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Hello, all! I have a phone! Email me privately if you would like my international number. YAY!!! And for all of you skeptics out there (Jenn, Josh, I'm looking at you), I will have you know I solidly survived over a month without a cell phone and slept infinitely better without the 4am texts and calls. Sure I was a little twitchy and would wake up in a cold sweat, searching frantically for my alarm function, but I managed and came out just fine. This week marked the beginning of our One Month Program, VIP (Vacation Intensive Program). It was an intense and exhausting week. The kids were separated into houses and I was dubbed House Captain for 40 11-year-old girls. We are Summer Safari (yeah, you know me!) (You down wit OPP?) and we managed ... read more

Asia July 13th 2009

There are a few things going on here and there that I though you might want to know about. Even if you don't want to know, I don't care. I'm excited and I'm going to tell you anyway. :) First off, I am no longer the only Ohioan in the English village. Moreover, I'm not the only Miamian. That's right, we got a new kid in town and he knows the people I know and we went to school in the same buildings and with the same professors - on the other side of the world. I'm really excited to know someone here whose acquaintance I've made before. He even is good buddies with Spencer! So, I'm sure there will be Ohioan antics to come. More on that later. Second, I got my first mail today. ... read more

Asia July 2nd 2009

Hello, all! I figured that there is no better way to fill my first development time than to update you all on the goings-on here in beautiful South Korea. That, and I'm crazy homesick today for some reason. So since I can't talk to you, I'll fake it and just write something that you can read a respond to. The weather is insane. By "insane" here, I of course am referring to the heat. And the humidity, and the spastic rain. Yesterday, it was about 84, with 81% humidity (and that's a good day). It would be perfectly sunny one moment, and the next moment, the skies would open up and literally pour buckets on us for about 15 minutes. Then it would abruptly stop raining and the sun would beat down on us again. I ... read more

Hello, All!!! I know, I'm a terrible person. It's been over a week since I last blogged and ranted and raved for you. (BAD Megan! BAD!) Please be patient with me. It's going to take me a while to get into a rhythm here. I have a few ideas for upcoming blogs, but I want to get them worked out on paper before I post them for the world to see. I had quite the week! The students from Bumgye Middle School were an interesting bunch. They were very smart kids - almost too smart. They were quick to pick things up, but very chatty and unruly. I think they were mostly bored. When that happens, I like to think that is when most teachers will go one of two ways: they either yell and get ... read more
Strike a pose

Yesterday was my first day of work. It was AMAZING!!! The feeling was almost surreal. I have imagined this job in my head over and over, and it was nothing like I had dreamed - it was better! I know all of this sounds really, dangerously cheesy, but please bear with me here. This is the thing that I have wanted to do for about 5 or 6 years now - since I found out that teaching abroad was an option. I can't even tell you how great it feels to do the thing I've been dying to do for so long, to make a check on that list of things to do before I die. I know I've been pretty vague up to this point, so let me throw some details on you. First off, ... read more

Hello, All! Most importantly, you all should know that I found Peanut butter and Frosted Flakes (a normal-sized box!), so I am not going to starve. :-) I can't think of a better way to organize this apart from chronologically, so here we go... June 2-3: I left 12 of my favorite people on the planet behind as I passed through security in the Columbus Airport. I boarded my plane bound for Chicago... then I had to get back off the plane. A bird flew into the wing, causing damage, and they needed to change a tire. The entire passenger list was rerouted. My flight, apparently, was especially difficult to reroute, and I waited patiently as the woman called about 25 people to get me a new itinerary. She figured it out and I sat and ... read more

Well ladies and gentlemen, I have arrived. It was quite the adventure getting here and my flight was rerouted and my tickets changed about four different times, but that's a really long story and I have been awake since 4am... of Tuesday. It is now about midnight, 12am Thursday... and I have yet to sleep. Sleeping on planes - I don't know how people do it! In any case, I will provide full angering, exciting, nerve-wracking details tomorrow if I have time. I just wanted everyone to know that I am safe, I miraculously have ALL of my luggage, and I am going to bed. I love you all very, very much. Meg... read more

Hello, All! Just making an update/addendum to my last post. I am currently in Chicago, preparing for my interview with the Korean Consulate. My flight itinerary has been changed due to time constraints. I will now be leaving on June 2nd from Columbus at 9:55am. Woot! I will be making stops in Chicago, Tokyo, and finally Seoul. I will update you as necessary. Love you all!, Meg... read more

Hello, all. This will be my first entry on my first travel blog for my first trip outside North America on my own. YAY! I'm going to be honest with you all, I'm a little terrified. I don't speak Korean yet and I know very, very little Japanese - not enough to get me through the airport. But this is going to be a learning experience and I am excited about it. For those of you reading who don't know the full details of my trip, here they are: I am leaving as of May 31st for Paju, South Korea where I will be teaching conversational English to people ages 12 and up. I am working for the Gyeonggi English Village, which is a beautiful campus of about 100 acres and gorgeous stone buildings. The best ... read more

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