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North America » Mexico » Chiapas » San Cristobal de las Casas February 15th 2011

Hey everybody! Morning began with a nice, quite short, visit with my Mexican friend (he's really busy in the morning getting paperwork and other stuff all done before the place opens up). I confess I was up really early, ridiculously early, hanging out on the curb long before he arrived (I'm such a stalker, lol). Met a really cute stray kitty that was pretty social, wish it hung around longer but it wandered off going up to other people and meowing. I went back home after the mini visit for breakfast, and lazed around until I had to leave for the HQ to meet up with the pair that also needed to see a doctor. I left later than planned but made it on the dot. We waited around for a while, well past the ... read more

North America » Mexico » Chiapas » San Cristobal de las Casas February 14th 2011

Nothing really happened yesterday that's worth mentioning except that in the whole day, the only thing I ate was half a sandwhich (was small enough as it was) and maybe around half of my drink (what a waste... don't suppose I could have taken it out? It was good... Oh, it was a rather large one and almost like a milkshake so it was filling). As for today, I didn't go to the project because I was still suffering from the runs (if you know what I mean) so I stuck around by the house. Did I mention that the whole time so far I've been sick and suffering from the runs, we didn't have running water? Lovely. However, I did go out late in the afternoon for the 5 pm meeting at our HQ ... read more

North America » Mexico » Chiapas » San Cristobal de las Casas February 12th 2011

Dear Diary.... Today is the best and worst day of the trip. How does that work? You'll find out soon enough... Last night was a complete nightmare. I had trouble getting to sleep and shortly after falling asleep, I was rudely awoken by a rather unpleasant feeling. Thinking fast, I figured I should maybe... you know... grab the waste basket and leave it by my bedside. Good thing I was fast because well... I did need to use it just seconds after moving it to the bedside. Then I had that nice (note the sarcasm) event happen for about 5 mins before it stopped. However, that strong unpleasant feeling had not left me so I spent a good chunk of my night awake in agony, feeling like I was about to throw up again (there, ... read more

North America » Mexico » Chiapas » San Cristobal de las Casas February 11th 2011

Bleh.. Not feeling all that great right now... not sure what it is but I'm feeling nauseated. :( Hope I'd get better after sleeping, and hope I don't get to that unpleasant point if I don't get better overnight. This morning the group of us (minus 2 who had things to tend to) headed to the museum straight (agreed on it the other day) instead of meeting at the cross (which in a way is counter-productive because then we have to go south west and then head back north again). That however, caused one of the volunteers to be late because she thought we were meeting at the cross again. Our bad. Started off with watching a worker (probably a volunteer, but either way this is the first time I've seen him here and I never ... read more

North America » Mexico » Chiapas » San Cristobal de las Casas February 10th 2011

The morning started off in a bit of a frustruating way... we were to meet with the two volunteers from Nataté at the front of the cross at... I admit I forgot the time. Anyhow, the volunteers were a half hour late, but they had a good excuse. They were lugging a big jug of water to bring to our project location. Before I forget, we do get to have breaks at our projects and we get a bit to eat and drink so no, we weren't starved or anything. One member (J) was missing because she got violently sick last night, and her roommate (J1) that we bumped into believes that it was from the food J ate last night because she (J1) didn't eat dinner. J1 herself wasn't feeling well the day before ... read more

Today was the first day at the Mayan Medicine Museum where me and a handful of others (and a few volunteers from Nataté) are going to spend a few days working. We had to meet at the big Mayan Cross by the Cathedral (this time I mean the Cathedral and not Santo Domingo. Heh.. had it wrong in the earlier posts) by 9 the latest. As my home location was a mile away, I left by myself a quarter after 8 after speed showering and chowing down my breakfast (my housemate had come down for breakfast later than I did and was taking his time with it. He has longer legs so it wouldn't take him as long to get to the Cross than I would). I arrived about 15 mins before 9 so I ... read more

This post is brought to you on the 11th day of this month, due to an interesting series of events... or lack of. Monday nothing really happened since it was a free day and it was so hot that I didn't spend as much time in the Weaver's Market as I would have liked. I thought there'd be enough shading in the market but I was wrong. Tuesday I got home late so no one was awake and therefore no internet, and on Wednesday I abused the free wireless again so I ran short on battery life. I'm in a nice city with nice people, and I -still- have to game and socialize with my online friends :P Maybe I should have got myself a nice translator (not perfect I know but it's better than me ... read more

So, I missed posting yesterday because I completely forgot that the Netbook shuts off at 25 mins and it was too late to ask my housemate if I could borrow his surge protector (and adaptor. Failed to mention earlier that in Mexico, few places, if any, are grounded. So instead of 3 prongs, pretty much every socket is two pronged). I started the day with being pretty much ditched by my long-legged housemate on the way to the HQ (apparently he did that on purpose. Pfffft...). While we were waiting for everyone else to arrive, one of my classmates came in with a mark on her forehead area. Apparently, she didn't watch where she was going and rammed her head off a plank that some woman was carrying (ouch!). If I remember correctly, she was ... read more

The morning began with me feeling a bit funny in the stomach and having um... how should I put this... bladder issues. For the first time this trip, I had to use pepto-bismols; hopefully it helps. I had a nice cold shower, as apparently they don't have hot water running all the time so we have to ask for it. After me, my housemate went in for his shower, and after he came out, I asked him how was his "nice cold shower". He said it was "refreshing" and then... *WHAM!* his foot went out from under him as he was exiting and he wiped out, one arm hitting against the door of the room to my left slamming it into the wall (because it wasn't fully closed), his other arm scraping on the footstep of ... read more

So... tired... I was rudely woken this morning by what sounded like cannon fire. Well, I imagine it was just fireworks but I would think I would have heard the crackling sound after the deep boom if that was the case. Wonder what it was... After breakfast, I found myself in the lead, as my housemate decided to make me lead for a change. Great. So we headed off on what I knew for sure was the route we take until we came to a fork in the road; Straight or left? Well, he wouldn't tell me. Great choice pal... So I took a left and found myself taking a nice scenic route to the HQ, bumping into another pair that were just leaving their place. Guess I was off by a mile (from home we ... read more

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