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Today was an interesting day, though it didn't really start off that way. Today was when the other half of the group was going to Monte Sion, and the rest of us got the day off (yes!). Since I still couldn't go wandering the streets alone, I got up earlier than I'd like to go the meeting spot in front of our old hotel. Why did I have to get up earlier? Well, my teachers figured we should split up the only two male members into the two different groups (security thing) and so J was going today while I had gone last week. On top of that, my housemate also wanted to get a newspaper so we left earlier for the downtown than we needed to. Along the way we bumped into one of ... read more

Hey everyone, didn't make a post yesterday because it would have been a bit of a filler as no 'Mexican experience' happened except for one little bit I initiated but I'll just put that in my 'Odds 'n Ends' section at the end. On another note... the night before yesterday, I had the embarassing moment of being woken by the sound of boards clattering. Oh snap... apparently displacing just one board was more than enough to result in the consequent result of a number of other boards either half falling down or completely falling down. Great... I hope it didn't wake anyone else up. I proceeded to make a makeshaft bed on the floor as I rather not displace any more boards in such a noisy manner. However... the following morning on the way out ... read more

. . . . Bleh... what a horrible night. The music was blaring well into the night, and there wasn't a thing I could do about it. It was so loud I buried my head under my pillow and could still hear the music loud and clear. Back in Canada there'd no doubt be warnings over sound levels from police but here? No restriction that I'm aware of (either that, or nobody cares to do anything about it). The worst was when the music stalls, or something, so I hear a single note blaring for like 5 minutes which drove me batty. Ugh... and apparently my classmate didn't have a single problem going to sleep and staying asleep... and his room's just to the right of mine. What's with that? Anyhow, at least I got -some- ... read more

Here I am writing about my first of two days since I came to the homestay. You heard me right. I put the entry date as the 29th but I'm writing the post on the 30th. Last night I forgot to click 'auto-connect' with the wireless internet and I completely forgot about that, closing my Netbook temporary when I wasn't using it. I felt too embarassed to ask for the password again so soon after getting it, so I waited until this morning to ask again. Yesterday morning started off well enough, making it to breakfast on time and finding out there that two of my classmates were out of commission ('violently sick' as they put it) so they'd be staying at the hotel until they're well enough to move to their homestays. After breakfast we ... read more

North America » Mexico » Chiapas » Chamula January 28th 2011

We started our morning with a few guidelines about how to conduct ourselves while in San Juan Chamula, including the bit about no cameras allowed. Our photojournalists were crushed because of it, but of course we didn't want to offend anyone or get our cameras taken (and never returned). I'll be honest and say I brought mine along but I kept it inside my purse where it'd be out of sight (no, I didn't sneak any pictures or even attempt to). On arrival, we headed to the main attraction which was the church there (name unknown or non-existing). A beautiful white building with parts painted predominantly teal and have a bit of a pattern going on. We split up into two groups, as the local people limit how many foreigners/tourists are allowed inside the church ... read more

Greetings from San Cristobal! Today we started off with what I called 'Scavenger Hunt: Site Location Edition'. Now why would I call it that? Well I suppose I don't have much of a good reason to, as it's not quite a scavenger hunt. The only thing relevant is that we're out searching for things, though in this case, we were looking for specific places. You would maybe think, how hard can that be? Just grab a map and go search them out. Well, try finding locations with a badly hand drawn map given by your coordinator. Also, try doing it while broken up into trios and without communicating with any of the other groups, let alone come into close proximity (we were told that if we do come into proximity, to cross the street and whatnot. ... read more

Holaaa, San Cristobal! It's awesome to be here :) It's strange to finally be settled here in Mexico and yet... I still don't feel a single emotion of any sort. Perhaps it was hearing (and seeing) so much about Mexico that I expect everything under the sun, thus nothing amazed me anymore. Is there something wrong with me? The bus ride here from Tuxtla was quite long, tedious, and... (dramatic music) my camera screen broke. Yes everyone, I had not even been here a full day and my camera screen broke already. Seems odd that mine is the only one that broke and nobody else's did. Refund por favor... and if you are wondering; No, I couldn't get it fixed in San Cristobal, not sure about maybe Mexico City. I did ask... Some thought I ... read more

North America » Mexico » Chiapas » Tuxtla GutiĆ©rrez January 26th 2011

The taxi drive to our hotel was uneventful, except for that one point when the silence was broken by a "HOWWWWWWWWWWWWL!" over the radio. Completely random, but it did create chuckles. We didn't arrive to our final destination until well past midnight, so of course, I was more than ready to jump into the bed and pass out. Sure, I should have showered after being on the road for as long as I have but there's two problems with that; 1: It would have woken me up which would make it tough to get back to sleep. 2: No hair dryer. Mom always warned me about sleeping with wet hair... Now don't worry, I did get to it, but after my nice long sleep. Well... not exactly long, as everyone had to be up before ... read more

North America January 25th 2011

It was strange sensation going to the school so late at night, but quite exciting. Already there were a number of people gathered in the designated waiting spot, which was the cafeteria. When our coordinator arrived, he asked if we had all photocopied the important pieces of ID for in case we lost them or got it stolen. Good thing he asked, as I didn't remember to and my only piece of ID that would get accepted anywhere was my passport. Thankfully, any of us who forgot to, went off with our coordinator (G*) to get them photocopied. A few copies should do... We returned to the waiting area and when the bus arrived, I was most disappointed. It looked to me to be just a regular school bus. Aww... no charter? However, on entry, ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Belleville January 25th 2011

Woooo!! In just 3 hours I'll be at my college meeting up with everyone in my program (only around 15 of us total, and 2 teachers), probably having a rundown of rules and such before we hop on the nice bus we're going to take to Toronto. Not sure why we're leaving so early when we only need to be at the airport at most, 3 hours ahead. Probably just in case the weather decides to act up, always good to be sure, but I think a few spare hours is a bit much. It's a bit funny, that I start this blog with the sound of excitement when it comes down to it, I'm really not feeling as excited as I should be. Seriously? My MOM is more excited about this trip than I am.. ... read more

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