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October 14th 2011
Published: October 28th 2011
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Oh goodness... only the first day in Beijing and I'm already done with this place. May I pleaaaaase go back to Langfang? At least there isnt as much traffic of any sort there than in Beijing T^T Seriously, I feel mega-drained... and I didn't even go anywhere except the super market which was right around the corner... well.. a block's walk away.

Morning began as normal, until something rather funny happened. We were trying to keep quiet as we got ready to wait for the guy who was going to drive us to Beijing. Then we heard an alarm clock go off. After about 5 mins (minimum), we wondered why whoever owned that alarm clock was still sleeping or ignoring the alarm. I went back to the bathroom to check something, and returned. As I neared mom, something clicked in my head. Maybe it wasn't someone else's... maybe it was....

Ours. Mom clued in at the same time I did, and disappeared back into our room to turn it off. Awkward! But at least we didn't wake anyone up...

The drive to get here was maddening already, hitting a traffic jam here and there, having all sorts of crazy drivers speeding and weaving among the lanes... even during a traffic jam. Gah... major pain and rather scary.

Managed to find the apartment building of the lady with whom my mom will be staying with. Hm.. small apartment. No biggie. Bathroom with door that won't close all the way... waaah?? laaame! The worst? The light in the bathroom doesn't work... so... shower in the morning it is!

Anywho, shortly after arriving and unpacking, the lady took us out on a mini tour of the nearby supermarket place. I personally just wanted to hide out in the apartment... too many people, too many people on bikes, motorbikes, other mini motorized vehicles... Drivers who don't pay attention... seriously, we were passing behind a van that started backing up... and kept on going even though we were passing rather closely behind it. We survived.

La de da... after some going around, checking the buses routes and stuff, we were left to our own devices. Apparently this lady doesn't cook much and frequently visits a friend in another apartment (same building) to eat. Looks like we'd be.. well.. more mom than I, as I'd be staying in Langfang.. eating out a lot. How... interesting.

Then early this afternoon, mom prepped to go to the acupuncturist that she'd be seeing with the lady (well, the lady was going to show which bus and stuff to get there, etc). She was going in only for a checkup, and she asked me if I wanted to go along. Why would I? I don't have to go and I'd rather not go back out -there-.

Mom asked me what I'd be doing in the apartment, and said that I shouldn't go to sleep or anything. She told me this I think partially because I was snuggled in my blankets on my couch where I'd be sleeping (thought I'd be nice and let her have the bed against the wall on the left side of the couch).

Well... I did well for about a couple hours, before succumbing to the nice comfy warmness of the blankets. Bliss...

I woke up about an hour later, woken by the sound of the apartment door unlocking. In strode the lady, who said something to me of which I didn't understand. All I knew was that mom wasn't back with her, and I figured she probably made a stop somewhere.

I passed out again before waking up about an hour later. Mom returned shortly after, and announced to me that I made the right choice of staying behind. After first getting accessed by the acupuncturist, she got an hour treatment... during which the lady left to go back home. Oh. So she ended up coming back alone... she also mentioned that the guy smoked, so her clothes were smelling smokey.

Not much else to say except that of course, we had to eat out for dinner.

- Kedi

Note: This is being written AFTER being in Beijing, as the lady mom's staying with doesn't have internet connection.


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