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October 13th 2011
Published: October 28th 2011
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Hey everyone,

Second day here... woke up early but not too early. I seem to have adapted to the major time change quite well 😊 Sleep was relatively uninterrupted.

Connected with one of the volunteers, and made a new friend by accident. It all started when mom and I were looking at the games and mom pulled out the Monopoly. Oh hey... it's a Hong Kong version!

In this version, the obvious difference are the property titles which would be, of course, names of places in Hong Kong. Instead of railroads, we had stations (seems to me they used subways for this instead of railroads as in the original version). Currency is somewhat different (10s instead of 1s, no 20s, etc). Not a whole lot of other differences with the game...

Anywho, we were looking it over and reading the instructions when the volunteer who I'm dubbing S came up and declared that she didn't know how to play. So, I ended up starting a game with her, teaching her along the way the basics of the game. Sometime later, another girl joined, one who was a student. She watched as we continued playing, until S had to go work and the student replaced her.

I had the fun of trying to teach her along the way too, and had a bit more difficulty this time around. A few times my mom had to step in and try to explain in Mandarin (mind you, it's my mom's uh... third language? I'm assuming she learned Mandarin after English. Cantonese is her native tongue)

Eventually the student too had to leave. She said she'd like to play again with me the next day, but I'd be going with mom to Beijing tomorrow for a few days.

Not much else happened today that's worth mentioning. I'm going to have to go to bed early, since I have to be up early tomorrow for the ride to Beijing. Fun.

- Kedi


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