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16th January 2012

At last - we'd given you up as lost and were about to send out messages via the Foreign Legion to see if there were any motorhomes stuck in a desert somewhere. You see, for some strange reason, we didn't receive notifications about your previous blogs from France, etc. and were genuinely beginning to worry. Anyhow, all's well even if it hasn't ended well yet. And, oh dear what a shame you missed Rabat - it really is a very interesting place (at least, it was when I went there about 30 years ago!). Looking forward to more news soon. Meantime, happy New Year to you both. We hope it'll be a good one. Keep smiling!
16th January 2012

Marrakech revisited
Dear David and Janice, We do enjoy your blog, David. I am sure you would make lots of royalties if you published!@\ It is about 35 yeqars since I was in Marrakech and one of my vivid memories is a little boy coming up to me saying "You wanna buy hash?" Love from Jean and Greg
15th January 2012

Love it, love it, love it!
We were in Morocco a few weeks ago and had a wonderful time. Certainly, enjoyed remembering those wonderful places.
15th January 2012

Thoroughly Enjoyable Blog
Your words and pictures capture a different perspective on a place that many people visit, but few would dare to drive through.
3rd January 2012

Spain and Portugal
We are sitting in the lounge........4.30pm and it's dark already. The wind is howling with v. heavy showers as well. Indeed, there has been widespread disruption countrywide with the v. poor weather. A little different to yours ! Have been today to nr. Pontifract, to visit the home of IH motorhomes as we are looking to change ours as it is over the 3500kg threshold and Peter no longer has the C1 category on his driving licence. We are looking at a van conversion and saw one that would suit us well.Just waiting to hear what they would offer in part exchange. We will await the next instalment ! Best wishes to you both and a Happy New year, Georgina and Peter.
31st December 2011

We aren't at all envious ( of course we're not!!!) . You sound as if you are having a wonderful time and getting what you went out there for. Happy New Year and keep sending the blogs, Love Sally & Roy xx
27th November 2011

Just read your Peruvian blog
Hello J and D, We are two gray haired folk - well I would be if I didn't dye it - who have just come back from a month in Peru. It was the biggest trip we ever made and it went so well that we are wondering what to do next. I so enjoyed reading about what you did, and share a lot of your perceptions about Peru. I'll be back...
28th November 2011

Peru and what to do next
Hi Lesley, Thanks for you kind comments. Peru was stunning wasn't it. We must have just missed you. What to do next? Our list gets longer, not shorter, as life's clock keeps ticking. We're off to Portugal again for Christmas and then Morocco for the winter, in our motorhome, in three weeks time. Can't stand the cold! Spring will see us motorhoming in the Baltic, up to Poland, Estonia and all that, with a side trip into Russia perhaps. January 2013 looks like Northern India and Cambodia, Vietnam and China have just appeared on the list too I notice! Any other ideas? David
30th October 2011

At last...
...some pictures of birds - and of David in a hat that doesn't make him look like one of the Flowerpot Men! Pleased you're still enjoying sweating your way around South America. You'll notice the difference when you return to autumnal Suffolk.
14th October 2011

Little wonder you're knackered!
Too much to see, too little time - it's a good job you're only visiting Peru and Ecuador. P.S. Hope you received my email about the missing card.
14th October 2011
Uros Islands

Panorama possibilities?
Wot no panoramas? Okay, we'll let you off as you're in the rain forest but, when you're back to the Suffolk forest, there'll be no excuse!
12th October 2011

Hi you two, what amazing pics you have taken on your travels. Our hairdresser..Shane met you in Peru, and told me of your blog site. I love taking pics of wild life, and bird life is my favourite too. Trouble is, I only have a Fuji HS10. In the process of purchasing a Canon DSLR….as I have three EF lenses from my old 1000 SLR. My choice will more than likely be the 60D….what do you think?. You have obviously got a good camera yourself. We have been twice to South Africa, have you been there?. Just been to the Algarve this year and were blessed by the company of 4-5 Hoopoos for a fortnight…. they were wonderfull. I have a large garden, so I have many feeding stations too. This year got some pics of a 5 foot Grass Snake in the garden. I could go on and on, but don't wish to bore you too much. Cheers Denis & Denise.
18th October 2011

hi Denis, Thanks for your note. I use a Canon 5D but it's far too heavy for travelling really. The 50 or 60 is preferred for wildlife, I think, but I'll check with my RSPB photo mates when we get home and let you know what they use. David
6th October 2011

Hi you two, We loved Peru and looking at your pictures remind us of how lovely it is. Have you tried the pisco sours yet?. Enjoy enjoy. We are at the other end of the travel spectrum as currently in Orlando in a totally surreal world whizzing around on rides etc. We have managed to visit a few RV dealers with Graeme looking particularly at the Tiffin breeze, smaller but beautifully put together!. Have cut overhanging branches from tree over drive, so ready for any visitors in motorhomes. Maybe see you there some time? Happy travels Moi & Graeme.x
6th October 2011

def in my bucket list!
Been forever planning to do this. Looks like you beat me to it! I like , I like! I have to have that photo with MP in the background. Yes, incase no one believes me. After all, how can you resist that view? Nice blog. I'd be reading this again . And again. [photo=6507674]
5th October 2011
The grey haired nomads go to Machu Piccu

very cool!
Awesome pic guys!! can't wait to get there myself!
14th June 2011

burlwood wine
Hi thanks for the wine advice,enjoying now.wish I'd got more. also enjoying the blog-looking forward to reading more. link to my blog is happy trails Ian
22nd May 2011

Selso Castle sounds interesting!
Thanks for the postcard. Selso Castle will doubtless appear in Motorhome News 46 - it sounds like it's been well restored. Your card didn't mention it but I believe that, in the Renaissance cellar, there's the oldest working kitchen in Denmark - sounds like my sort of place! Hold smilende!
16th May 2011

Just a grin this time...
Those with hair don't usually need a woolly hat and seldom get sunburn on top! Enjoy the remainder of your time, even if you can't keep smiling as you did before. BTW remind me to lend you my travelling dental repair kit when we next meet. Garde le sourire!
11th May 2011

from the colony
Marvellous! Well done you two. Carry on! Trip to Canada soon?
11th May 2011

Grin and bear it
Now you know why I had transplants!
18th March 2011

Beautiful settings
Thanks Anton. Glad you like it. Technically, probably not a great picture, but the composition is OK! We loved this area.
17th March 2011
Julian Alps

beautiful settings
Beautiful motiv
1st March 2011
Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia

that is a beutifal mountian sceene. i have been there thousands of times.

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