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Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Mcleod Ganj October 20th 2011

As I sit on my balcony, overlooking a steep alpine valley stretching into the distant haze of the Indian valley below, four huge eagles ride spiralling thermals up from the valley floor, over my head to the peaks behind my privileged position at Om Hotel in Mcleod Ganj, Dharamasala, India. I arrived via a brutal sixteen hour one stop flight from London to Delhi, twenty-four hours in the bustling chaos of India’s capital, and a twelve hour bone jangling sleep deprived bus ride up through the hills, to the place his Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama calls home. Although the bus ride was the most uncomfortable in my travel career to date; it was the first time I have hit my head on a bus roof due to the size of the bumps and the speed ... read more
OM Hotel - View from my Balcony
Sunset from my balcony, day 1.
Novice Tibetan Buddhist Monk

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Cologne August 21st 2011

“How far north can you get us today?” This was the question I asked the woman in the bus ticket booth in Split. At 8.30am she was clearly not a morning person. She responded directly, asking exactly where I wanted to go. She clearly did not share our random sense of adventure as we took a chance to see where we might end up. After our boat ride to the mainland which had involved a beautiful sun rise over the Adriatic we arrived in Split. After much deliberation we had decided that Croatia was just too sapping of a small budget for our adventures ad we would head to the bus station and just see exactly where we might end up if we headed north, and closer to our final destination; Amsterdam. Eventually the joyful ticket ... read more
Split Bus Station
The Journey
Making Plans in freaky Frankfurt

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Korcula August 15th 2011

Armed with our map of Korcula bay, carefully drawn and explained by the artist know as Simon, we boarded the morning Catamaran among the customary hordes, bound for our next Island destination. An hour later we approached a beautiful walled city from the Sea, it resembled a perfect miniature of its bigger brother on the mainland, Dubrovnik. Disembarking we fought our way politely through the room touts, which reminded me of “Slow Boats to China” – where Gavin Young is constantly assailed by mature women at every port soliciting their spare bedroom to supplement their small widow’s income. Not feeling inclined to accept the invitations of these more modern incarnations of Young’s port hosts, we headed off, fully loaded, to follow Simons map the supposed twenty minutes to the campsite on the other side of the ... read more
Michelle cooks
Michelle swims
Korcula Old Town

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Mljet August 15th 2011

“Oh no, they’re French, they’ll smoke, and that means after a beer, or seven, so will I.” That was my response to Michelle informing me that we (she) had agreed to have a communally cooked dinner that evening with a French woman (Marie) and her partner Simon. She had just met Marie outside the unisex shower block at the bottom of the rustic camp site we had pitched at on the island of Mljet. Little did we know that this chance meeting would be the start of a brilliant three days spent as a group of four on the stunning and remote Dalmatian Island. That morning Ante, from our guesthouse in Dubrovnik, had kindly dropped us at the ferry port via a camping shop to get Butane for our stove. After queuing for an hour with ... read more
Ropa Cove
Josh, Marie, Simon

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik August 11th 2011

I am stood at the top of the hill, underneath the great cross overlooking the city, re-built last year after it was destroyed in this regions gruesome war. From where we are we have a panoramic view of the famous medieval walled city below. Thankfully we did not have to walk all the way up here in the blazing August sun, or take an extortionate, tourist fleecing cable car either. As a surprise, our guesthouse host, Ante, drove us up here in his car, giving us a brief history of his homeland in the process. As a host, he was proving pretty perfect. After waking at 1.30am to ensure a prompt landing in Croatia’s most southerly city we arrived on the verge of delirium with tiredness. Ante, our accommodation owner, met us at the bus station ... read more
Dubrovnik from Above
The cross guarding the city
The labyrinthine streets of Old Town Dubrovnik

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Suffolk » Woodbridge August 7th 2011

It has been a week now since the final London goodbyes were said, since we filled a tired and beaten hire van with our worldly possessions, cleaned the flat from top to bottom, handed the keys to the new tenants and headed for Suffolk to deposit said goods at my kindly mothers residence. It has been two weeks since I finished work, and after five years of rigid structure and discipline in an almost school like atmosphere, the feeling of not having to anything other than that which I choose is still one I am adjusting to. On Thursday Michelle and I fly to Dubrovnik to begin the first step of our next adventure. We have no timing plans and no definite end destination but we aim to see a bit of Eastern Europe before heading ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Balham July 20th 2011

So, I'm back from an amazing trip to Colombia - there are a few blogs with photos on their way. And some more exciting news is that on 11th August Michelle and I are off to Croatia with no end date, and no end destination set, we are leaving London and taking some time off, so this blog will get some serious attention in the coming months! Watch this space.... read more

South America » Colombia » San Gil June 20th 2011

Laughing, they were all purely, bodily, facially and heartily laughing, not at me, but with me, genuinely. We were playing Bolo – a local form of Patanque where relatively heavy steel balls are launched underarm skywards to drop on or around three battered wooden stumps. The aim is to knock them over directly, or with the aid of a bounce on the ground or a bash against the back-board. I had just stepped up with my first shot and pulled it so far left it sailed up, up, up and over the pitch side fence to land in a heavy bush the other side. All the local lads laughed and slapped my back, but it wasn’t mocking laughter – the men of San Gil were delighted my brother, his girlfriend and I had stopped to take ... read more
Streets of San Gil
Streets again
National Park Rivers

Europe May 26th 2011

Two weeks ago I was in email contact with my younger brother who has been traveling RTW for around 19 months now. He had received some bad news and I was fed up at the corporate grind stone in the ever suffocating big smoke. I hadn't seen him in almost 2 years and in three months, his epic journey would be over. We have always wanted to do some traveling together so, two hours later I asked him where he would be around 20th June. 'Colombia' he said. An hour after that I had booked my return ticket, not nearly for long enough but a ticket none the less. I have always wanted to see South America and have found the history of Colombia particularly compelling. Although this will be a very brief glimpse of it's ... read more

North America » United States » Vermont » Lake Champlain October 25th 2010

“Wow! Your house is truly beautiful” – It was. Eric and Benny were stood at the end of their drives off a quiet single track road on an Island in the middle of Lake Champlain, Vermont, USA. Behind them was a heart-warming view of New England in the fall, or autumn as I call it. They had matching large clapperboard houses on the east coast of the small Island. The houses were immaculate in their identical plots of verdant, religiously clipped green grass, and each had a matching car garage off to one side. Their large porches looked out over an un-interrupted view of the lake and the hills beyond. On this day in October the sun was setting behind us, casting comforting sun east over the millpond lake to the changing golden hills of Vermont ... read more
Cosy Michelle with the lake behind
Easy Driver
Beautiful Lake Champlain

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