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Asia » South Korea » DMZ April 17th 2015

Hyundais ready for shipment filled the Port of Incheon as we arrived in South Korea this morning. It was a little chilly when we walked to our bus this morning for our tour but the sun was shining and there was no smog from China. When we arrived at the DMZ area we were surprised to see rides and gift shops near the Freedom Bridge. We used the restroom facility there and then reboarded the bus to go to the DMZ third tunnel. We were warned by our guide to take pictures only from behind this yellow line on the observation deck. The line was four feet from the wall and had view finders that were in the way. After taking our photos we approached the wall and obeyed the rule until a huge group of ... read more
Third Tunnel Monument
View of North Korea
Hard Hats for Hard Heads

Asia » China » Beijing » Dongcheng April 15th 2015

After breakfast this morning, we made our smoggy way to Tiananmen Square where there were hordes of people. Our guide said it was a normal day and summer is much more crowded. Meg and I were there in November and it was a much different scenario but it was also cool and at dusk which made it difficult to get pictures. This time we got loads of picture and again, the Chinese took pictures of us and a couple of gals (not Chinese) got right into our photo as you can see. Onto the Forbidden City… Since I had already toured the Forbidden City, I enjoyed people watching and took some photos that I thought were interesting of some of the kids. I wonder what you will think. LOL A stop at a hotel for lunch ... read more
Cute Photo Bombers
Split pants
A real cutie!

Asia » China » Beijing » Dongcheng April 14th 2015

Took an early flight to Beijing and after some traveling by bus, we stopped for lunch not too far from the Great Wall. Since it was my second time at the Great Wall, I was happy to see that we were at a different gate for a somewhat new experience. We had 2 hours to ascend and descend. After about 65 minutes I decided I better not go any further even though I had only another section to get to the top. Jerry only went up one flight of stairs and decided to stay below. He still wasn’t feeling up to par and the steps are of varying heights which makes it a bit grueling. Along the way, many young people wanted their picture taken with me and that was a hoot. They didn’t speak English ... read more
New friends
View from as far as I climbed!

Asia » China April 13th 2015

The long awaited visit to the Terra Cotta soldiers arrived today and we were not disappointed. It is an awesome sight to see the pits which are enclosed in permanent buildings. Unfortunately commercialism is part of the sight with numerous ways to get the tourists to separate from their money. I bought a book because it is the only way you can get a photo with the farmer who dug the hole which led to the discovery of the tomb. He is over eighty years old now and was in his forties at the time. He also wanted to get paid for his photo. 20 yuan which translates to about $3.25 US so I considered it a bargain. I suspect the government insists that the buses stop at the jade factories as we had one of ... read more
Being repaired
Early restoration
Waiting to be whole again

Asia » China April 12th 2015

A couple hours flight today on Shanghai Airlines to Xi’an China. First stop was the City Wall which was created by the emperor of the Ming Dynasty. Spent some time walking a small part of the 8.5 mile wall. We were then taken to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda where we enjoyed the buddhas and grounds on a beautiful Spring day. Dinner was dumplings at a local restaurant. Very interesting food - we say that frequently… Finally check in at the Hilton Xi’an for some rest and Chinese beer.... read more
Happy Buddha
Serious Buddha
City Wall at night

Asia » China » Shanghai April 11th 2015

Jerry is still not up to par but is going along with the program in spite of a cough, and blocked ear. He has seen the doctor twice and been given medications but so far not so good. Tomorrow we fly to Xian, China to see the terra cotta soldiers, staying two nights there before flying to Beijing for an overnight and then back to the ship. Fingers crossed. The sun was shining on this lovely Spring day and so we took the shuttle to the Bund and walked around. Since it was Saturday, there were so many brides out on the Bund (a promenade around the harbor) getting pictures taken. I was fascinated by the poses and clothes as evidenced by the pictures. We walked back to the ship and watched 3 weddings in the ... read more
Lady in Red
Cuddly couple
Street Corner Scene

Asia » China » Shanghai April 10th 2015

Took us several hours to navigate the river into the awesome port of Shanghai this morning. Shortly after our arrival, we left for the water town of Zhujiajiao, Shanghai, China. The traffic was quite congested and although it wasn’t very far, it took us a couple of hours to get there. We found a charming village that has been preserved for tourists. Others water villages of this type have been destroyed to build new structures. Shanghai is a very modern and clean city which has the hustle and bustle of New York and other large cities. The new construction is phenomenal and fairly recent. Cranes dot the horizon as new buildings continue to be built. Back in time for dinner and to take in the same beautiful landscape at night! WOW! We have the best viewpoint ... read more
Looks better than it smells
Dinner tonight?
Wonder who will be eating that fish

Asia » China » Fujian » Xiamen » Gulangyu April 8th 2015

It was a cool and wet day when we arrived at the Port of Xiamen, China yesterday. We opted to relax on ship until going to an evening performance at a local theater, Magic Min’ nan. It didn’t disappoint in uniqueness and variety. Thoroughly enjoyed the show but the real fun was after it ended. The Chinese tourists also attending wanted to take pictures of and with us. We stayed overnight in this very modern and good sized port town and in the morning left for our bike ride along the coast, followed by a Tai Chi performance/lesson and a tea tasting. Our last stop at a shopping area ,where again, the entertainment was in the Chinese people’s fascination with us. A young woman asked if she could take a picture of her baby in the ... read more
A beautiful coastal ride
Taking a breather.
Tai Chi Lesson

Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island April 5th 2015

Made sure I was on deck this morning as the ship pulled into Hong Kong harbor although it was like pea soup. Fortunately, it didn’t take long before it cleared up and could see the magnificent vertical buildings with no space in between. It is an awesome sight. Our excursion today took us to Lantau Island for a visit to Tai O Village which is a fishing village with houses on stilts and lots of vendors. They dry most of the fish so as you walk through the streets, the aroma is pungent with seafood. Next stop Po Lin Monastery where the largest seated Buddha in Asia resides up on a hill top. Another interesting sight to see. A vegetarian lunch was served here and off to the cable car ride by Ngong Ping Skyrail. The ... read more
One Hour Later
Dried Fish
Tai O Village

Asia » Vietnam » Northwest April 3rd 2015

What a sight as the ship arrived Ha Long Bay and the limestone karsks started appearing. Upon arrival we left the ship to embark on a junk for an overnight on Ha Long Bay. It is so beautiful and so peaceful to glide amid the islands. We made a stop to explore a cave which was very nice. The cave has been equipped with lighting and a rather nice walkway so it was easy to walk it. Back to the junk for cocktails and a cooking demonstration. We sat on the upper deck and watched the chef prepare spring rolls that we subsequently ate while the sun set and the moon rose! I think I was dreaming… Reality however has reared its ugly head in the form of digestive problems for Jerry. He decided this morning ... read more
Nice room
Sun setting on Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
Moon Rising

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