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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Whitsundays May 24th 2014

Yesterday (24th May) I pulled up the anchor and set sail at about 7am while Naomi & Alex were still in bed. In winds only just strong enough to hold the sails up, mostly the current pushed us slowly along the coast. It was a peaceful flat sail but still Naomi was feeling off and grumpy with it. Hard to believe she was sea-sick, we have been in rougher marinas! We are going to assume optimistically that its just tiredness otherwise being this sensitive to seasickness could end this trip. When Gloucester Passage came into view the water became glassy and although we were still moving we started the motor so we could make the Montes Resort for lunch. Anchored in the shallow water in front of the resort having travelled only 17 miles in 6 ... read more
Alex enjoying the band at Montes Resort
Sailing this morning

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Airlie Beach May 23rd 2014

With 15-20 knot winds we had a great 30 odd mile sail from Goldsmith Island to Cid Harbour. We must be getting some protection from the reef now as the waves were not big making for a comfortable ride and as we came passed Dent Island the water was quite flat. We rode the current north with sheltered winds on our own sunset cruise, dodged a few ferries and turned up the Hunt Channel to drop anchor at Sawmill Bay. It was a calm evening with 20 other boats for company - we’re truly in the Whitsundays now! Naomi was happy to be on flat water. For various reasons our plans in Airlie Beach got changed, which meant we spent an extra night at Sawmill Bay. After Naomi made puftaloons for morning tea, we took the ... read more
In Sawmill Bay, Cid Harbour
Alex enjoying my home made bread
Looking back to Airlie Beach

Oceania » Australia May 18th 2014

We had a pretty comfortable night at Brampton Island - it was well sheltered from the wind but we didn’t visit the beach as the weather was poor. Despite the strong wind warning as the prediction bordered on 30 knots we thought we’ld try it out and prepared to leave. As we were doing this the foreign yacht that we had left at Scawfell turned up and dropped anchor along with enthusiastic waving to us. Soon after we were pulling ours up and leaving them again- hopefully they didn’t take it personally. Naomi got in a bit of a fluster as she sailed us off the anchor in the flukey winds especially as the current pushed us toward the other yacht. We cleared it with plenty of room though and as we escaped the land the ... read more
1 of the 6 beaches in Minnie Hall Bay
cast net magic
Alex fishing in the mangrove creek

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brampton Island May 16th 2014

Friday 2nd May - Three other boats left the anchorage this morning and headed north, whilst we upped anchor and headed deeper down into the South Arm of Port Clinton to find a safe haven from the variable strong winds coming. The chart plotter came into it own guiding us along the deeper channels of these unmarked wide indistinct mangrove expanses. We came across two other boats at anchor, one of them we knew from Yeppoon Marina as Naomi had helped make his bimini canopy. We chose to anchor a little further around the bend within sight of the army ramp to afford us better northerly protection, scouted the depths around and dropped anchor in 6m of water just before high tide. Thankfully there are less sandflies here and the breeze is starting to pick up ... read more
Naomi inspects the TV ariel
Pearl Bay
2 grounded yachts in Pearl Bay

Oceania » Australia » Queensland May 8th 2014

Just A quick blog as I have to stand at the top of a hill for reception and need to get back to the dinghy before the tide drops too far. We are at Hunter Island again. Looks to be a bit windy for a while so not sure how long we will stay . Getting to Cairns before the end of the month is now looking unlikely. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland May 1st 2014

1st May - I am writing this from Port Clinton which to our surprise has internet signal sporadically. Since I last wrote we set off one morning to walk across the island to the resort to top up on bread and milk supplies. For once we actually set off early enough so that we didn’t end up baking in the midday sun, though we did soon realise we were not on the path we meant to take. We walked by the mud flats near the barn that you can dinghy to up the creek when the tide is high enough, and veered right up a steep climb. We reached a rest stop after 40 minutes and when we realised we were not even half way decided to abort the mission. Got some great views down into ... read more
poor sick baby
Heading north
Freshwater Bay

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Yeppoon April 28th 2014

Back on Easter Monday my thoughts turned to the resurrection as I am sure it does for all of us on this hallowed day. And so from this, the blog for SV Luna Ray has returned! I considered making an entry to fill in some gaps from when I signed off in January but didn’t get around to it - we had packing and a boat to get ready and the younger Fees (Andrew, Amy, Jordy & Lucia) became our new housemates, making things a little hectic. I thought I would make an entry as soon as our new trip started but I am only making this draft now on our third evening out at Great Keppel Island. Since then I have been on a 6 week trip around the world visiting friends & family, and ... read more
Alex gets tired running in the new outboard
Alex hugs Jordy & Lucia goodbye
Na testing the water maker

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Yeppoon February 1st 2014

I have been a little slack in writing an up to date blog and although I left off with us at Hummocky Island we have been back at Yeppoon marina for the last week. After the last entry, we spent another uneventful night at Hummocky and by early afternoon the next day, as predicted, the wind shifted to the northeast. We lifted anchor and sailed slowly out of the shelter of Hummocky to be met by the 12 knot breeze. This built to the high teens, giving us a great sail back to the Keppel Islands in under 4 hours. We used the engine to drop anchor in Monkey Bay, closely followed by Neesea. We all met on the shore for a swim and stroll. Alex got to try his floaty ring that we had found ... read more
Luna Ray heading back to Yeppoon
Windy weather in Yeppoon
The small beach at Hummocky Island

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Great Keppel Island January 21st 2014

Well as the title suggests things did not go according to plan. About an hour after the last blog entry, which by the way I have added some pics to now, Naomi noticed the exhaust was sounding different and then the temperature was rising rapidly. I switched the engine off immediately just as the temperature was hitting 100 C and found that the pulley wheel for the raw water pump had come loose. Any repair would require leaning against the very hot engine so we got the sails up, let Naomi's parents know and slowly sailed toward Hummocky Island which luckily was only a mile away and had a sheltered anchorage. In light winds we were only travelling 1-2 knots. They were waiting for us and anchored nearby once we dropped our anchor which we did ... read more
Writing the blog at Hummocky island

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Great Keppel Island January 19th 2014

On Thursday 16th we left Keppel Bay Marina for a short cruise of a couple of weeks to the Keppel Islands and onto our first visit of Yellow Patch. It was a bit of a blustery ride close hauled into almost 20 knots. Naomi's parents on their motorboat Neesea left a short time after us and overtook us about half way across to the islands. We came around the top of Great Keppel Island, turned to motorsailing and then straight motoring to get us more quickly into the shelter of land. Anchored behind Neesea at Svendsen's Beach, pleased that there was only a slight roll. We spent three nights here in mostly pleasant weather. Occasional rain allowed us to top up our solar shower bags so Naomi was allowed to wash her hair. Did the usual ... read more
Alex's new favourite chair
Neesea heading around to Monkey Bay
Room for two in the cockpit locker

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