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On a recent trip to the famous Caribbean Island we were fortunate enough to eat at world renowned “the cliff” restaurant on the west coast. An undeniably beautiful dining experience involving fine French cuisine, immaculate service and a perfect private cove setting complete with turtles in the under-lit sea! If I am pressed however, despite all this glamour, I would not choose it as my number one recommendation of where to eat on this Paradise Island. On the east coast, on a windy stormy day in an open-topped car we took lunch at the aptly named “Atlantic Hotel” which served up Pepper-Pot Stew and Cou-Cou, a local food made posh which was tasty, hearty and refined all at the same time. However, even the fond memories of battening closed the shutters to the storm lashing outside, ... read more
Bajan beach life
Dinner at "The Cliff"
The Beach in the Day

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Piccadilly January 10th 2010

“If I get caught then I’ll go home”. I have stopped in a small coffee shop off the Tottenham Court Road in central London. Magda is the first example of this part of London’s modern and multi-cultural identity I meet today. She’s Albanian and starts by telling me she isn’t working, but helping a friend; after a little while and with a few cheeky smiles she decides to trust me and tells me she is working illegally, living in central London, making a good living and sending money home to Tirana. She is philosophical and says that if she gets noticed and caught, it’s fine; she will take her pounds and go home richer than when she arrived. “So, why Tottenham Court Road?” I ask. “No one is same here” She quips with a smile. “no ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka November 30th 2009

India never ceases to amaze you in ways one could never predict. We spent two days riding in on-off torrential monsoon downpours, after six hours in the wet stuff on day one we were soaked to the bone. Being checked into a swanky hotel through the service lift because the management thought we looked like hobos was our reward! This was Mangalore – a city which Lonely Planet reliably informed us had a manageable population of a mere 300,000 – on arrival, after fighting half an hour into the city cold, wet and grumpy, we discovered the population was 2.5 million! Leaving Mangalore the next day we felt excited to be back on the twisting roads, three days from our final destination. After fifteen kilometres of beautiful riding the rain started again in earnest – when ... read more
courty and I - the boys
the hill roads
on route

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai » Aksa Beach November 1st 2009

India as a whole nation has always had the air of being the domain of the spiritual traveller, but over the last few years Mumbai has slowly begun to be more frequently thrust into the public eye as a “cool world city”. Of course one of the main factors of westerners becoming more aware of this over populated city was due, not to someone wanting to make it cool, but by a group of people hell bent on destruction. However out of the ashes of the Mumbai terrorist attack has risen a fervent western interest in the city with a population the same as that of the whole of the British Isles! We are now all aware of the size and poverty of their slum city thanks to Danny Boyle’s Oscar winning film Slum Dog Millionaire, ... read more
Gateway to India
Streets of Mumbai

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