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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Yeppoon January 4th 2014

Well we had only been off the boat for a few days before we were now crewing on another!... delivering Naomi's parents' boat back from Bunderberg to Yeppoon. Delivery sounds a bit business like, it was really a nice cruise along some of the lower Great Barrier Reef islands over a few days. Drove down to Bundy on the Friday and slept on the boat in the marina. Early next morning (21st December) we were joined by another crew member, Wayne, who is Naomi's mum's cousin's husband...if anyone knows what relative that makes him to Naomi please let us know. Cheryl (Naomi's mum) cast us off and headed back to Yeppoon alone in the car, while we headed down the river and out to sea. It was a clear day, with a light easterly breeze and ... read more
Alex takes the helm
Late lunch
Don steers us through the narrow gap in the reef

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Yeppoon December 19th 2013

Well our plan went as expected and we had very pleasant sail downwind across from North Keppel, arriving in Keppel Bay Marina just afternoon. It has taken us exactly 1 month to get here from Lizard Island (took about 4 months to get there!) Naomi's parents were still down in Bunderberg taking care of their boat, so we used the marina courtesy car to collect their car and we have been staying at their place since. Mostly vegetated the first two days, checked on the boat each morning to do some jobs, and enjoyed the luxuries of on land living. Now that I can use a computer I have pulled out some of my favourite pictures from our trip south. It reminded me of a special little stop we made that I had forgotten about and ... read more
Kent Island
View from rocky hill

Oceania » Australia December 14th 2013

Well I did manage to stick a pic of me in front of Keswick Island as we passed it early Thursday morning, on what became a very long day. We set out with the already challenging distance of 70 miles to the Percy Isles before 5 am and motored the first couple of hours at a good speed as winds were light. Naomi went back to sleep soon after we left and joined me at about 8 am. It was a bright sunny day and the water was a curious mix. The northerly waves would bob up catching the light as they approached the back of the boat riding up on the southeasterly swell. When the wind increased we sailed for a couple of hours but rarely went more than 3.5 knots. With our big distance ... read more
Arriving at the Dukes
Anchored at Hunter Island
Me trying to post blog up hill on Hunter

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brampton Island December 4th 2013

Well my laptop is still just showing nothing but squiggly colourful patterns so I have used the iPad for this entry, it's better than the phone but the on screen keyboard takes some getting used to. Last time I wrote I think we were just leaving Dunk Island. With the northerlies still blowing we made the most of it and in a relatively short time we are now back in the Whitsundays. I am now sitting in the cockpit at Sawmill Bay, Cid Harbour on a dreary afternoon with about 20 other boats, like me probably wondering where the strong winds are that we're predicted. It's been raining on and off and I just got a dribble of water blown off the bimini onto my my left knee in a small wind gust, splashing onto this ... read more
Hey amigo !
Home entertainment
Sawmill to Dugong beach walk

My laptop seems to have died so this will be brief as I am using the iphone and thick fingers struggle with the keyboard. We have has some delightful easy sailing these last few days. We left Cape Grafton under sail with plans to get to Mourilyan Harbour but the winds were light so decided to moor up at Russell Island (part of the Frankland Island group). Despite a big rain storm one night we had a lovely time there exploring its beaches, coral and small steep bits of rainforest. Hung out with a couple who were camping there and stayed 2 nights as winds remained calm. From there got to dreary Mourilyan Harbour, bypassing grumbling storms on the coastnext day to Dunk Island. After a walk past the derelict resort to Muggy Muggy beach and ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Lizard Island November 18th 2013

I am writing this in our journey back from Lizard Island on 15th November. Its about 10pm and after a beautiful day sailing across small waves on a tight reach in about 10 knots, the wind has dropped to just a few knots and we are barely moving. The wind was never quite the easterly predicted and that we wanted, that is until we decided to turn into Cook Town, when it became a fraction north-easterly just when we didn't need it up the rear. This prompted us to change our minds again and continue south through the night as winds were favourable for that direction. We later regretted this, not just because the wind had just dropped out. Just after 8pm when the breeze had already become lighter and the sea flat we had a ... read more
Kapok trees
Alex on the resort beach
coming around Cape Bedford

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cooktown November 15th 2013

Just a quickie to say we are back from a lovely few days at lizard island.... more on that later. Just passing cooktown, nice sailing conditions, and about to clock up some miles overnight as winds are good. We have almost a full moon to light the way and just some reefs and tankers to avoid. Luke... read more
Tanker by moonlight

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cooktown November 9th 2013

Since tuesday, one day has followed the next as we swing in this endlessly windy anchorage, but the batteries are staying well charged from the wind generator. Every day we take a trip ashore, through the chop and usually get some salt spray over us. We could have left three days ago but something always seems to stop us. Yesterday we had to print up a document for this years boat insurance so visited the library. It had a new photocopier so we were able to just stick our USB stick in to print it. It also had a great selection of cool toys for Alex to play with in the play area. We walked further inland to visit the Botanical Gardens, not usually our thing but these ones are quite historical. They date from the ... read more
Finch Bay
our landing spot
The Chinese memorial

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cooktown November 5th 2013

Thursday 31st October we left the inlet and headed out to sea, a little nervous as the tide was low and the water is shallow around the entrance to Port Douglas. There was a light breeze from the east which was fine as we wanted give the engine a run. One to test the recent repairs and also to charge the batteries which was now sorely needed. The engine temperature was running a few degrees higher than usual which had me a little concerned but it stayed stable and we arrived with no problems and picked up the outer mooring at the Low Isles. It wasn't long before we were being circled by sharks again. The day-trip tourists were just leaving and so we went to the deserted beach for a swim. There were sharks around ... read more
Milk time for Alex at Snapper Island
Underway at dawn
Passing Cape Tribulation

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Port Douglas October 30th 2013

Today is wednesday, so it's been about a week since my last entry and we have been generally relaxing on the river. One day we took a dinghy ride along the smaller creeks late one afternoon. There's a fake paddle boat called the "Lady Douglas" that passes us once or twice a day carrying tourists - a trip they advertise as crocodile spotting. Its been a running joke that they probably never see one as we haven't. However as we slowly made our way down the ever narrowing mangrove line creek Naomi let out a gasp as she spotted one on the bank. I turned to see it scramble over the mangrove roots heading straight towards us and disappear under the water! Under Naomi's panicked instructions I gunned the engine and we did a rapid about ... read more
Alex at the playground
Mossman Gorge
hunting for crocs

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