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North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax July 18th 2006

So much to do and so little time. I am determined to come away from Halifax with not only some understanding of the town, but also an understanding of how I felt about it. Is it a place I would like to visit again? What does it do for me inside? Are the people here really different from other cities in Canada? Does it excite me photgraphically? Whew, a pretty tall order for two and half days, but you need to start somewhere. There were funny sensations going on inside as I walked the sometimes steep streets. With the moist air, fog, old buildings, university right downtown, old apartment buildings fairly well maintained, lots of students wandering around, and a collection of strange characters, it created a feeling like the South Kensington area of London did ... read more
Historic District
St. Paul's Anglican
Typical old buildings in University District

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia July 16th 2006

On the road at 7am after finally getting to sleep around 2am and then wakened by the crows and gulls at 5:30. That is it, no more weekend camping. The Tim's at Middleton beckoned me for breakfast, so I gave in. "You'll not be findin' any fancy coffee shops in this valley. Tim's is the best around here. You'll always see the bikes there too." And that was how the motorcycling travel agent on the parking lot of Tim's in Digby filled me in on where to go for coffee. At the counter ahead of me was a representative of a similar group that created by little hell-in-a-tent last night. A guy and a girl had been sent for coffee for a group who were too hung over to get up. I knew about this because ... read more
Mike Cowie's Trumpets

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia July 15th 2006

I could have missed the ferry to Nova Scotia this morning, but I didn't. Last night, while watching TV, I noticed the time on clock in my room had a different time from my watch. I glanced at it from time to time, but finally the geek in me took over and I decided to set it to the proper time. For some reason, rather than just set it to my watch, I checked the time on the weather channel. Surprise - I was in a new time zone and didn't realize it. My watch was wrong. Thank goodness I discover that oversight. The undesired consequence for me would have been another day in St. John. While waiting for the ferry, I met a couple of other motorcyclists, Sylvain and Manon, from the Eastern Townships of ... read more
Digby Harbour
Lounge in the Pines Resort
Annapolis Royal Waterfront

North America » United States » Maine July 14th 2006

At 7am the road to Bar Harbour is an easy drive. The morning was beautiful and I arrived on the island where Bar Harbour is located just as the residents were getting going for the day. It was great to see it without the crowds. Even though there were few people about, there was a guy out walking who came over to talk to me. He was a motorcyclist as well, but was traveling by car on this trip. We compared notes for a bit and he helped by taking a picture of me with Bar Harbour in the background. Bar Harbour itself is very nice, but the rest of the island is pretty spectacular as well. Bar Harbour is clearly focussed on tourism. I think their only sustainable business is the mooring and servicing of ... read more
Bar Harbour Waterfront
Seal Harbour Beach
A small lake near Bar Harbour

North America » United States » Maine July 13th 2006

Odometer: 35146km In the morning I had to wait for the rain to stop and the streets to dry a bit before heading off, but I finally got underway by lunch time. I needed a little oil for the bike and ended up getting some help at Farris Power Sports on the outskirts of Augusta. It was one of those places run by seasoned motorcyclists. They were very good to me and hunted up some new oil dregs from several containers and charged me nothing. As I topped up the oil, another motorcyclists came over to talk. I met John, told him my name was also John, and we had a great chat. He was a carpenter, semi-retired, and rode one of the older Honda motorcycles that evolved into the touring Gold Wing of today. He ... read more
Main Street - Bar Harbour

North America » United States » New Hampshire July 12th 2006

Odometer: 34802km I have strange weather chasing me. Minot will be 107F today, so I am glad I went through there last week. Over on this side, there are nasty storms moving in behind me. I just hope I can keep on the leading edge of them until I get to the coast. The real problem for me is the +90F temperatures forecast. With the high humidity, I will beel like the 'mad dogs and Englishmen'. Such temperatures do not invite me to stop when I'm wearing my motorcyclehear, so the tnedancy is to keep the wind blowing by moving. The consequence, I miss learning aobut places where I would normally stop. I have noticed in Vermont the "please", "thank you", "your are welcome" routine is more common, similar to home. It is a pleasnat change ... read more
Sort of UK Countryside
Trains at Conway
New Hampshire Lake Country

North America » United States » Vermont July 11th 2006

I went for my hike in the March-Billings National Historic Park. It rained most of the night, so I had to wait for it to dry out a bit before I could get started. I took advantage of this to do my service stuff - laundry and a haircut. The Rockerfellers put a lot of money into this area and influenced the layout of the town in their later years as well as setting aside this estate as an ecologicaly controlled area. It certainly was worth preserving. My climb up the Precipice Trail provided nice views of Woodstock, even though it was hazy. Of course, the sun came out later on, but I was back down in the town by then. I'm sure the picture of the town with the sun out would have been better. ... read more
Covered Bridge at Woodstock
Woodstock from Precipice Trail
Marsh-Billings Park 1

North America » United States » Vermont July 10th 2006

Odometer: 34622km My goal today was to find a place in either Vermont or New Hampshire where I could get a motel close to a hiking trail and stay off the bike for a day. Underway in the morning, I looked at the map and thought Ticonderoga, NY would be a small resort type town and a good place for my breakfast. It turned out to be a bit of a sleepy hollow and set a bit back in time. No quaint bakery and coffee place here - sort of like Estevan, Saskatchewan. Keep the coffee simple, bacon and eggs for breakfast, and white bread please. Heck, they've taken three years to negotiate getting a Dunkin' Donuts into the town, according to a guy in the computer store where I went to update my blog. The ... read more
Woodstock at Night

North America » United States » New York » Adirondacks July 9th 2006

Odometer: 34225km The day started with breakfast at Hunter's Diner. I was one of those classic American Diners and had earned "Best Diner of the Region- Peoples Choice Award." It looks a bit like the fuselage of an airplane and is covered in stainless steel inside and out. They were prefabricated in New Jersey and then shipped to their final location for assembly. Hunter's was put in place in 1953 and has been owned and operated by the family ever since. The place was very clean and everyone was efficiently attended to my two waitresses. They seemed to know most of the clientelle by their first names. My waitress was Rae. I couldn't help but comment on her name. "That is a unique name. My sister-in-law's is the same." "Oh it's unique alright, but it isn't ... read more
Utica Architecture-1
Utica Architecture- 2
Train Ride at Thendara, NY

North America » United States » New York July 8th 2006

These photos belong with yesterdays journal.... read more

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