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17th January 2013

Great Blog
Thanks for your hard work to promote Nepal in the international market raj from Good karma Trekking Nepal
28th January 2012

Good to see foreigners taking a bike tours.
Hey good to see you travelling on a bike to Lumbini. I am also a local rider and hosting with biking tours to different parts of Nepal and also off road biking. Riding bike in Nepal is considered as adventures activities.
25th November 2011

Bru, I love this shit!
Ey Boy, So whats next? I think that I will read a chapter everyday, as you have a very interesting way of writing. I can almost hearing you knackering on in my ears! Awesome and well done. All these adventures - so exciting.
26th November 2011

Thanks Saffa
Good to hear from you, thanks for checking it out!
14th November 2011

cover bands etc
Such variety of smells ,imagined tastes,views and the kindness of the people that you have met along the way.Pokara looks and sounds are giving us lots to add to our list!!!!not long to AMSTERDAM xxxxxx
12th November 2011

Sarangkot etc
Have you been pinching yourself that this is really happening? To have the panorama of the Annapurna range spread out before you sounds magical... and that's on top of the daily amazing moments! ...and because your writing is so good it actually feels like we're sharing the journey. I've also noticed that the photos, which started off good, are getting better and better!!! Ru
12th November 2011

From your blog and skpe chats Nepal seems much calmer than India.I love the descritions of the local peeps and your interactions with them.Your refernce to cross generational families raised questions about lifestyles in the so called affluent west....led to great debates at friends for dinner.The motorbike story certainly had the excitement factor of riding a low cc bike aroun winding roads with oncoming big lorries....not for the faint hearted.Also got a sense of how all of you including the "Duchies" felt so free when you were riding off road.Loveing it
26th October 2011

Varanasi and buses
So lovely to read this Josh and to be supported by fanatastic pics.Love how colorful your writing is and the bits of humour you that you bring.Enjoying x
26th October 2011

What an amazing journey.....
Hello Josh, my goodness, reading your words feels like I'm right there and the pics are just stunning! I'm sure you must be cherishing every second of your journey and breathing in all the sights and sounds... and loving the food also. Thank you for sharing your beautiful adventure. Take care, always maria x
24th October 2011

Tales of Travel
Fantastic descriptive writing Josho! I feel like I'm there with you dude! Awesome, keep it coming and you may just keep me sane!! XX
20th October 2011

Amazing pictures
Mcleod Ganj looks amazing, really fascinating and your account evocative of time and place. Really enjoyed Josh, makes me want to pack my bags!
20th October 2011

Nice one Josh!
Thanks for the insight Josh, I like it :o)
20th October 2011

McLeod Ganj
i so enjoyed reading this your mo jo back havent you.You have a very desccrptive way of writing that also enables the reader to feel and picture your experiences .Loved it and of course now want to go....I did see a womens project in Mcleod Ganj....who knows.So pleased you are going to Varanassi....I dont hink you will be dissapointed...Iam sure Lewis would have told you about the Hindu celebration on the side of the Ganges each eve at 6 or 6.30pm.Lots of singing and welcome of pilgrims.Hope the head doesnt get too bumped on the downward journey.XXXX
20th October 2011

His Holiness
Josh, I'm so proud of the work you are doing. As you possibly know I'm a great fan of Tibetan Buddhism - a photo of His Holineness sits on a special table in my bedroom. I have found some of the teachings challenging; we could learn a lot from the Tietan way of life. Travel well xx
8th September 2011

What a Journey!
Hey you guys. I\'ve just been catching up on your blogs and its great to read! Croatia sounds like it was beautiful, Dubrovnik is soo expensive but stunning. The 35 hour bus journey sounds like a mission but brilliant. i love that feeling of just hopping on a bus and arriving in somewhere unexpected. I hope all is well with you both and Lewi and I are looking forward to a skype chat soon. Let us know when you are free to chat. Lots of love Han xx
17th August 2011

looks lovely,beautiful clear water looks very inviting. So nice to meet other travellers.People are so kind. Keep yhe blogs coming.xxxx
31st July 2011

San Gil
Wow! Truly amazing account and so exciting to read! Looking forward to the next installment already!
26th July 2011

Lucky Man!
Since going to the Elafiti Island two years ago, I have really wanted to drive down the road that hugs the Adriatic from Dubrovnik, it looks very inviting. Think you have been to the Elafiti Islands, we stayed at Kolocep, no traffic sleepy, one posh restaurant with marvellous view, and a couple of bars and an Italian place. Very relaxing, and lots of water sports like kayaking around Kolocep and the other islands. Easy and cheap to hop on and off small boats from island to island. Dubrovnik was not great fro me at the time because you need to climb the walls to see the views etc, so I saw alot of brash and boring cruise liner tourists, madly clicking their cameras. Have fun, looking forward to hearing about good places to stay x
29th May 2011

Sounds like fun!
Sounds like a blast. I wish I could convince my sister to travel with me!

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