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North America » Canada » Manitoba » Winnipeg August 8th 2006

Odometer: 41800km I went to bed hot and clammy and woke up freezing. Good grief, it was only 5C above this morning. The fog was heavy and the bike was dripping with condensation. I hesitated for a moment, but I really had my mind set on travelling west, so I headed out. The first hour on the bike was not fun. I was wearing just about all the clothes I had with me in order to stay warm. My fingers were numb from the cold and I couldn’t keep my face shield clear of condensation without opening it a bit and freezing my chin. The fog in the low lying areas was thick and I could hardly see thirty meters in front of me. Thankfully there were hardly any cars on the road so I could ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Thunder Bay August 7th 2006

On my tour to the outhouse at four in the morning, I saw the Northern Lights displaying their wayward glow against a starry sky. I haven’t seen them for over a decade. Last night under their glow I found myself back on the hill below our house in Calgary, with my sons Sean and Cameron, sitting in the snow and watching an exceptional display of the Lights with cones of red and green exploding above our heads, thinking that the rays would touch down around us any second. That was the best display of the lights I ever saw. Back in bed, I thought about my plans for the new day and realized how stupid they were. What was the rush to get out of here anyway? Ron had offered to have me stay for a ... read more
Finnish Historic Hall
End of the Line for Sask. Grain
Great Lakes Boat loading up

North America » Canada » Ontario August 6th 2006

Odometer: 41428km I stopped to talk to one of the locals in front of his house last night. He was unloading his car when I approached to ask a question about his town. I guess I must have looked a little suspicious with my non-local look and a writing book under my arm. I gathered this from his face when I started talking. Maybe he thought I was a Mormon coming to talk to him about other stages of life. . I could almost see the wheels turning as he evaluated who the heck I was. I quickly put him at ease and we had a good chat. One thing he mentioned was to be sure to take the short drive to the lake front, down Isbester Drive to the Isbester Lookout. Isbester was the name ... read more
Rossport Harbour
Breakfast view at Rossport Inn
The Rossport Inn

North America » Canada » Ontario August 5th 2006

Odometer: 40768km This is the first day it has been cool enough to put on my leather pants since I left Saskatchewan at the start of the trip. Ever since then I’ve been wearing jeans. They provide some protection in a fall, but not like leather does, so wearing leather makes me feel a little more secure. What a nice ride I had to Sault Saint Marie. The temperature was perfect, no cars to speak of, and a winding road that followed the Mississagi River for the initial part of the ride. I arrived at ‘The Sault’ (pronounced ‘soo’) before the crowds were up. It was Saturday, so everything was a bit slow. I like that about Saturday mornings. The name Sault Ste. Marie started with Champlain giving it the name Sault (rapids) when his explorers ... read more
Typical Lake Superior bay
A not-so-nice bit
The railway along Superior

North America » Canada » Ontario August 4th 2006

Odometer: 40455km It is time to start the long days on the bike. There is some nice country coming up, but there are also some long, boring stretches. I have been preparing myself for this, so I think it will be all right. This first day will not see too much distance covered, but the next two will be dandys. I started the day at Jim and Barb’s place. We were able to get to Pointe au Baril Station by 10:30am where I had to retrieve my bike and load the panniers. I asked Keith to come along in case I needed both he and Jim to help me get my bike down a very steep hill from where it was being stored. I didn’t know what shape the loose gravel road was going to be ... read more
A Great Lakes Commercial Fishing Boat
Typical Mom & Pop Motel

North America » Canada » Ontario August 3rd 2006

My stay with Jim and Barb was a memorable part of the trip. They have a beautiful location in amoungst the islands of this area, right on the water, and with family all around them. Jim was the first Director I worked for after the Nova/TransCanada merger. He worked with TransCanada for a very long time and retired last year. We always got along well and when he found out I was going to be driving near his place on my motorcycle trip, he invited me to stay with them. Brignall Banks is an actual named place on a map and not just a name for a cottage. Jim and Barb’s place is called Westwinds, because the west wind blows right at their front beach and it blows quite regularly. Brignall Banks is a promontory that ... read more
Westwinds Beach Front
Jack in cool down mode
View from Westwinds porch

North America » Canada » Ontario August 1st 2006

Odometer: 40091km I left Kincardine very early to try and avoid the heat of the day. It helped somewhat, but it never did cool off very much at night and by 8am I was sweating in my motorcycle clothes, again. I decided to ride along the north shore through Port Elgin, Owen Sound, and Collingwood to get over to the freeway 400 and on to visit my friend Jim and his family near Point au Baril on Georgian Bay. There is not much to say about this trip. The road was straight, it was located away from the shore in most places, and the towns were all pretty ordinary places. In other words, it was a rather boring ride. I certainly understand why the trees all seem to be bent over towards the northeast in this ... read more
Orr's Place - Parry Sound

North America » Canada » Ontario July 31st 2006

Odometer: 39813km This was a hot, humid day and I was very uncomfortable any time I stopped. I took a few breaks to eat or drink coffee, not because I needed it, but because I needed the air conditioning their buildings offered. My breakfast stop was in Orillia. I found this place sort of interesting. It is in a small valley with lots of old houses and some interesting railway routes through the town. I’m sure there is some interesting railway history here and I’ll have to look that up when I get home. I thought I would do some of my blog at the library, so wandered over for opening time at 9am and was surprised to find a line up at the door. I thought there must be a lot of people using the ... read more
Kincardine Lighthouse

North America » Canada » Ontario July 30th 2006

Confederation square in Kingston at 7am is a nice place to be. The scenery is beautiful and there are only a few walkers around, couples taking an early morning stroll, or store employees soaking in the sun, Tim’s in hand, facing another day inside with far too many people to service properly. I liked my prospects better. I wanted to take in the visual Kingston, take some pictures, and then get out of the city before the tourist crowds gathered again. I find cities of this size much more difficult to get to know people through conversation. I am probably just as much to blame as others, because I also feel hesitant to approach people. It is true that larger cities permit anonymity. I picked up a small map titled “Historic Downtown Kingston”, but all the ... read more
Old Kingston Train Station
Kingston - Confederation Square
Kingston Water Front

North America » Canada » Ontario » Kingston July 29th 2006

Odometer: 39300km Up with the neighbours and their bloody TV. Oh joy. There was no solution but to get up and leave. I packed up, making as much noise as possible, wiped down the dew on the bike and headed off to breakfast. The dew down here is incredible. In the mornings the bike looks like there has been a full fledged prairie rainstorm overnight. At Tate's Bakery, THE place to go for breakfast in Brockville, I talked to a group of cyclists who were carbing up for their day's ride. They were travelling from Halifax to Toronto and were nearing the end of their trip. I asked them how they kept safe on the roads in Ontariio. What I had seen were roads with no paved shoulders, a lot of traffic, and an exceptional number ... read more
Another riverside view

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