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North America » United States » California » Monterey September 19th 2012

Day 13 - Marina Dunes to Monterey Bay and back, Distance Travelled - 24 miles Well today was meant to be another highlight as we were off on the high seas to find Blue and Grey whales, hopefully with the added bonus of the sight of a bloodthirsty pack of Orcas hunting them down (but of course not succeeding cos we love Whales!). Sadly it was not to be as high winds at sea cancelled the afternoons sailing although the weather looked lovely from where we were, it's been glorious sunshine all day. In the morning we headed into downtown Monterey for a bit of sightseeing and a trip to the world famous Monterey Bay Aquarium. Sadly the town of Monterey did not appear to be in a very RV friendly mood today and the RV ... read more
It's a hard life in Monterey harbour
A lot of jelly but no ice cream
Shas tries to decide on lunch at the giant lobster tank!

North America » United States » California » Monterey September 18th 2012

Day 12 - Monterey extra pics Still having problems with photo uploader on this site changing things around, one was a photo of a sealion but had a title "sharan feels the sand in her her toes" if that got published I'd be walking to LA so here are a few extras...... read more
Wildlife under the pier..
Santa Cruz daddy!
Another Santa Cruz resident

North America » United States » California » Monterey September 18th 2012

Day 12 - San Francisco to Monterey, Distance travelled - 101 miles Almost every day we see or do something special that makes the whole hassle of organising and planning this trip in such minute detail worthwhile and today was no exception. The US highway 1 is a spectacular road and we have barely scratched the surface with another possible 300 miles of it left to do! With just a short 100 mile run down the coast from San Francisco to Monterey today, there was no need to rush and so the usual tank emptying and unhooking was completed by 10-30 and we were on the road leaving a slightly grey and chilly San Francisco behind us. Mapquest gives you three alternative routes to Monterey, blast down highway 101, travel cross country on the I17 or ... read more
Clear roads and clear skies to the south on US1
Small beaches all along the road

North America » United States » California » San Francisco September 17th 2012

Day 11 - San Francisco SightSeeing, Distance traveled - Too much on foot! Our last full day in San Francisco so we decided to hit it hard and pound the pavements in a bid to see everything we had so far missed! First of course we needed the obligatory taxi ride with a foreign driver (South American of some sort this time) who once again didn't know where he was or where he was going. Bearing in mind our chosen destination was only seven miles away, is called Golden Gate Park, and is the largest municipal park in Northern America, 20% bigger than Central Park in New York, it was quite unbelievable! Having loaned him our tourist map so he could work out how to get to the 3 mile wide green square in the middle ... read more
The 18th hole on frisbee golf course!
Waterfalls of Golden Gate Park
The De Young Art Museum

North America » United States » California » San Francisco September 17th 2012

Day 10 San Francisco sightseeing, Distance Travelled - about 15 miles in cabs, trains and on foot! Woke up late to the welcome sight of sun and no sea mist so views were spectacular and it was 'relatively' warm compared to our arrival. After a quick shower in the excellent site facilities we called a cab and headed for the BART station at Colma again. This time we were prepared for the ticket machine and got the right platform and within 30 mins we were standing outside Embarcadero station, close to the waterfront. We had missed the early morning massive fun run (I guess the equivalent of the Great North Run or London Marathon) but there were still a few stragglers on the route being followed patiently by the clean up crews and bollard collection vans. ... read more
Docking at Alcatraz
Alcatraz island in the sun!
The guard tower where they used to get locked into at night for their own safety...great fun in a storm!

North America » United States » California » San Francisco September 15th 2012

Day 9 - Yosemite Lakes to San Francisco, Distance Travelled - 175 miles (mileage corrected) A reasonably long distance travelled today but not such a long day as there was a lot of 'interstate miles' covered. A lie in was in order after the long day in Yosemite, so we managed to brave the morning chill in the air till nearly 9-00. Itnwas then time to empty 'the tanks', unhitch the umbilical cords and we were on our way. The first 35 miles were a repeat of our journey in to Yosemite 2 days ago but this time not so scary as a) I am getting the hang of driving the beast and b) the passenger seat was up against the rock wall for most of the trip down, rather than hanging her arse out over ... read more
Hopefully the last of the dodgy mountain roads this trip!
Wind farms outside San Francisco
San Francisco shrouded in mist

Day 8 - Yosemite, extra photos... A combination of this site, my IPad and dodgy wifi seems to mean every time I add more than 10 photos to a blog they all go weird, disappear, resize themselves or comments swap over... So here are a few more from Yosemite on Day 8... Think of it as a bonus for your loyalty in sticking this far ;-) xxx... read more
Jason on the valley floor
Brides Veil falls...just about!
View across the meadows...

Day 8 - Yosemite Lakes campground to Yosemite Valley and back, Distance Travelled 60 miles. WOW! The drive and slightly panicy events of yesterday were quickly forgotten as today was an excellent and very memorable day in the Yosemite Valley, a truly amazing place to visit! We awoke to the sound of the local birds chirping and taking part in their own mini bird Olympics, running, jumping and fighting on the RV roof. Slightly disappointingly, there were no bears, no rattlesnakes and the worst wildlife we had to contend with at breakfast was the beautiful blue jays who wanted our cornflakes! The good thing about the campsite (there aren't many) was its proximity to the Yosemite park gates and within 5 miles of leaving the campground we were there and paying our $20 entrance fee. Now ... read more
On the way in to Yosemite valley
First view on the valley floor
The spectacular upper and lower Yosemite falls, without water!

Day 7 - Lake Isabella to Yosemite Lakes, Distance Travelled 305 miles. Ouch! Probably the longest and most tiring day of the trip is finally out of the way, and thank God! We knew this day was going to be a killer when we started planning the trip but chose to get it out of the way in one go rather than spread it over 2 days.In retrospect we might have made a different decision knowing what we know now, but hindsight is a wonderful thing! After a slightly later than planned start ( hair and makeup has to be perfect for these long drives!) we hit the road about 9-30 a.m. Knowing we had previously picked the 'scenic' and slightly challenging route into Lake Isabella, we thought the route out would be a lot easier ... read more
Nervous moments on the road
Oooh more Mountain roads, my favourite!
On and on they go...

Day 6 - Lake Isabella to Sequoia to Lake Isabella, Distance Travelled 96 miles. The original plan for today was to take advantage of Lake Isabella and jet ski/ canoe/white water raft etc etc as the guidebooks suggested but sadly the lake is pretty empty at the moment after the snow failed to fall during the winter and the local agriculture continues to use the water through the hot, dry summer so with half the lake gone and the remainder so low there are trees and land sticking out from beneath it, we had to come up with plan B. The lady in the office recommended a drive up to the forest, "it's only about an hour and it's easy to take a motorhome up there" were her famous last she sold it to us ... read more
On the road, Sierra Nevada ahead..
A bloody great heron on the Kern River
Nearing the top of the mountains

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