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North America » Canada » Ontario July 28th 2006

Odometer: 38849km Bob and I said our goodbyes early and I started the last leg of my trip in Quebec. In Calgary our friends, Susan and John, told me of several places where they had lived and spent time when they were young. I planned my route to take in some of their recommendations. The countryside surprised me. I expected it to be flatter, with a lot of farms, but it was quite mountainous, although there were few places where rock was showing. If I could speak French, the town of Magog is a place I would like to spend some time. I would do my normal gawking about, but would listen and talk with the locals to learn more about the place. My quick take was that it is a mature town, with some tourist ... read more
Lac Brome / Knowlton
Town Centre - Brockville
One view of the Brockville Waterfront

North America » Canada » Quebec July 27th 2006

Odometer: 38580km The morning was warm, there was heavy dew on the ground and the sun was peeking through the trees. While Sylvain went to work on his training cycle, I got myself some milk and fruit, and went out by the stream to eat. In the next half hour I was lost in a bit of a euphoric state. I was about as relaxed as I get. The quiet was almost measureable, with only the sounds of the stream rambling over well worn roocks and a few birds in their morning song. I found myself trying to soak up more than I possible could, sort of like force feeding. It was one of those special moments. I am pretty sure, back in my twenties, this was the sort of place I had in my mind ... read more
Kinear's MIlls
Bob and me in front of his house
Bob with his friends

North America » Canada » Quebec July 26th 2006

Odometer: 38220km The rain was continuous all night, but stopped at about 6am. This left everything wet and a thick fog blanketed the countryside. I thought the fog would be worst along the river, but the clerk at the hotel advised me to stay as close to the river as possible. Evidently the highways, which are at a higher elevation, have even worse fog and, with more traffic, a higher risk of an accident. This is the way it works along the St. Lawrence. I had planned to ride the narrow, slow roads close to the river anyway, so it worked out well. I had a memorable ride this morning. There were no cars on the road. The villages appeared as though someone was drawing open a curtain in front of me. From time to time, ... read more
Typical Hotels along the shore
Roadside scenery along the river
..and some more roadside scenery along the St. Lawrence

North America » Canada » Quebec July 25th 2006

Odometer: 37747km Another day focussed on riding. I left Fredericton on the old road that tracks the west side of the St. Jean River. Anything I've read about this route is understated - it is magnificant. There are lots of homes along the river, but there are also many parks for public access. I tried to find a location along the road that provided a view to show off the valley, but I didn't have any luck. This road joins the new highway up the river and I went from absolutely no traffic to a very busy highway, with traffic made up mostly of large trucks. Riding behind a semi-trailer on a motorcycle is not much fun. The wind stream off the back of the truck buffets you from side to side and I avoid that ... read more
The Auburge sur Mer
Supper by the St. Lawrence
Beach at  Notre Dame du Portage

North America » Canada » New Brunswick » Fredericton July 24th 2006

I like the feeling of this place for reasons similar to why I liked Halifax. It is old, at least old in terms of Canada's history; has a military history that is still displayed; and it has a university right in the middle of the city. I walked through the university grounds and then throughout the city centre, checking out coffee houses and pubs. The slogan of Fredericton is "Let our life flow through you", and I did, on the backs of several pints of good, local beer. The art gallery has as one of its permanent displays, the Krieghoff collection. I've seen prints of his pictures many times, as have most of us, but seeing the original painting of a picture like 'The Toll Gate' stirred my imagination even more. It is a display of ... read more
Old Rail Bridge
Changing the Guard at City Hall
Officers Quarters on Officers Square

North America » Canada » New Brunswick July 23rd 2006

Odometer: 37375km Good grief. Seventeen above, pouring rain, visibility down to half a kilometer and more promised for tomorrow - all of this forced me to make a decision to move on. One challenge with the type of travelling I'm doing is that I have a certain duration and budget planned. Hanging around for one or two extra days waiting for improved weather is not an option. Sightseeing on a motorcycle when it is pouring rain is also not something I will ever do. As I rode through the fog and rain, I passed some cyclists out on the road and I considered myself lucky. They looked miserable and, having done that before, I'm sure they were. The wind was blowing very hard. I heard that The Confederation Bridge closes if the wind is too strong ... read more

North America » Canada » Prince Edward Island July 22nd 2006

Odometer: 37063km For the most part, today's ride just retraced my previous trip back down to Antigonish and New Glasgow, NS. From there I went to the ferry at Caribou to go to PEI. I planned to spend a day and two evenings in PEI, but that was not to be. On my way to Antigonish, I turned off the main highway to take the old road that wound along the coast. At Havre-Bouche I stopped in to Gary's Quick Mart and met Gary. He is the brother-in-law of some friends of ours and they suggested I look him up. Unfortunately Gary's store had been broken in to the previous night so he was pretty busy and wasn't able to take the time to talk much. I certainly understood his situation and said my goodbyes to ... read more
St. Francis Xavier University
Waiting for PEI Ferry

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Cape Breton » Cabot Trail July 21st 2006

Odometer: 36741km The Cabot Trail displayed everything promised. Vista after vista caused me to quietly exclaim inside my helmet. Seemingly organized rocky shores interspersed with narrow, sandy beaches met my expectations of what this coastline would be like. Inland there were lush trees giving way to scrub spuce and other hearty bushes reaching down to the shore. The road was a bit of an engineering wonder. Sometimes cutting through rocky outcroppings, sometimes twisting and climbing on the edge of a steep hill, and sometimes winding haphazardly along the coastline, it always offerred motorcycle riding fun. The tough part was handling the rough road. Although there were some new parts that had been recently paved, many of the older, twisty stretches had surpise potholes and bumps, all of which forced me to ride without taking the liberty ... read more
Hill climb on the trail
View from Ingonish Hotel
Jack and view to Cheticamp

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Cape Breton July 20th 2006

Odometer: 36360km This was an ordinary driving day. The country from Halifax to the Canso Causeway was mostly forested with some open farming near Antigonish. I liked the feel of Antigonish and thought the St. Francis Xavier University campus was wonderful. I am planning on driving along the coast on the old road around here on my way back and I'll have a closer look then. Once I reached Cape Breton the countryside changed. It was very enjoyable, with lots of views over a broken forest and lakes. Driving along Bras d'Or Lake was especially nice. There are lots of motorcycles here and most of them have Quebec license plates. I remember Sylvain telling me that all the big manufacturing and construction companies in Quebec shutdown for the same three week period so that must be ... read more

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia July 19th 2006

I planned this as a day trip out from Halifax. I went to Lunenburg first. When I arrived in this well known ship building town and the present home to Bluenose II of course I went to the railway museum and then spent time listening to the organist in the Zion Evangelican Luthern Church. Alright, don't consider me too daft. When I arrived I was actually just biding my time. The cloud cover was heavy and I wanted to wait for brighter light before going to the waterfront with my camera. At the museum I learned a lot about the railways in Nova Scotia. I also was treated to a rather quirky presentation of the way railway operation was in the province before most of the tracks were ripped up. This presentation was done witha model ... read more
Lunenburg Academy
The Lunenburg Bump
Lunenburg - micro view

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