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North America » United States » California » Mariposa May 13th 2014

Nothing too much happened today except a bit of driving. While waiting for the Weston Gallery to open in the morning I got a latte and went for a quiet walk on Carmel Beach. It was lovely. The Weston Gallery was everything I expected and I looked with interest at many of Weston's and Adams original prints. The books of their images are good, but there is nothing like looking at the real gelatin-silver prints from their darkrooms. The drive across California to get to Mariposa was hot and uneventful. Tomorrow I get to see Yosemite for the first time.... read more
Beach Volleyball

North America » United States May 12th 2014

I had the day well planned, I thought, but I didn’t account for the ‘casual’ approach of the photographic galleries. More about this later. Still, the morning went well with a trip down the coast to Point Lobos and then to Big Sur. After my healthy and filling breakfast at the B&B I drove a few miles south to Point Lobos State Park. Why Point Lobos you might wonder. In addition to being a most spectacular place to walk there are ocean scenes that are in some ways iconic while in other ways unique. Several photographic icons of the early 20th century made some of their best known images there. Point Lobos is truly beautiful and inspiring in an artistic way - for painters or photographers. Edward Weston spent an inordinate amount of time there and ... read more
Carmel Beach - Street View
Point Lobos 1
Point Lobos 2 - from Cypress Grove

This was just one of those plain old travel days through the Bay area (Berkley, Oakland,etc.) down through the cities and towns south of the Bay and on to Carmel-by-the-Sea. At times the traffic moved well, while at others the five lanes of traffic on the freeway turned into a parking lot; this was Sunday for goodness sake. Sometimes the traffic would slow to a crawl and I thought there must be an accident ahead, but then the cars would get back to freeway speeds and there was nothing to be seen that might have caused the slowdown. A bit of chaos theory in real life I guess. The oil in the RAV4 was down a bit so I decided to top it up before leaving San Rafael. I went looking for something like a NAPA ... read more

I had a pretty good sleep. It started sort of rough with the sound of snoring from the person beneath me drifting up through the floor, but my earplugs took care of that. I woke up at 6 in the morning because I wanted to get on the road early, but I was so tired that I drifted back to sleep. When I woke up around 7:15 I was annoyed that I hadn’t got an early start. I then found out it had been pouring with rain until about 7:10, so starting early wouldn’t have worked. Today I drove down Highway 101 to Legett where I then took the old Highway 1 toward the coast. This was one of the slowest highways I have ever been on as it wound its way over two mountain ranges ... read more
Mendocino Coastal Bluffs and a passing flock of pelicans
More Coastline
My Luncheon Tablecloth

North America » United States » California » Eureka May 9th 2014

After a great sleep I was up early and out with my camera down to the shoreline. I had visualized some images with the local lighthouse and wanted to see what I could find. The tide was too high for me to walk across the rocks to the lighthouse, so I had to be satisfied with some images from the shore. Still, I’m pretty happy with the results. The effect of the wind from the day before could still be seen in the waves rolling in, so that added to the scene. I had a quiet walk along the shore and explored nooks and crannies in the little inlets. I got underway about 10am. The goal for today was to visit one of the redwood forests that are scattered along the coast. I chose ‘Prairie Creek ... read more
Shoreline stacks at Crescent City
Crescent Beach at Crescent City
The Grandeur of the Giant Redwoods

I had planned to make Crescent City a hub for a day or so. As it turned out I had little choice because on Thursday (May 8) it rained and blew hard all day. There were a couple of reprieves from the rain and I got out a bit, but it was basically an inside day. Still, I have one event to write about and a few images to show. I went for drive north of Crescent City looking for an access point to the shoreline called Pelican Beach. It was prominently noted on the map I had, but I couldn’t find a sign telling me where to turn. It was about lunchtime so I turned off highway 101 into Smith River to see what I could find. Smith River is another ‘almost surviving’ town. There ... read more
Shore Trees-2

I planned on reaching the California coast today and that should take six hours, which is less than travel times for a day so far. I decided I would take my time and see things on the way. Besides staying in a noisy motel last night, I also woke up in the middle of the night feeling awful - tender tummy and a roaring headache. I think it was something I ate during the day. The result was that I didn’t get much sleep. I wanted to sleep in, but the rest of the residents at the motel, who were mostly tradesmen and travellers, were up bright and early to get to work. Many drove large, noisy trucks so I was left no choice but to get up and get underway. To help me start the ... read more
Bea's Trailer Park Cuisine
Chart Room Restaurant-Crescent City

North America » United States » Oregon » Bend May 6th 2014

Today’s destination is Bend, Oregon which is about seven hour drive away according to my mapping software from Apple. It is a pretty direct route, but 10 miles out of Spokane my GPS decided to send me off on a side road parallel to the freeway for about 10 miles, only to join it again. The only thing I can think of was that there was a traffic jam or accident ahead. In the States that feature is functional on the GPS. I decided to ignore it and it turned out there was nothing causing a delay. Just another computer hiccup I guess. From then on it worked great and without it I would have been lost getting through Pasco. That city is a challenge for someone who doesn’t know the place as Les and I ... read more
Plains south of Moro
Deserted Farm

North America » United States » Washington » Spokane May 6th 2014

I think I travelled through every season of the year as I travelled from Cochrane to Spokane today. I came via the Crowsnest Pass, which was clear and dry two days ago but not today. As variant as the weather was, the roads were consistently clear of ice or snow and were just wet from time to time, so that was a good thing. I'm traveling in our new RAV4 so that is a change - a nice change at that. I always reflect on the changes in the Michel Valley just east of Sparwood. When I used to drive through there with my folks in the 50's, the mining towns of Michel and Natal existed and were full of the miners and their families. All the houses were small square shaped buildings with high peaked ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary September 16th 2011

We allowed ourselves a couple of days to drive back to Cochrane from Portland. We thought we could make it from Portland to Kimberley in one day. That was all fine and good at 10am when our GPS displayed an arrival time in Kimberley of 4:30pm. What transpired was a bit different. The time shift or, as I started thinking of it, a time warp, started with a coffee break at a unique coffee shop just outside of Portland. It was a quaint place on a side road with a talkative, older woman (all right - our age then), who gave us the complete background of her business, her husband’s health, and her positive philosophy on life. All this was fine, but she didn’t seem to be able to make our drinks and talk at the ... read more

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