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North America » Canada » Ontario July 8th 2006

Odometer: 33673km Here we go on another driving day. This is a Saturday, so there should be fewer trucks at the border and most people should be where they want to be for the weekend. As I read back over my recent entries, I realize that I've made it seem as though there is nothing to see in many of the locations I've been. I need to be careful to note that my purview is from the motorcycle. If I had a family with me who wanted to play in the water and sand, or I was a fisherman, or a hunter; the country in Minnesota and Michigan would be fantastic. There, I feel better now that I've confessed. I left Goderich at 7:00am. There were few cars on the road and no police so I ... read more

I had a successfull, although long, day. It took sometime and trips to the library, the Land Registry Office, and Knox Presbyterian Church, but I found where my Dad use to live in Goderich. The thing that made it tough was that, back in the time of the 1911 Census, there were no street addresses. However, I did find that he lived on St. Vincent and that street is only on block long. A very nice lady in the Land office pulled out the right book and I found the particular plot. Referencing that to a present map pinpointed the house. I went over to the house and met some of the family now living there. They had no idea about the history of the place and couldn't decide amongst themselves whether they had been there ... read more

North America » United States » Michigan July 6th 2006

Odometer at the start of the day: 33000km This was a full day of riding so there isn't much to tell. Because I was on the bike all day I don't have any pictures to show and there wasn't much to see. The mapping tool isn't working properly so I can't even show you the route. The road hardly touches the edge of the shoreline, so I was riding in the trees again. I was warned not to speed because the police watch this road carefully and have no tolerance for speeders. I can see Why. With homes and cottages lining the highway and accessing the highway directly, it would be dangerous for all to speed - so I didn't. I am rather disappointed in this east shoreline trip. I found out a few days later ... read more

North America » United States » Michigan July 5th 2006

Odometer at start: 32496km This day started with a latte and great scone at Coffee Break in Marquette. The owner is an old guy, which means he is my age, and a keen cyclist. He had lots of photos in his window of local races, so I had to ask him what goes on here for cyclists. He said the highlight of the year is a criterium they have every fall. They do the regular catagorized races for the aces, but they also have several open events. he was pretty proud that the open event this year had people from 7 years old to 72. I thought that was a great idea. I left without getting his name. I really need to make a point of doing that if I'm going to do any travel writing ... read more
Mackinaw Bridge

North America » United States » Michigan July 4th 2006

Now that Independance Day had arrived, I needed to find out what was going on and when. Everybody around the motel knew about a parade and a food festival at the waterfront, but no one knew what time they started. In need of some breakfast, I went off to find my standard coffee house with latte , muffins , and scones. There were a couple out there, but they were closed for the holiday. I ended up in something called a Bakery and Coffee House, but it was a far cry from what I was after. I rode down to the waterfront area and noticed a lady setting up some chairs along the street. According to her the parade started at 2pm and the food fair was after that. She wanted to be sure to see ... read more
St. Peter's
St. Peter's Sanctuary
Kids in the Parade

North America » United States » Minnesota July 3rd 2006

Odometer: 32065 Weather: Clear and hot with lots of wind. Rain overnight. I was up early and off to my favourite coffee shop for a light breakfast. I had what they call an English Muffin. On the west coast, in Seattle, they properly called it a crumpet. Is that an indication of the diversification of cultures in the US? Sitting and looking out over the idylic scene from the coffee shop, I was tempted to stay in Duluth for Independance Day, but that was to be a day away and would mean two more nights in the motel and a lost travel day. I decided to carry on and aim for my previous plan, which was to be in Marquette for Independance Day. By the way, last night I reduced my load somewhat by throwing away ... read more
Great Lakes Terminal

North America » United States » Minnesota » Duluth July 2nd 2006

Start Odometer: 31762 Weather: Clear and warm, with some wind. After a quick snack of yoghurt and an apple, I had a coffee with Larry, packed and was underway by 9:15am. My goal was to reach Duluth by mid-afternoon. The road immediately entered into heavy forest again, and as it was still early I kept my eye out for animals. Sure enough, a doe popped out the woods just up the road. I braked to a crawl and sounded my horn to get her to make a decison. She bolted across the road, but they hardly ever travel by themselves, so I waited. Within a couple of seconds a little fawn ran out of the tall grass and raced across the road as fast as its little legs would go. I felt pleased with my defensive ... read more
Duluth: Rose Garden on Lake Walk
Duluth: More of the Lake Walk
Duluth: One of the impressive buildings

Odometer: 31200 In the morning it was clear and warm, with the sun feeling like it was going to be hot later in the day. My plan was to stay in Minot until noon. I would find out where the local ham radio guys have their Saturday morning coffee clatch, join them, and find out what goes on around here. When I heard the forecast was to be 90F, I changed that plan and got on the road while the temperature was still moderate. I stopped a bit down the road at Towner for breakfast. I could have been in an Alberta town. This is cattle country down here and the gang collected in The Ranch House Cafe was comprised of familiar types. The breakfast included a 'country sausage' that was huge in diamater. I had ... read more
Geographical Centre/Center
Bermidji Town Centre on the lake
Camping in Bermidji

North America » Canada » Saskatchewan June 30th 2006

The day started cloudy and cool. Odometer was 30533. I went into a local cafe for breakfast and found the local 'gang' of men in there eating and catching up. It was a typical prairie guy atmosphere, with muted conversation and stoic looks on their faces. Even though there was a lot of conversation going on you could hear a pin drop. Next door to the cafe was the Dairy Bar with the miniature golf that we went with the boys back in the 80s. On that trip we went to Katepwa and Regina Beach. I have good memories of that time together. It was in Swift Current that Cameron got up the nerve to go on the water slide in the motel. I'm sure you realize that, once started, we had to drag both he ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta June 29th 2006

I think I've overplanned - again. I'm in such a state with my lists and stuff to organize that I can't get it settled in my mind that I'm ready to go. I wish I could simplify this, no camping stuff, no travel books of maps and things, just my credit card and sufficient clothes and off I go. I don't think I've ever had the bike weighed down with luggage this much before. I tightened up the suspension a bit just to make sure the bike rides OK with the extra load. I was up at 3:30am remembering things I forgot and treking out to the kitchen to write them on the notice board so I didn't forget. Next Les was up at 4:40 trying to talk the magpies into SHUTTING UP so we could ... read more
The Church at Ponteix

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