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North America » United States » California » San Diego September 29th 2012

Day 23 - San Diego Seaworld and party on the beach, Distance Travelled - 24 miles Time for Merlin to be awoken from the vast hotel carpark, roof down and a quick blast along the coast 12 miles to Seaworld San Diego. We parked up and once again upgraded our California City Passes to front of the line access. Despite being a Saturday, the park was reasonably quiet and we covered quite a bit. The Atlantis ride was very impressive including both water ride and rollercoaster in one, but couldn't tempt Shassy to take her feet off the ground. All the usual exhibits were there that you'd expect including Dolphin and Sealion interaction, ray feeding, sea otters etc. We also spent a lot of time in the wild artic experience watching the beautiful white Beluga whales ... read more
Taking your lizard for a walk
Hungry Beluga whale...
Two hungry Belugas

North America » United States » California » San Diego September 28th 2012

Day 22 - San Diego poolside and Petco Park, Distance Travelled - 8 miles Very short blog today as little to report that differs from yesterday for most of the day. We were up early (ish) after a rough night with bad sunburn! Yea yea, I should know better especially as we have imported the world supply of lotion with us into the US! So we had a full cooked breakfast of sausage, eggs and beans all fried on my chest which was radiating enough heat to melt the polar ice caps. We spent most of the day by the pool again although this time I was wrapped in a 30 tog duvet , 20 metres of tin foil and sat under 18 parasols. It was all very quiet both around the pool and in the ... read more
Sunbeds come under attack...
Top gun type landing...

North America » United States » California » San Diego September 27th 2012

Day 21 - Chillin by the pool at 'The Del', Distance travelled - 200 yards from the room to the sunbeds to the bar and back! So let the chilling out begin, no driving, no sightseeing, no campsites, no weird goat walking, no super heroes just 6 days doing naff all by the seaside. After our usual lazy breakfast of coffe and pastries from Starbucks, Shas headed straight for her sunbed and I went for a short walk around the grounds to see the hotels collection of birds of prey who were all sitting out on their perches on the lawn. Although they were not quite as impressive as Kayla the eagle from Selhurst Park, they did have a particularly evil looking Egyptian Vulture! They don't let these birds fly around the hotel, probably for fear ... read more
Egyptian Vulture
Teeny tiny sparrow hawk...
Beautiful bird...

North America » United States » California » San Diego September 26th 2012

Day 20 - L.A. to San Diego, Distance travelled - 130 miles The day started with another load of packing but we're getting good at this now and everything was chucked into the bags quickly and put into storage ready for our departure later that day. We headed out to our usual start point, the Chinese Theatre to pick up our star line bus tour once we had ducked, Mickey, Pirates, Captain America and the bloody Hulk again! This time we weren't getting the big double decker but the smaller 8 seater open top minibus for a back street 'cheesy' stars homes tour. Now this wouldn't be my usual cup of tea but as it turned out it was highly interesting, not really for the celebrity aspect but more for the history and geography of the ... read more
Posh homes clinging to the Beverly Hills
Cant remember but it's someone famous!
Can't remember either!

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles September 25th 2012

Day 19 - Los Angeles tours on Starline Buses, distance travelled - lots, but someone else driving! Today was an early start in order to make the most of our last full day in Los Angeles. The plan was to cover as much of L.A. as possible using our 2 day hopper passes on the Starline open top buses before we left for San Diego tomorrow afternoon. Once again we had pre purchased the tickets from the UK, and more by luck than judgement, the starting point for the tours and head office for Starline buses was just around the corner from our hotel outside the Chinese Theatre. Vouchers were exchanged for tickets and we ducked and dived past photo opportunities with Captain America, Spiderman, Pirates from the Caribean and the Hulk to jump on to ... read more
Shas after someone tried pushing in the bus queue!
The house of Blues...Blues Brothers!
Caught Kylie posing by my hire car on Rodeo Drive!

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles September 24th 2012

Day 18 - Hotel to Universal studios, Distance Travelled - 5 miles! So after a night "main lining" cold and flu remedy purchased from the petrol station over the road I awoke from a comatose state well after the alarms said I should have. Sharan had given up lighting fireworks up my nostrils and setting fire to the bedclothes in a bid to wake me up and had set off in search of a local Starbucks. Whatever I took seemed to work, even if it had knocked me out for 14 hours as I was ready to hit good old, weird old L.A. Once again. Today's destination was Universal studios just for the afternoon as it closed at 6 p.m. Only 2.5 miles in Merlin the Mustang (ooops still no picture!) so we were there in ... read more
I thought she was dead!
The one that didn't get away...ha ha
The smaller and less exciting Warner Brothers in the distance. Apparently their IT was down again! ;-)

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles September 23rd 2012

Short(ish) blog today as I guess a blow by blow guide to each Disney ride would bore your pants off. As it was Sunday and we were planning to stay late at the park with Mickey and Minnie, we had a lie in, in the first proper bed for two weeks. Felt very strange not waking up to the sound of other campers banging and crashing around the site or the sound of waves crashing on the beach or wind in the trees! Or birds on the roof! I did however open the curtains to find some new wildlife clinging to the outside of our 20th floor window...a little long eared bat staring back at me, trying to shelter from the baking hot sun. After our first decent breakfast for two weeks we summoned the Mustang ... read more
Into Disney like big kids..
The big kids at play!
Hmmm, that big wheel doesn't look too bad does it?

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles September 22nd 2012

Day 16 - Carpinteria to Hollywood, Distance travelled 108 miles (RV) and 16 miles (Mustang convertible) Was considering knocking the blog on the head now the RV trip is over but after 6 hours in LA there is just too much good material not to carry on writing! But first some RV trip stats for those thinking about it..... - 13 days, 12 nights - 6 Campsites used - 1442 miles covered, - Longest drive in 1 day about 300 miles, took 8.5 hours - 830 dollars on petrol! (183 gallons) - 8 mpg! (4.5 litre engine that took a hammering !) - Be glad it's not Uk petrol prices! So we were awoken this morning about an hour before the alarms firstly at 6-30 as the texts of Crystal Palace's glorious comeback win over Cardiff ... read more
The bridge of the starship enterprise!
The master suite!
The engine room! Oh god, just realised tea towels weren't straight, OCD alert!

North America » United States » California » Carpinteria September 21st 2012

Day 15 - Avila/Pismo KOA to Carpinteria State Beach, Distance Travelled - 114 miles Nice quiet day today as we wound down the RV leg of the tour. Lazy lay in once again meant that when we got up, most of the Avila KOA had already left so at least the showers were empty. From what we saw it was a nice little camp, ideal for a 1 or 2 day stopover if in transit elsewhere but I don't think I could stay there for more than that. So we hit the 101 and Highway 1 for a 100 mile stretch, through some lovely scenery again although now we were obviously getting into wine country and there were no hairpin bends. It was a pretty uneventful trip with only one small smell of burning rubber which ... read more
Last walk with suitcase of potions for a morning shower!
Rest stop on Highway 1
With our Russian and Mexican friends fixing the tyre in Santa Barbara

North America » United States » California » Avila Beach September 20th 2012

Day 14 a Monterey to KOA Avila/Pismo beach, Distance Travelled - 169 miles Ah well a day that promised so much, certainly delivered but not quite in the way we were expecting. A 7am alarm call was required so we could de-camp, detach and depart the lovely Marina Dunes RV park and head the short 11 miles down US1 into Monterey Marina to pick up our whale watching trip. First surprise of the day was that Monterey marina was already buzzing with people and coaches at 8-15 in the morning but that was because the Celebrity Milenium cruise ship had arrived outside the harbour and was unloading its rag tag, fugitive fleet of travellers onto the docks via tender. The Monterey Bay whale watching leaves from the end of the pier in the Marina, and whilst ... read more
Oi naff off and get your own mussel!
Always lazing around, now this lot are tyred!
Ooooo more California Sealions!

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