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Asia » Indonesia May 5th 2015

No expectations this morning as we began our tour of beautiful Komodo Island which of course is home to the Komodo dragon. We were warned not to wear red, not to stray from the group and to be quiet. All of that was for naught because it is not red but a fresh kill the komodo can detect from 5 miles away. They kill deer and water buffalo with a single bite and it is the bacteria in their mouth that kills their prey and draws the other dragons. We no sooner started on the trail than spotted two females coming our way. They walked right across our path and paid us no mind. We got some great photos. A little further on, we saw three adult dragons resting and we later found out the reason ... read more
First Sighting
Smiling (I Think)
Young Female

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud May 4th 2015

Driving through the narrow streets of Ubud trying to find our guesthouse, put a little fear in all of us but after passing through the rusty gates, we found a little paradise. And so explains the wonder of Bali… Still feeling enchanted after re-boarding the ship the day after our “Safari Under the Stars.” A few mishaps along the way didn’t ruin our evening. It took us 1-1/2 hours to reach The Elephant Park which was founded by Nigel Mason and has been documented on You Tube as “Operation Jumbo.” It is a touching story of how the elephants as this refuge were rescued and brought to Bali from Sumatra. By the way it should have only taken us 1/2 hour but our driver made a few wrong turns. Upon arrival we all hit the ladies ... read more
Beyond the Rusty Gates is Paradise
Buddhas at Happy Hour
Drinks Around the Pool

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching April 30th 2015

A visit today to the Semenggoh Wildlife Center proved uneventful as the promised orangutans were no where to be seen. This center is a rehabilitation site for injured and abandoned orangutans and is a natural habitat. All was not lost as I did manage to get a photo of ants, squirrel and small lizard. HaHa Still we couldn’t help but feel disappointed. Today was number 40 of our cruise and we are feeling a bit tired of the ship’s excursions. They don’t always deliver what they promise and boarding a bus with 30 other people gets old real quick. Our fellow passengers are at different levels of mobility and some have great difficulty with stairs and walking which makes the stops all the more tedious. Although the ship warns about being able to do the activity, ... read more
Can You See The Lizard?
Parliament Building in Kuching
Water Taxi on the River

Asia » Brunei » Bandar Seri Begawan April 28th 2015

After boarding the boat on the Brunei River, we sped toward a mangrove area where we stopped to spot some long tail monkeys. Although we did spot some, the shots I got were of their backs as they stayed far up in the trees and were camouflaged by the leaves. Next stop a village over the river on stilts, where we were welcomed by a family to sit on their porch and enjoy some snacks they had put out for us. We were allowed inside to look at their house which was unusual indeed. It was very spacious as a family of 25 lives there. The two front rooms were very ornate. The whole house was air conditioned but not as fancy in the other parts of the house. They have running water and electricity but ... read more
New Palace
Fancy Living Room
TV Room

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah April 27th 2015

Another nice welcome this morning and off we went for a 2 hour drive to Mount Kinabalu and Kinabalu Park which is a UNESCO site for its role as one of the world’s most important biological centers. Unfortunately the orchids were not in bloom although they told us there were 1200 species. The trail was mainly laden with green but we were happy that it was cool and comfortable. Another so so lunch and we headed back to the ship for another 2 hour ride.... read more

Asia » Philippines » Manila April 25th 2015

Men on stilts, beautiful girls playing xylophones, dancers and costumed natives greeted us as we arrived in Manila this morning. It was a beautiful sight and made for good entertainment early in the day. Our first stop was the Manila American Cemetery and Memorial where 17,000 Americans are buried. It is was a solemn sight and the location is beautiful. A couple of hours navigating traffic,apparently snarled due to an accident, we finally arrived at La Loma, a marketplace renowned for its suckling pigs. We didn’t sample any… On to a Chinese cemetery where we found 2 story mausoleums, some with running water and air conditioning as the families tend to spend time there in reverence to their ancestors. We were told the Chinese are wealthy in the Philippines and their burial grounds show it. Lunch ... read more

Asia April 23rd 2015

Another port, another excursion. Still in Taiwan but at the southern end of the island in city called Kaohsiung pronounced “Gow-shung,” just in case anyone ever wants to know including us. They finished building the Autumn and Spring temple complex in 1951 and it is pretty amazing. We don’t seem to tire of the enormity of their statues and temples. They are all so beautiful. Visited a fish market where you can have your seafood cooked to order. We decided to wait to eat on the ship. ;)... read more
Into the Dragon & Out the Tiger
Ceramic Murals
Gave Us a Chuckle!

Asia » Taiwan » Keelung April 22nd 2015

Gray skies today as we headed out for our excursion but luckily it never rained. Apparently we missed an earthquake a couple of days ago. Pretty common here so we have been told. First stop was the National Palace Museum which houses all the treasures that Chiang Kai-shek took with him when he left mainland China. It houses some beautiful artwork. The place was totally mobbed mostly by Chinese coming to visit what used to be theirs. Went to a Michelin-rated restaurant featuring soup dumplings in the basement of the Taipei 101 building which was the tallest at one time. They make the dumplings right out where everyone can see them behind a glass partition. There was a market in that building and Jerry managed to buy a case of beer. He was the hit of ... read more
Tapai 101 Building
Making dumplings
Finished product

Asia » Japan » Kagoshima » Kagoshima April 20th 2015

A one hour drive to Chiran to see the well-preserved residences of Samurai warriors. The houses are occupied and several of the owners allow garden visits. One lady did let us photograph her living room from outside. Another resident served us green tea in her garden. A couple of miles down the road we visited the Chiran Peace Museum for Kamikaze Pilots. A very sobering experience and a beautiful tribute to brave young men.... read more
Samurai Homestead
Samurai Neighborhood
Tea for the Tourists

Asia » Japan » Nagasaki » Unzen April 19th 2015

After an hour ride from Nagasaki to the Shimabara Peninsula, we arrived in Hell! Yes, that is the real name because the ground continually spews hot water and steam. The smell of sulphur was pretty strong but as we meandered along a pleasant and scenic path we didn’t notice it anymore. In one location, the water was bubbling on the surface which meant is was at boiling temperature. At a local restaurant, we were served a delicious although very Americanized lunch. The chicken which was delicious was covered with cheese and served on noodles with french fries. The salad was very similar to our tossed salad and of course, a lovely layered cake for dessert. The Japanese guide next to me didn’t eat what we did (she said she had allergies - probably to our food) ... read more
Unzen Hell
Scene of 1991 Volcano eruption
A sweet school girl

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