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Asia » Indonesia » Kalimantan October 12th 2014

The passage to Bawean was one of the most pleasant overnighters so far and we made good speed with 15-20 knots up the bum all the way. It would have been more relaxing if we didn’t have to be so vigilant about the fish traps that started about 70 miles out from the island. They were no longer platforms, but large palm tree trunks, often with only a frond or flag sticking up to show itself and sometimes these were missing. Just as it was getting dark around 7pm there was banging noises on the side of the boat and Naomi, who was out on watch, exclaimed “we just hit one!”. From downstairs I hadn’t heard any grinding along the hull so I think just the flag hit the rail of the boat. These things were ... read more
fish trap
exploring the village in Bawean
Luna Ray's scars

Asia » Indonesia » Bali October 4th 2014

We motored out of Bali International Marina early, before the staff and other yachties had stirred. Followed the markers through the channel that was so much quieter than our entry 11 days earlier but still got a few parps from the horn of a tanker as it chased us out to sea. The strait down the east side of Bali is notorious in its strength but also that it always runs south- not much help to us now- but apparently weakened by a rising tide. To overcome this we followed the advise to hug the coast to stay out of the current as much as possible but still crawled along at 2 knots for some hours, watching the surfers, but later in the day we had current pushing us north at about 8 knots - perhaps ... read more
beaches lined with fishing boats
one of many fishing boats steering around us
arrival at Amat Roads anchorage

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Benoa October 1st 2014

We left early out of the narrow entrance the next morning and it had been 2 days since my repair to the engine to stop air getting in the fuel so I was getting confident the problem had been solved. As you might have guessed this was not the case. We had no wind all day, motoring over glassy water when the engine started making its familiar rev fluctuations until it conked out! I could bleed it and restart it but each time it would not last as long. We were aiming for a small flat coral island just off the NE coast Lombok and we were ahead of the other boats going the same way - but as our engine stopped repeatedly they overtook us. They were all anchored as we closed in on the ... read more
Luna Ray at NE lombok
Luna Ray passing north of Lombok Island
fishermen almost net us

Asia » Indonesia September 15th 2014

We had a comfortable night at Montjo Bay and heard later from the two yachts ahead of us that it was a good decision not to continue onto Bantar Island as they had a hard passage as the headwind increased to 26 knots and their anchorage was terrible - one boat left in the middle of the night. The next morning was dead calm and I could see the anchor chain laying on the sea bed in 26m of water in the dim light before the sun had poked up from behind the mountains. We motored away while Alex and Naomi were still in bed on a very smooth passage to the northern tip of Bantar Island, though a current pushing us south was giving us 30 degrees leeway and it didn’t lessen as the tide ... read more
volcano island
boat on shore being built
Ikat weaving - a long one!

Asia » Indonesia » Komodo September 10th 2014

The next day (6th Sept) in the bay Lehok Ginggho we took Luna Ray up the northern branch and explored behind a small island, making for a very well protected anchorage. S8 41.022 E119 38.897 In the western gap between the island and Rinca was a large expanse of shallow turquoise next to a lovely beach… a little spot of paradise. We explored another inlet and Naomi caught some bait fish off the dinghy with the cast net. Then at the next little headland we ducked our heads as we entered a remarkable little cave and landed the dinghy on the tiny beach inside. There was another entrance from the water from the next beach along and also from land, a small area of flat ground with cliffs enclosing it. We had found an amazing spot ... read more
another gorgeous beach
Dragons on Komodo
not so Pink Beach

Asia » Indonesia » Komodo September 5th 2014

Early on the 5th September we tied the dinghy to the wooden pier at 7am and met our guide, Adi, who had come down to meet us. As we returned to the office there were several dragons lying around. Alex is a big fan of the “How to Train your Dragon” series and I think disappointed these dragons didn’t fly nor breath fire. We spotted one dragon walking, lumbered along and upset another that was minding its own business, in a small confrontation that caused a bit of excitement as the ranger was worried it might dart off in our direction - hard to imagine them moving at any speed. We then went for our walk, passed a dragon guarding its eggs in a huge nest (depressions in the dry mud ground), through woods, over dried ... read more
what a whopper!
Luna Ray at our first bay in Lehok Ginggho
On our dragon hike

Asia » Indonesia » Komodo September 4th 2014

28th August - We left our little coral spits and headed west again. This day we had a 20-25 mile hop and with a light breeze that developed in the day we were actually able to switch the motor off and sail slowly at 3 knots for a few hours - we are learning to be grateful for small mercies in Indonesia. We were heading towards a town called Riung but actually aiming to anchor behind a small island about 2 miles out to its northeast. I was hoping to sail almost all the way but as we turned toward land there was a visible strip of reef/shallow water to cross and so the engine went on incase there was any urgent reversing to be done. We crossed this with sounder never less than 12m and ... read more
coming into anchor off a village
fisherman paying out his net
reef spotting from the boom

Asia » Indonesia » Flores August 31st 2014

We left Pulau Besar just as the reef was becoming visible in the morning light, we had a track line to follow on the chart plotter but its always nice to have a real world backup. We had a light breeze blowing us across the north of the island at about 3 knots, which dropped out as we went out into open water. Then it returned an hour later and gradually built to a 15 knot breeze pushing us from behind. I was forever waiting for it to drop out again but it pushed us along goose winged for the rest of the trip… leaving the motor off, a rarity in this stretch of coast. We turned south into the inlet of Batu Boga (east) heading for the anchorage described as “perfection” but found it was ... read more
Batu Boga east in the morning calm
looking for information in Maurole
Paddy fields

Asia » Indonesia » Flores August 22nd 2014

The cultural event at Lewoleba (Lembata) (anchored at S8 22.208 E123 24.536) was definitely the best reception so far, I think because it was obviously much more laid on for us… and ironically it was the first event not part of the rally. The yachties lined up on the jetty behind some ceremonial twine which was cut in front of the crowds to welcome us ashore - of course we had all been ashore already. Then most of us were given headpieces made of reed and a taste of the locally made palm wine as we left the jetty (not tasty stuff). We took our seats and watched the dance of 100 school children which was lovely, to the backdrop of the huge volcano. Then the carnival procession lead off to town and we walked along ... read more
Dance of 100 children
procession through town
The truck taking a rest stop half way across the island

Asia » Indonesia August 14th 2014

12th August - We weighed anchor at about 8 as the current lessened and by all accounts the current should start to flow with us as we headed north between the main islands although I didn’t feel we had the current with us any of the time that day. This was a very frustrating day’s sail and I was starting to despair that all Indonesian sailing would be like this… a current that’s always against us, winds just too light to sail with, especially as when we got to the north side of the island chain there was a 1-2 m NE swell. Progress was mind numbingly slow, we motored for 13 hours and only made 49 miles. On the plus side the scenery is beautiful, with smoking volcanoes, surf beaches with turquoise blue water and ... read more
beach stop
coconut harvest
sailing passed volcanos

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