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Asia » Indonesia August 11th 2014

After the second gala evening meal with the governor of the Kupang District the boats started to filter away - heading north to Alor. One of the local tourist organisers started to arrange a meeting in Wini which is about half way and a popular idea as it gave the potential for day hopping there rather than an overnight trip. On our second day, after some more very cheap photocopying (90 sheets for a dollar) we took a look at Kupang’s oldest church - a chap came out of his office to show us around - he pointed out the original sections from the Portugese rule a few hundred years ago but on the whole it was very plain. We found a small dingy place to eat frequented by quite a few locals - had a ... read more
Teddys Bar on right
busy Kupang
"Shalom" orphanage

Asia » Indonesia » Timor August 5th 2014

We made it!…. we are in Indonesia! After quick trips to the shops for last fresh food provisions and a few things from the chandlery we waited for the horns marking the 11am start of the rally. Didn’t really hear the horns but got our selves together, only to be delayed by Naomi needing to visit the toilet, and then we were second from last across the start line. We sailed slowly passed the tourist motor catamaran filled with rally organisers and interested onlookers as Naomi insisted we don’t have the engine running for this. Being almost last did have the advantage of not being being overtaken by the other boats and we pretty much stuck near the back all the way. Light winds carried us pleasantly westward along the coast. As night set in and ... read more
Dolphin watching with Alex
flying fish found aboard
another sunrise at sea

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin July 25th 2014

The sun has just set over the 93 boats here in Fannie Bay and a little pop-up reminder generated by iCal appeared on my laptop. It reads “Tomorrow. Sail to Indonesia”. A pop up reminder, usually as harmless as “go to hairdresser”, that has much more gravitas than normal - I didn’t really need a reminder as the last 10 days days has been a frantic mess of getting ready for this trip. Our longest sail and our first crossing into international waters. Our first day in Darwin we took thing pretty easy. I arranged for a mechanic to come the next morning to check it was the injector pump that was causing problems and then we relaxed with lunch at the Yacht Club, presenting ourselves to the really organisers, a visit to the Fannie Bay ... read more
Taking a rest overlooking Fannie Bay
Indonesian consulate
Alex making friends at the Yacht Club

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin July 20th 2014

Well last time I wrote was a long time ago and a long way away - a different state and time zone in fact. We waited an extra day in Seisia for lighter winds but did not get them. Where one British boat left another, that knew them, took their place so we introduced ourselves. I managed to hitch a ride to and from Bamaga, for something to do, both times with aboriginals. I asked the guy driving the first car what sights I should see and his only suggestion was buying a cray-fish pie. Bamaga is truly a one-street town, with a few dusty shops, one pub with drive through bottle shop, a collection of shonky looking houses and a sparkling new library and centrelink office. I got a coupe of pies and left. 5th ... read more
Nervously leaving Seisia to cross the gulf
A pleasant sunset for our first night
Alex's watching movies with little BigBird

Oceania » Australia July 3rd 2014

After a night at the tip of Australia, our next step was to get to Seisha and then make the big jump across the Gulf of Carpenteria - this would be our first trip away from the coast and longer than just the few overnighters we have done so far. We left around half seven in the morning to ride the rising tide and had a fast short sail and stopped after 8 miles at Possession Island. Dropped anchor in the bay just out from the clear-to-see reef and dighy’d at high speed back to where the monument to Cook was. Landing was difficult as first we had to cross shallow coral and the beach was rock lined but we managed to find a patch of sand next to the shore with just enough water over ... read more
The monument to Cook
The Thursday Island ferry leaving the jetty

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cape York June 26th 2014

We've made it! The northern tip of Australia. This was a few days ago that we have left the east coast of Australia behind. Its been a few weeks without internet connection so this blogs a bit of a long one to fill you in. Wednesday 11th June As with previous days with predicted strong wind warnings the day started almost windlessly - rare for us to see Cooktown in this calm. We motored out after breakfast, this time ignoring the outer markers, motorsailing with the slight breeze and made one last phone call before signal is lost for a long time. Enjoyed a day of flat water and were not able to turn the engine off until after 1pm, and then coasted along for a few hours at about 4 knots with Lizard Island looming ... read more
Lizard Island
Struggling through the marsh land
The remains of the resort

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cooktown June 10th 2014

Well, dreary skies and tiredness convinced Naomi we should stay an extra day in Port Douglas, and in the afternoon the clouds lifted, gladly along with the mossies & sandflies - for a few hours anyway. Today we left at first light, down the creek passed the anchored boats reflected in the still water and out into the sea which was quite calm - surprising as there was strong wind warning issued for today. The batteries needed a charge so didn’t mind motoring for a while and we had a light norwesterly breeze so put up the sails which help steady us against the roll from the mild swell. We reached Snapper Island and the mouth of the Daintree River when the wind dropped out completely. Naomi woke from a bit of extra sleep in the ... read more
Pink clouds at sunrise
Naomi catching up on sleep
Headland just north of the Daintree River mouth

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Port Douglas June 8th 2014

Friday we rode the dropping tide out of the Trinity Inlet, Cairns getting bypassed by the numerous tourist boats running people out to the nearby islands and reefs. As we got away from land the wind built to 20-25 knots and we had a good run under the poled out jib. We passed Double Island and throughout the day several rain clouds overran us and gave us a wash down, pre-empted with some gusts up to 30 knots. Naomi helmed us most of the way to avoid seasickness, while I would hide downstairs from the rain with the companionway blocked up, playing snap with Alex. By about half two we were coming through the markers and into the smooth waters of Port Douglas. Motored passed the town, marina, yacht club and down into Packers Creek where ... read more
Naomi smiling though the bleak weather
fixing the TV ariel mounting
peaceful times on the river

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns June 5th 2014

We came out the gap in the cliffs that makes Mourilyon Harbour expecting swell and little wind as we had become accustomed to. Well we were half right, the swell was quite mild, hardly noticeable, so much so I didn’t resent the fact we had to motor again as at least it was comfortable. Stable enough I could fry up a healthy bacon & egg sandwich. We had left intentionally late after 9 am so that we use the wind that usually builds up in the afternoon. We were heading for Fitzroy Island - a place we passed twice before but never stepped onto, so as the wind free morning bore on I was wondering if we should have left early resolved to motor so that at least we would have the afternoon to enjoy on ... read more
good goosewinging
Fitzroy Island
Nudey Beach

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Innisfail June 1st 2014

We left Queens Bay early, coming out into the easterly swell that had given us a little roll in the bay and was now giving us big roll, so Naomi didn’t get back to sleep again. But once we got back on course, travelling with the swell things got a lot more comfortable. Bypassed the ten or so tankers outside Abbot Point and several hours later we turned into the first bay around the tip of Cape Upstart for a surprisingly flat anchorage in the early afternoon. Pretty little birds congregated on the lifelines at the front of the boat. I took some pictures before chasing them away before they left any more mess on the deck. Explored a couple of beaches with some cautious use of the outboard over the shallow rock seabed between them. ... read more
Anchored with the birds of Cape Upstart
Worlds ugliest holiday home
Radical Bay

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