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5th July 2015

Well done!
Great job, enjoyed the trip, look forward to seeing you. Love, Dick
21st June 2015

thinking of you. Today, Father's Day..... and everyday!
Dear Sue and Jerry, I feel like a stowaway. Or an armchair tourist. Your blog and photos are terrific. It is so thoughtful of you to keep us all informed. I am enjoying all your comments and experiences. The various "natives" you meet, the customs and cuisine. The local brews. The snorkeling photos look like so much fun. It seems very educational and enlightening. I love the "transportation" on elephants, small plane, crocodile jeep etc etc. Sounds like your ship mates are fun too. Keep on 'trekking...." Save travels. Love, Pam
21st June 2015

Wish You Were Here
So nice to hear from you and wish you could have been with us along the way. It has been a great time - can't lie! The last leg of the trip begins tomorrow. Only a little over two weeks left and we will be in Wells on July 9th if all goes well. Hope to see you there.
17th June 2015

Kauai and Maui
We cruised and snorkeled on the Trilogy but a shame you did not get to explore the island.... your pics of Kauai are wonderful enjoy your 5 days at sea.
From Blog: Wings Over Kauai
15th June 2015

Star Spangled Banner
We loved our time in Pearl Harbor, it was a very moving emotional experience for sure. We did not get the royal treatment you got on the Missouri, how wonderful and unique and on Flag Day non the less. Keep enjoying your wonderful trip because you will be back to reality soon!
14th June 2015

Are we in Hawaii
after going to those gorgeous south pacific islands i feared that Hawaii would be a let down There are many beautiful spots on Oahu which i hope you get to see and of course if you drive around the island away from the commercial areas you will marvel in its beauty same holds true with Maui. But, Wel;come home to the good old USA
9th June 2015

Land of Survivor
How quaint and gorgeous and yes you will have to prepare of re-entry.....i could leave it all for life on one of these wonderful islands. I think Hawaii will not live up to what you have just experience it is so much more commercial but still quite beautiful. I will miss your blog i think you might have to write something about what your doing at the Lake after you return !!! Happy four days at sea
From Blog: Land of Survivor
7th June 2015

basket weaving 101
great pics of the coral and the fish......and the whole adventure..... you are so lucky and i am thrilled for you!
5th June 2015
Very Old Church

they all can't be perfect
yes sometimes there's trouble in Paradise!!! still the name Tahiti does sound so beautiful......
4th June 2015
Another Poser - Our Guide

island fever
Just so Beautiful and I am enjoying your blog and all your pictures....who could grow tired of the water, scenery and island life! glad you are getting to soak it all in.
From Blog: Island Fever
3rd June 2015
High Rent District

Paradise Found
all i can say is OH WOW to everything including happy you got to be in Bora Bora!!!! by land and by sea....
From Blog: Paradise Found
4th June 2015
High Rent District

Especially Patrick
Must tell you that Patrick told us that half of his body tattoos are his mother's family traditional tattoos and the other half of his body are his father's. True or not - I don't know but interesting anyway. A couple are traveling with us who live in Hawaii and say that this is even more beautiful. We shall see...
From Blog: Paradise Found
3rd June 2015
Bora Bora

fun day on an outrigger
Now this is the part of your trip that I am truly Jealous just looks so beautiful. I hope Jerry will find his glue soon! can't wait to see the photo's from Bora Bora. I can't believe they wanted you to snorkel with sharks! Enjoy the Snorkeling I wish i was there with you.......
31st May 2015
Good To Know

No Sun in Samoa
Too bad about the rain but at least it is warm!......I did not know about that movie either but how interesting with Joan Crawford none the less. I am sure your weather will clear in the next two days, your home looks quite comfortablre how's the pool water? Continue having a great time!
From Blog: No Sun in Samoa
31st May 2015
Good To Know

There were two other versions of the movie too which starred Gloria Swanson (silent film) and another starring Rita Hayworth. I pulled up the short story from the internet and it was an interesting read. I guess it rains frequently in Samoa. Give a hug to Nova!
From Blog: No Sun in Samoa
28th May 2015

first off your mumu is beautiful Loved all the pictures of the natives! how does it feel to be in the same day for 48 hours? Jerry's coconut drink looks beautiful did it have rum in it? you have been away so long but just think its almost june and you will be home before you know it!
28th May 2015

Second May 28th
It is a bit weird to have the same date for two days but really that is the only difference and no one knows what day of the week it is anyway. You are right - we will be home before we know it. Baby Nova will be already 6 weeks old and probably talking. LOL
26th May 2015
Hand Made Cards

Rainy Day in Napier
We had a wonderful May 23rd too Jessica's little daughter Nova was born on Jerry's Birthday. Glad Jerry had a good day and hopefully your ride to your next stop is not too bumpy!
26th May 2015
Hand Made Cards

A Day to Remember
So happy for you both, Maria and Paul. Welcome to grandparenthood.
18th May 2015

the devil made us do it
So did you get to see a Devil? looks beautiful......Yes in that part of the world it is their fall and winter that's why so many people like to go there in December because its summertime. I hear that New Zealand is spectacular so i am sure you will love it!
17th May 2015

way down under
Nice place to be right now enjoy enjoy enjoy!!!!
16th May 2015

I enjoyed the crocodile hunter it was so sad when he died in such a tragic way, looks like you had a nice visit to his zoo. I know you will enjoy Sydney try to get to Darling Harbor it has a lot of fun restaurants and Pedestrian walkways and a monorail you can ride to different areas around it. Its a few water taxi stops from Sydney Harbor.We stayed at a spot which overlooks the Harbor the 2 times we visited Sydney. I also enjoyed the Queen Victoria Building, and of course the Opera House! Enjoy your time there. I look forward to your next blog. Still waiting on this end for arrival of the Bambino!
From Blog: Crikey!
12th May 2015
The Beginning

the beginning
Oh how breathtaking beautiful you are a lucky girl for sure!!!
11th May 2015

so nice....Australia is beautiful I hope you get to go to the Blue Hills outside of Sydney ! Glad Gerry has his stash!
10th May 2015
Our Dessert

Mothers Day
Sue your blog is excellent, I look everyday to see where you are and what you have to say....Such a small world that you can meet up with folks you met a half a world away! Looks like everyone was having a great party! Happy Mothers Day

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