One who has travel itchy feet who has no income D; That is who I am! I have travelled to various places in Canada and been outside to several locations, but of course it is through my parents as opposed to my own paid way. Alberta, the East Coast provinces, San Francisco, Hong Kong and Los Angeles. I'd only be able to post-write about Alberta and the East Coast, as the other times were visits to relatives and been so long too.

Asia » China » Beijing October 14th 2011

Oh goodness... only the first day in Beijing and I'm already done with this place. May I pleaaaaase go back to Langfang? At least there isnt as much traffic of any sort there than in Beijing T^T Seriously, I feel mega-drained... and I didn't even go anywhere except the super market which was right around the corner... well.. a block's walk away. Morning began as normal, until something rather funny happened. We were trying to keep quiet as we got ready to wait for the guy who was going to drive us to Beijing. Then we heard an alarm clock go off. After about 5 mins (minimum), we wondered why whoever owned that alarm clock was still sleeping or ignoring the alarm. I went back to the bathroom to check something, and returned. As I neared ... read more

Asia » China » Hebei » Langfang October 13th 2011

Hey everyone, Second day here... woke up early but not too early. I seem to have adapted to the major time change quite well :) Sleep was relatively uninterrupted. Connected with one of the volunteers, and made a new friend by accident. It all started when mom and I were looking at the games and mom pulled out the Monopoly. Oh hey... it's a Hong Kong version! In this version, the obvious difference are the property titles which would be, of course, names of places in Hong Kong. Instead of railroads, we had stations (seems to me they used subways for this instead of railroads as in the original version). Currency is somewhat different (10s instead of 1s, no 20s, etc). Not a whole lot of other differences with the game... Anywho, we were looking it ... read more

Asia » China » Hebei » Langfang October 11th 2011

Finally I can go to sleep!... or not. Because of the big time gap (12 hours), mom won't let me sleep yet. Sigh... It is difficult to keep my eyes open. The first flight I had to take was 15 hrs and 3 mins. I just had to add the 3 mins... after all, the flight attendant speaking added those 3 mins when mentioning the flight time. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to survive the long grueling hours, but amazingly I did... but for the fact it was that time of the month for me (I was hoping it wouldn't start until after I arrived. Sadly it started the day before we even left for the airport. Our flight was 1 am Tuesday) and the fact I got sick for a little while ... read more

North America » Mexico » Chiapas » Palenque February 23rd 2011

Huzzah! Home sweet San Cristobal :) But first... a recounting of the journey between point A (hotel), B (Palenque), and C (San Cristobal). We had to be up early to pack up and be ready to hop onto our transports the second they arrive. Breakfast was just like dinner last night... I had the misfortune of once again being among the first to be there, last to be served. I got dethroned from one of the best spots on the van because another classmate (I guess) decided for a change to have a back seat corner and she had reached the van before I did (obviously). It made the ride back a nightmare because I didn't want to be sleeping on either of them, but I did end up awkwardly sleeping on some of my ... read more
Tomb of the Red Queen
THE Tomb of the Red Queen

North America » Mexico » Chiapas » Palenque February 21st 2011

Today is the day we finally leave the jungle, which I am thrilled about I confess. The heat, the creepy crawlies, a literal security blanket for a door, the lack of variety in meals... I was seriously going crazy. However, at least I didn't sleep almost 24/7 like a certain someone did... hehehe. We had to be up early, as usual, for the long drive to our hotel in a city (I know, the most useless information but I don't think I was ever told what city we were going to stay in for a night). We made a couple stops along the way, both to waterfalls, one called Agua Azul (the place screams 'TOURISTY!), the other called Misol-Ha (also touristy, but not as much as at Agua Azul). My former neighbouring classmate liked to ... read more
Misol-Ha Waterfall

North America » Mexico » Chiapas » Lacandon Jungle February 20th 2011

The lion sleeps toniiiiiight!... Ok, there's no lions around, but there are jaguars... dun dun duuuun! Didn't meet any today, much to my disappointment... the head tour guide today told us that one group he took through the jungle saw a few and high-tailed it. I would have taken 100 pictures, after fumbling with my camera for a bit out of excitement. One other thing, this is our last day in the jungle so no chance of me ever seeing one. -sigh- Anywho, today my group was the one who went hiking while the other group had their 'free day'. The hike wasn't as bad as I was thinking it might be, the path well shaded and not a whole lot of uphill climbing. We had two guides, one in front and one at the ... read more

North America » Mexico » Chiapas » Bonampak February 19th 2011

(To the tune to the 12 Days of Christmas) It's the second day in the jungle... and we were split in half! (La la... End tune) One group was going to go on a guide hike through the jungle to who knows where... All I know is that around mid-way there's a swimming location and about an hour further along the route are some excavated stuff. Now people who are on the hike can individually decide whether to go the full route (which I heard is quite the workout) or park at the waterfall/swimming location (there's two guides so one leads on while the other one remains). Maybe I'll try to make a visual idea of what I'm trying to explain... Beginning - - - - - - - - - - Middle (Waterfall. Option to ... read more

North America » Mexico » Chiapas » Yaxchilan February 18th 2011

Today is the first day here in the Lacandon Jungle, and first day that I've ever been to Mayan ruins. The one we went to today, as you can see, is the Yaxchilán ruins which are accessed by boat through the Usamacinta river which is situated between Mexico and Guatemala. The boats are long and skinny and have a cover so that we won't get sunburned along the way. The ride to the ruins was relatively uneventful, though it was mildly exciting to be between two countries. I didn't keep track of how long it took but it was quite a long ride, even with a motor. On arrival, we had to sign in and everything at the front desk, and then our coordinator told us to pair up with whoever and decide for ourselves ... read more

North America » Mexico » Chiapas » Lacandon Jungle February 17th 2011

Greetings everyone, 'Tis the day of travel, however this post of course is being done AFTER we left the jungle. Me and my housemate were up pretty early, tieing up the loose ends of whatever we had not yet completed. We got our stuff to the front door, pretty early, or so I thought. When waiting outside, our neighbouring classmates also came out, one all packed and ready to go, the other one to see us off (because she got her passport stolen, if you don't remember). Their host mom was nice enough to ask me if I had anything to eat yet, and as I hadn't, she offered me to have a slice of watermelon. Yum! Now... as I was enjoying my slice of watermelon... up came our transportation to pick us up. Apparently ... read more

North America » Mexico February 16th 2011

So... this is the last post for a while, as once I leave San Cristobal there won't be any internet access until we get back from the jungle. I am going to suffer major internet withdrawal... Started off the morning with a last day debrief where everyone had to say what was their biggest learning experience and why. Um... well... I didn't really know what to say because the 'biggest learning experiences' were things that everyone else learned so I didn't think I really had anything worth saying. Couldn't avoid answering it forever... so I just said people around San Cristobal are really nice and other stuff that could apply to any location. My bad... I never thought of it during the duration of the trip. I'd probably come up with something.. in about a year ... read more

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