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4th August 2012

Winnipeg to Moosomin
Hey Jack !!!! Hope your doing well found this blog by accident. I did get over the flu and last week I qualified for the IBA. The ST is still running strong and now I have 120,000 Km on it. Take care and I hope to see you again. Len
7th May 2012
A Great Lakes Commercial Fishing Boat

Fishing Tug
Great Lakes commercial fishing.. usually with gill nets but occasionally trawl nets.. take place in all weathers and all seasons. This design allows for complete shelter of the crew. Nets are set through the stern door.. and retrieved through a side door. On the return trip to port fish are picked from the nets in reasonable comfort. There is room in the wheelhouse for crew to sleep on matresses.. under very low headroom.. on the way to the fishing grounds.. or if they are fishing out of other than their home port. Fishing though is day fishing.. out in the morning as early as 4am and back to the dock by mid afternoon to allow the fresh fish to be shipped.
14th September 2011

Wish I was there!
That area looks like a lot of fun and very relaxing...could use a bit of that right now!!
11th September 2011

Your trip sounds like fun. Nice pictures too
9th September 2011

Beautiful Valley
Wonderful looking Valley - looks like you are having fun! You\'ll have to tell me about the wallet trip...
9th September 2011

We miss you guys.. hope you are having a lovely trip. It\'s so fun to go out and explore new places together. Lovely photos, jack.
6th October 2009

CV2 tyres
They look more like motorbike tyres than car tyres !!
16th September 2009

Msg number 2
Hi Jack, Ahhh yes, I should have read this entry before giving the previous feedback. Could almost be reading Bill Bryson now. Cheers, Mark
16th September 2009

Hi Jack
Hello there, Nice to read your blog and general insights Jack. I'm a bit of a fair weather biker, however I would love, love, love to do some trips like yours. From what little I've read anyway. :) I understand you have little time to spend updating these entries while you're traveling, so probably don't have much time to give expansive detail .... (when starting to read a sentence that starts like that I guess you can 'hear' the formative feedback coming. So here it is. ) ..... I was kinda looking for some Zen and the Art of Motorcycling type insights in your stories ... .something to give your stories a bit of extra dimension. What smells did you experience? How did an experience affect you personally? What do you think? I don't blog myself so please ignore the above if you feel it's waffle. cheers, Mark
25th June 2009

haha....Bishop Fletcher was in no way self appointed.
27th August 2006

Aug 9 2006
Great read Jack! In my mind I can feel,smell and see everything you wrote about as if I was riding beside you. Your words paint a real picture in my mind. Oh yes and the smells are very real. LOL
25th August 2006

Sum up from a reader
Jack; This was a wonderful way to rap up your blog. I know I speak for many when I say, I really looked forward to reading about your exploits, checking out the Google map to see if I might have driven the route at some time in the past etc. I especially enjoyed your stories about the people encounters. You're much more open about approaching strangers than I would have been. I hope this isn't your last trip and Blog. You have a talent for this. Keep it up and remember that 66 is the new 56 !!! Cheers your old friend Terry
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