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Published: October 28th 2009
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WHEW! Has it ever been a while! And an eventful one at that!

Hello, all. I've missed you.

So, the goings-on that can be easily explained with a word or two have been few and far between as of late. English Village is going through quite the rough spot now that H1N1 Influenza A is successfully circulating the country. This is causing all of the schools (who have had us booked solid through 2011 until now) to cancel their programs and packages with us. As a result, EV is losing a considerable sum of money. And, subsequently, the troubles are being handed down to us, the staff and faculty. That's about as simply as it can be put.

In addition, the changes being brought about by certain members of administration are adding to the strain. Because they can't fully decide what to do when, the information is passed through uncertain channels to us lowly peons. And by "uncertain channels," what I really mean is "whirlwind storms of rumour, speculation, anger, stress, more speculation, and a sprinkling of truth." It almost seems as though something minor will get leaked, The Perfect Storm will turn it into something monstrous and terrifying, and then administration will hear about it and say, "That sounds good. Let's go with that." and make it happen.

My recent promotion to 1-9 shift leader and Evening Activities coordinator has been nothing short of stressful so far. Of course, I have very little to complain about yet comparatively (other leaders have much more to be upset about), so I won't rant for too long. I'm just miffed about the uncertain information in combination with unstable enrollment and lengthy bouts of indecision and trust issues on behalf of administration. I don't know what their childhood traumas are, nor do I care. I just want someone to give me a straight answer when I ask a question. The rumour mill at work, I have been informed multiple times that within a matter of months, my new position may not exist due to a shift integration that would put everyone on the 9-6 "day" shift. No 1-9 shift, no evening activities. But, again, this is stuff of rumours... I think.

Being as optimistic (and slightly opportunistic) as I am, I put in a request for a bigger apartment. Lucky for me, the person in charge of housing at the time is a sweet and gentle soul who promptly replied to my request with "Which one do you want?" I am now the happy inhabitant of Earth 102. Saying goodbye to the haphazard hot water and random bouts of power/internet loss that defined Saturn, I am in the process of moving all of my crap to my new place. My new abode includes such shiny new features as a bedroom (meaning my bed is *gasp* in a separate room), a kitchen with a table and chairs (no more eating on my bed), a living area with a couch, 3 more closets, and a bathtub!!! In keeping with self-fulfilling prophecy, I am in the process of accumulating more stuff than I can carry back stateside in order to make my hole look like a home. I will repost with pictures of old vs. new for all of you to peruse. Yay!

As of right now, I have approximately 40 hours until I board a plane to Tokyo, Japan for the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show , Tokyo Disneyland, and various other popular tourist destinations that make me jump up and down and go "SQUEEEEE!!!" I'm not kidding here, people. I'm so stinking excited about this trip that I may very well hug the next person I see. God help them if they happen to be a day visitor in the park. Fear not, good citizens of the interweb, I will take copious pictures of sights, people and carscarscarscarscars. And then I will post them. And there will be much rejoicing.

I'm re-reading this post and thinking that perhaps it would be in my best interest to stop drinking so much coffee. And maybe even to sleep some more.

In any case, Christmas is around the corner and I have good and bad news in regards to that. On the side of darkness and pouty faces, I have found out that I'm very, very likely to be working on/through Christmas. The park will probably stay open on the off-chance that a straggling day visitor may wander into the village drunkenly in an attempt to drown his holiday loneliness in the "Western World" that we claim to be. On the freakishly awesome and incredibly happy-making side of things, Spencer will be coming to visit me. I think the exact dates are December 23-27 or so. This way, neither of us will be spending Christmas alone on the other side of the world with no one from our familiar lives to comfort us. Yay again!

I got a haircut. It's awful. I look like a 12-year-old boy. My regular hairdresser was not available when I went in and I was provided with a slightly-unbalanced one who apparently thinks "a little off the back" really means "please shave my head." Alas, it is not growing as quickly as one would hope. I keep telling myself "Natalie Portman. I look like Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta." It's not going over well.

Oh, and on a minor sidenote, I have signed on for a bungee jumping trip on November the 8th. It's only $25, so how can I refuse that? (Mom, please don't have a heart attack. I'll be fine, I promise.)

I love you all VERY much and can't wait to hear from you!

All my love,

P.S. My best idea for a Halloween costume so far is to kidnap 8 of the visiting elementary program students (so cute!) and be Kate Gosselin. Unfortunately for my costume, but fortunately for the kids and my criminal record, I will be in Japan for Halloween, so this is impossible.


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