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February 16th 2011
Published: June 29th 2011
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So... this is the last post for a while, as once I leave San Cristobal there won't be any internet access until we get back from the jungle. I am going to suffer major internet withdrawal...

Started off the morning with a last day debrief where everyone had to say what was their biggest learning experience and why. Um... well... I didn't really know what to say because the 'biggest learning experiences' were things that everyone else learned so I didn't think I really had anything worth saying. Couldn't avoid answering it forever... so I just said people around San Cristobal are really nice and other stuff that could apply to any location. My bad... I never thought of it during the duration of the trip. I'd probably come up with something.. in about a year or so.

(At some point I was asked by G what the doctor told me and I told him and then one of my classmates pointed out that I was supposed to be wearing my scarf over my face because of my 'infectious' throat infection'. My baaad. Didn't realize it was an order and not a joke.)

After the debrief everyone was going to do some last minute things before everyone was going to be shipped off to the community meal in another location. I backed out of it, partly because I still had a lot of packing and cleanup to do, had to get my prescriptions, and one of the most influencing factors on my decision was the fact I probably couldn't eat 90% of the stuff I get offered because of my restrictions. According to K and G, in communities like the one they were going to, it's offensive to refuse things. Some of my classmates coordinated with the 'garbage disposer' (one of my classmates is 'full time' vegetarian, a couple others at least decided to be 'temporary' vegetarians). I will confess my other reason was to -hopefully- catch a hold of my Mexican friend one last time. Sadly that didn't happen...

And as usual, I put off the work until late that evening. Last minute packing, getting the garbage together, etc etc. As for my prescriptions, my host mom took care of that which was very nice of her and very helpful... I couldn't read a single thing on the prescription sheet the doctor gave me (you know how it is with reading a doctor's writing. Also I don't think I would have read the thing properly) and of course, not enough Spanish to communicate what I needed, when, and where. Fun part was when it got delivered to our door by bike (I think it was a bike).

Gave my host family the gifts I brought, before I forgot, hope they enjoy them. Surprisingly, they gave both me and my housemate a little goodie bag of sorts in cute little bags (a lollipop and a heart-shaped tin that was full of mini candy hearts. I feel horribly spoiled (I did share them on the ride to the jungle)... jajaja. I better get to sleep now, it's going to be a nice long day tomorrow.



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