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23rd April 2011

Boo Hoo
We don't want our trip to be over with...are you sure we had to say good-bye? We want to keep travelling over there. We have not seen enough yet. We saw some of David and Debra's (from our leader) pictures of New Zealand. We need to go back.
From Blog: Goodbye parents!
22nd April 2011

Chillin...I was crapping my pants
From Blog: Blue Mountains
22nd April 2011
On our rooftop

I like this one too...cheers to you too
22nd April 2011
having some sushi and wine

What a face I have ...sushi was good?
22nd April 2011
which way next haha

I am going to Rome...I don't when but I am going
22nd April 2011
vines and sydney tower

love this one lots...great photography
10th April 2011

keep those pictures coming
Love your blogs, brings back great memories.
6th April 2011

Wow Tigers
Hi Laurene I loved reading your Chiang Mai story amazing my wife and two boys aged 9 and 11 are heading there in june cant wait to see the boys faces when they see the Tigers and snakes awesome. We live in Outback Queensland Australia and we cant wait to get out of this boring town where the most exciting thing that happens is when the horse races are on or the school fete.
31st March 2011

wow....can you introduce me to Janet for my next holiday??? Gorgeous rooms and view!
31st March 2011

Love the photos of animals at the zoo, esp you and your little roo :)
28th March 2011

That was me before by the way, forgot to add my name...duh...
28th March 2011

Commenting on your blog finally!! Sounds like an amazing road trip and you're so lucky you get to go see all this stuff with your parents - when my parents came to visit in Mackay, all we could afford/had time for was driving around Mackay, Sarina and up to Airlie Beach. Whoop dee doo. I haven't even been to the big rum or Bundaberg brewery yet, so I'm jealous! ;)
27th March 2011

I love living our trip through your blogs.
Keep up the good work on the blogs, this pictures are great. I am still trying to catch up on stuff at home. Sleep is still required too.
26th March 2011

Love it
Ahahahahaha nice one! Should have thought of that!
26th March 2011

Yeah...those are cane toads and they're massive pests. You guys should have brought out the hockey sticks and played toad hockey! :p
24th March 2011

Great sunset photos and great tans!!!!
21st March 2011

Day out in Melbourne
Hi Laurene, I am sitting here studying at the University of Queensland and I am dreaming of my holidays when I am planing to go to Melbourne. Your blog entry is fantastic and has defiantly got me excited to set off exploring. You seemed like you had a fantastic day with you your parents. I would like to visit those markets to so your tip that they are closed on Mondays was really helpful so thank you for that. Best of luck with all your adventures Angie
18th February 2011

oh, and totally envious of the warm weather. It's FREEZING here -18 and -30 with the wind chill....brrrrrrrrr....... miss you tons but am so glad you are having fun
18th February 2011

love the bangs.
24th January 2011
Hi i was planning a trip to beautiful Australia and after reading your blog, i will surely try this train journey. I am sure this will be pretty interesting and i will get to see the real charm of this wonderful country. Thanks for telling me all this.
23rd January 2011

Coming to see you!
Laurene, We are soooo looking forward to seeing you and those beautiful countries. I don't know where you keep getting your energy from. I don't think that we will be able to keep up to you. See you in a couple of days! Love, Dad
22nd January 2011

You Did It!
Laurene, You sure did enjoy your WA experience! I can clearly remember the dilemma you faced when you first considered heading to WA and then the choice you had to make to get work. We told you that you would figure it out-- and you did! I also rember your first email from SC-- YIKES! Well- it turned out to be one of your most memorable and important stops on your Ozzie as well as your life journey. Congratulations! Love your blogs and pics. Only a few more days until we meet up with you in Auckland! Sure looking forward to our reunion. Love, Dad
22nd January 2011

Great sunset
You are quite the blogger these days.
20th January 2011

Neat Tree Walk
I think the tree walk would be neat-- BUT-- climbing the tall tree with the spikes????? NO THANK YOU! Not for the faint of heart! You have seen so much, I am envious!
20th January 2011

You're a trooper!
Wow-- that is quite a hike! I am pretty impressed. It reminds me of some of the hikes we have done in AZ. We won't be able to keep up with you. Those kangaroos look so cute. I hope we get to see some while we are there.

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