100 days and counting!

Published: February 25th 2010
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Hello lovely family and friends!

I know it's been a while, but I wanted to wait until I had some things of substance to post. Not a lot has happened since my last blog, but just enough that I can let you all know what's happening.

I will have you all know that I'm writing this with no visual assistance whatsoever. I got Lasik vision correction surgery one week ago and I can see like a hawk. A really fashionable hawk. With blonde hair and Mickey Mouse earrings. Yeah.

Anyway, it was probably the scariest 15 minutes of my ENTIRE life, but well worth it. In the states, the same procedure cost upwards of $3500. I paid $780. Woot! Plus I never have to pay for glasses, contacts, contact solution... EVER again. I don't have to worry about it when I travel, either. I'm so happy!

I'm fostering a husky named Ronin. He's about a year old and is VERY energetic and high-maintenance, but I love him just the same. Eugene is currently paying to have him professionally trained. We decided that would be the best route since he broke his crate. Literally. Bent metal and broken plastic. Impressive, but worrisome all the same. Ronin is gorgeous and has ice-blue eyes and the sassy personality of a teenager. He loves to eat chocolate, too. Somehow, it didn't affect him as much as eating 2kgs of uncooked rice, though. Imagine that.

This week we had high school students, which is certainly a change of pace. These aren't just any high school students, though. These are 600 freshmen from Dongsan Christian High school - the second best high school in the country. These kids are incredible! They're smart, polite, well-behaved, dynamic, talented, funny... If I could adopt my homeroom of 28 boys, I would. They're just that awesome. Their English skills are exceptional, too! We've upped the level of our lessons for this week and they are just plowing through them. I don't want them to go!!!

Our teacher numbers are dwindling quickly. Several of our Korean staff are leaving this week for jobs in the public schools. In addition, we have several whose contracts are ending and they are not resigning. Also, we have several teachers breaking contract to leave early in search of jobs elsewhere. In light of all this, EV administration has brought in... one person so far?!?!?! In March, we will have so many students (upwards of 500 every week) and so few teachers (around 35 or 40) that some of us will be working several 12 hour shifts per week for the entire month. To the best of my knowledge, I will be working either A) M 1-9, T-R 9-9, Off F Sa Su or B) M-R 9-9, F 9-6, Off weekends, paid "overtime". Overtime pay here is the same as regular time pay. I just get to work more hours for the same money. Woot? On the bright side of that, there is a good chance that we will only be watching movies every evening. As of now, I think there are only maybe 10 teachers on the crazy shifts - not enough to run the games I slaved over. Figures.

In any case, today marks Day 100 of my countdown to HOME. I have approximately 3 months left in Korea. I'm both thrilled and saddened by this, but I'll be okay. I've also realized that despite my 9 months here, I've seen nearly NOTHING of the country! I'm starting this weekend by visiting the 63 building with a friend. This cultural motivation boost is likely to ensure an outpouring of blog updates, so I can honestly tell you all to stay posted and there will be more to come soon.

All my love!,

P.S. To Aunt Jo -

I'm so sorry I've had such trouble getting to the post office. I know you don't have internet and that Jan prints these out for you. I can't tell you how many letters I've started/finished that are sitting around my apartment. Please know you are in my thoughts and I will get a bonafide letter to you soon. I love you!


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