-hour plane ride to Mactan Island, took a (ridiculously expenisive) taxi to Cebu City on another island, took a ferry to Bohol Island from Cebu, and then another taxi from Bohol to Panglao (another island). Sheesh. We spent most of our time lazing about on the beach, reading, sunning, ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing April 14th 2010

Hello, All! A few weeks ago, I went to China for a long weekend with a friend of mine, Lauren, and we had an incredible time! We visited Beijing for 4 days and in that brief time we did WAY more than I would have thought possible. Let me break it down for you: Peking Acrobats show - incredible. A similar troupe of artists visited Miami in 2008 and it was quite a show! These young adults were doing flips on a slack rope, fitting 20 people on one bicycle, and bending in ways I didn't know possible while juggling, balancing, lifting, and somehow surviving! No photos were allowed, but suffice it to say I was thoroughly impressed! Jade factory - A few people working in a glass-walled sweatshop to demonstrate how jade is carved and ... read more

Hello, All! I know, the world must be coming down around you. Two postings in one month! Well, as it turns out, I have some things to disclose, so I figured now is as good a time as ever. First, I leave ridiculously early tomorrow morning for Beijing, China! It was a bit of a spur of the moment decision to do this, but my friend, Lauren, and I decided that there is no point in being within spitting distance of the Great Wall and not going to see it... so we're going to! Unfortunately, the cost of a visa to visit China for U.S. Americans is about $150. However, we are only paying about $300 for our flights and $65/person to stay at a nice hotel. I'm planning on visiting Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, ... read more

Hello lovely family and friends! I know it's been a while, but I wanted to wait until I had some things of substance to post. Not a lot has happened since my last blog, but just enough that I can let you all know what's happening. I will have you all know that I'm writing this with no visual assistance whatsoever. I got Lasik vision correction surgery one week ago and I can see like a hawk. A really fashionable hawk. With blonde hair and Mickey Mouse earrings. Yeah. Anyway, it was probably the scariest 15 minutes of my ENTIRE life, but well worth it. In the states, the same procedure cost upwards of $3500. I paid $780. Woot! Plus I never have to pay for glasses, contacts, contact solution... EVER again. I don't have to ... read more

Hello, all! After nearly 3 months of waiting, next week English Village will have students! I'm so excited! Next week is going to be a big one for me because not only am I working Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but I have students (which is why I can't take vacation on Christmas), AND I'm going to have an international visitor. Spencer will be here to celebrate Christmas with me! It's going to be really nice to have someone from home for the holiday. I think we are going to the Seoul Lights Festival on Friday night for Christmas. It should be very pretty. A few more milestones are coming up, too! I've officially completed half of my contract, which means that I'll be home in about 6 months. I'm going to try my hand at ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Asakusa November 4th 2009

Hello, All! Well, I've just gotten back from Japan a couple of days ago. It was okay... Or... It was amazing! I had an awesome time with my friend, Mike. We didn't have a real schedule or anything - just general ideas of what we wanted to do and see. I think our priority list went something like this: 1. Eat amazing sushi 2. See REAL Tokyo (not just the touristy stuff) 3. Tokyo Motor Show 4. Tokyo Disneyland 5. Participate in real karaoke I feel pretty confident in saying we achieved all of those things with flying colors. Friday was our flight out of Seoul, so we managed to get to Incheon International in just enough time to check in. Luckily, we had no checked luggage, so we just went straight for the plane. When ... read more

WHEW! Has it ever been a while! And an eventful one at that! Hello, all. I've missed you. So, the goings-on that can be easily explained with a word or two have been few and far between as of late. English Village is going through quite the rough spot now that H1N1 Influenza A is successfully circulating the country. This is causing all of the schools (who have had us booked solid through 2011 until now) to cancel their programs and packages with us. As a result, EV is losing a considerable sum of money. And, subsequently, the troubles are being handed down to us, the staff and faculty. That's about as simply as it can be put. In addition, the changes being brought about by certain members of administration are adding to the strain. Because ... read more

Hello, All! I have some wonderful news, some slightly old wonderful news, and general updates for you all. First and foremost, I have turned down an offer to renew my contract in return for a Harvard course training and certificate. I will in all likelihood be coming home in June of 2010, as scheduled. I can't wait to see you all! Secondly, I found out today that my application for promotion has been accepted. I am now the Shift leader for 1-9 and the Evening Activities Coordinator. The job entails a lot, so I won't bore you with the details. I'm looking at a lot of overtime before winter VIP starts up, but I have a great support system and am really looking forward to getting to teach in all of the different content areas instead ... read more

Hello, all. I know it's been quite some time and I've received a few griping complaints about the complete lack of timeliness in my updates. It's been a hectic month and I hope you all and understand that. I don't even know if I can fit into one blog the insanity that has ensued in the past few weeks. But for your sakes, I will definitely try. Here's the digs - VIP was a blast and a half. It was a lot of work and there were many nights that, at clock out, I was fully elated just to be done and able to go home and rest. However, it was a lot of fun and I was sad to see many of our students go. My house, Summer Safari, won the House Presentation as well ... read more

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