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North America » United States » Florida » Keys September 14th 2013

A long driving day, made easy by some extra company and a local travel guide in the R.V. Because of the long drive, we set off early from Lion Safari in West Palm Beach and dropped straight onto the turnpike heading south towards the sun. On the way down we stopped off to pick up Kristin my sister-in-law from her house in Fort Lauderdale as little brother Justin was on a work 'jolly' in Utah. Having swerved by the Moore mansion for a quick pit stop, it was on to Publix supermarket to stock up on the essentials for a Moore brothers weekend away...Peroni, Peroni, Peroni, crisps, chocolate biscuits, barby food and a small bottle of red wine for the ladies! Back on the turnpike it was time to avoid Miami and hit the US1 for ... read more
The start of the Keys..
The Island Grill, Islamorada
The view from The Island Grill, Islamorada

North America » United States » Florida » West Palm Beach September 13th 2013

Friday the 13th was thankfully not a day of disasters although parked up on the grass, surrounded by woods and a bit of standing water in hot and steamy conditions bought the little biting insects out again last night. This particular lot seemed to be attracted by Deet rather than repelled so after breakfast the spotty legged twins waved goodbye to next doors squawking parrots (and kids) and headed off on foot along the track from the KOA to the entrance of the safari park only a couple of hundred yards away. Being a Friday, and the 'off season' meant there was virtually no one around and we had the place to ourselves. Rather than take a 30 foot RV around the park to be savaged by rhinos and lions, we were advised by the KOA ... read more
KOA Lion Safari
It's behind you...
Got my beady eye on you...

North America » United States » Florida » West Palm Beach September 12th 2013

A leisurely day today as we moved further south down the east coast on our journey towards the southernmost point of the USA in Key West. After a nice lie in till 8-30 in the sweatbox, a breakfast of bacon rolls and coffee set us up for the day. Detaching all life support this time was a challenge as the heavens had opened...and when it rains in Florida, it really rains! Not wanting to be unplugging 50 amps of electricity whilst standing in a puddle with the rain falling we delayed our departure for half an hour until it had eased off to 'slightly spitting'. The plan today was to hit the road and stay away from all main roads in the 200 mile drive south. Sadly the A1A is not quite as scenic or scary ... read more
Deer at Great Outdoors are much friendlier than home
Deer just wandering around the RV
A nice morning to be packing up and leaving!

North America » United States » Florida » Cape Canaveral September 11th 2013

WOW! What a great day and better than any Disney trip you could ever do! Whilst researching this trip earlier in the year we noticed that KSC ran a 'Mega Tour' which you could book online for about 90 dollars. We booked and it was well worth it! Somehow it seemed appropriate that we were at NASA on Sept 11th although was surprised how little there was on the news or anywhere apart from the flags all flying at half mast. The day started with detaching the RV umbilical life support and departing St Augustine. We were slightly later than planned having suffered from severe heat and humidity during the night peppered with a heavy rainstorm at 2am which woke me up, a) from the noise of the rain pelting the side of the RV but ... read more
Assembly building and launch control
Inside the Shuttle and Apollo assembly building

North America » United States » Florida » St Augustine September 10th 2013

Being up early thanks to the ducks and the heat meant we got the chance to spend a full day exploring St.Augustine, probably the closest thing the USA has to a truly historic city that can trace its origins back to the 16th century.From the entrance to the KOA we were able to pick up the shuttle from the Old Town Trolley Tours straight into the centre of town, thankfully saving the hassle of trying to park the beast somewhere in the middle of the narrow streets. Whilst waiting for the shuttle at the junction outside the camp, we watched a truck take the traffic lights too fast and deposit a leather three piece suite across the major junction. The guy inside just reversed back into the middle of the busy crossroads, chucked the suite back ... read more
George Street, St Augustine
The Old Fort
Inside the old fort

North America » United States » Florida » Saint Augustine September 9th 2013

Day 3 and time to say goodbye to Disney and head for our 'Palace on Wheels' for the next 2 weeks. Exiting Disney was a breeze and after a quick call at 8:00 am to the rental centre to confirm our pick up time "come any time you want!" it was a $60 taxi ride back across Orlando to our pick up point at Roadbear RV Rentals. Most rental centres offer a free pick up from your hotel but for Roadbear, Disney was just a bit to far away...maybe next time we'll think about staying a bit closer! On out last trip many people and online bloggers had recommended Roadbear over others (including Cruise America who we used last year in California). I have to say we weren't disappointed! As we entered the small rental site ... read more
First night in St Augustine
Whoop whoop, 32 inch TV!
Our new family

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando September 8th 2013

Day 2 started early, not because of the hooting water taxis on the waterways through the night or the sound of the jet turbine powered jet washer cleaning the sunbeds and deck outside of our window but because our bodies were still on UK time.Skipping breakfast with 'excitement' we boarded another (free) Disney Magical Express bus to Animal Kingdom. Although you can (and I do) knock the Disney experience, it is impressive that the transportation is all free wherever you go ( no need for passes or anything) , there is free wifi wherever u go, there are free apps to show you ride wait times, nearest toilets, nearest fagzones, nearest restaurants etc. etc. You can pay for pretty much anything in any park or restaurant on your hotel room card and if you do buy ... read more
The 'tree of life'
Christmas shopping in September!

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando September 7th 2013

Day 1 - And so it all begins again, decided we wouldn't blog this year as it took up so much time last year...but then a few bottles of corona and a campfire later here we are again! For those that found the California adventure 'boring' why are you reading this one? For those that found a minimal amount of entertainment from our chaotic, fumbling excursions around the good old USA last year then we thank you for coming backDay 1 was not much to write about (but I will) , Virgin Atlantic flight from Gatwick that apart from a wasted 20 mins trying to upgrade to upper to then find out there was only one seat, was pretty uneventful (Shas didn't think that being unemployed justified her sitting in the back on her own)Touch down ... read more

North America October 1st 2012

Day 25 - Day by the Del Pool, Distance travelled - less than a mile up the beach and back! It was a really quiet day today and our last day in San Diego before heading back to LA in the morning, so nothing at all to really interest or excite anyone over your morning coffee, rice crispies, baby feeding or dog walking. The hotel is suddenly very quiet even with the latest batch of conferences underway and even the skies seem quieter with only a few flights in and out throughout the day, maybe we just arrived in the middle of a massive naval exercise last week. We spent our last day lazing by the pool and I joined my new drinking buddy from North Cheam to watch the QPR vs West Ham game in ... read more
The Del from the beach!
Miles of sand...
Little bit cold for a paddle!

North America » United States » California » San Diego September 30th 2012

Day 24 - San Diego 'The Del' by the pool, Distance Travelled - 143 feet! A day of doing absolutely nothing as San Diego experienced record temperatures for September ( and now October) of over 100 degrees inland and 90 degrees by the sea! So we just sat by the pool and chilled! Our friends from Waste Management all left this morning meaning the queue for coffee was a lot shorter and the wifi a lot faster, they were however quickly replaced by a large conference of estate agents! Lance Armstrong is also somwhere in the hotel having controversially competed in a big local triathlon on the beach during the day and having some sort of foundation meeting here tomorrow! The navy and airforce were completely silent for a second day so it was peace all ... read more
Dolphin puppetry!
Oooops, not the place you want your harness winch to break down!
A funny black dolphin!

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