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7th October 2010

Nice blog and pictures . I enjoy this post. Thank You for this grate post Used RVs
23rd September 2010

John Billington
Hi Donna, The photograph is of an actor at the Plimoth Plantation 're-enactment' which we visited on our travels around North America, playing the part (extrememly well, I might add). It's one of my favourite portraits - in natural light. I'm so sorry it's not the 'real' John Billington, but we can dream, can't we? If you would like me to email a copy of the original to you, please get in touch and I will forward it to you as an attachment with pleasure. Thank you for taking the trouble to contact me. David - one half of the grey haired nomads
19th August 2010

John Billington
Love this Photo. Where did you find it.? I know he was hanged for murder but still he was my 10 great grandfather. Donna
8th August 2010

No chance!
Thanks, Jo, and thanks for letting us enjoy your adventures. You have the true NZ spirit and guts. Lovely description of your balloon flight. We rose so serenely from the ground over the Nile back in May this year, I didn't know we were airborne! Loved your country when we were there in 2008, motorhoming for 11 weeks through North and South. (Motorhome News from New Zealand) Still seeking out new places, faces and adventures. David - the older of the two Grey haired nomads
29th July 2010

Motor mechanic from Andora
Hi Simon, Good to hear you made it back from your epic dash around Europe! If you ever get to Norfolk, try us on this link. We may have more cake in the oven. Thanks again. David
27th July 2010

motor mechanic from andorra!
hi there just found your blog and saw the write up on andorra hope you are well thanks for the cake!
20th July 2010

Waxing poetic
Hi Liliram, Many thanks for your kind words, Liliram. We have a similar writing style, I think and I shall follow your own travels with interest. David
12th July 2010

enjoyed the trip blog
Hi Guy, We used TomTom, our first experience with this type of kit. My wife, Janice, is still not redundant though. We sometimes choose to override 'Jane' if we think she's leading us up the graden path - as she sometimes seem to want to! (but she's usually right)
11th July 2010

enjoyed the trip blog
and shall use this as a basis for when I do my east european trip. Curious as to what gps unit you have that you can tell it to avoid major and/or toll roads. Thanks,
11th July 2010

Welcome home
Another great series of blogs from another TravelBlog Hall of Famer!
8th July 2010

Wonderful writing and photos
Hi Lew, I'm blushing as I read your comments, but as I don't often blush I'm very grateful. Sadly I've never made the publisher's desk though I have tried a few times and learned a bit from a 'creative writing' diploma course. Janice and I live in the UK, but will always keep our memories of 18 months travelling right around North America by motorhome close to our hearts. There are now over 100 'Grey haired nomad' blogs from around the world, many of them from the USA! Indeed, if you google 'grey haired nomads' or 'Motorhome North America', you'll be sure to find Janice and David somewhere near the top! Happy motorhoming! David Incidentally, my wife takes many of the photos.
8th July 2010

Hello, You're quite right of course. I usually record my blogs from where our journey ended - or from where the blog was sent, as in this case. However, I take your point as those looking for 'Budapest' blogs won't find this one. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I'll change it when next logged in. David - one half of the Grey hiared nomads
1st July 2010

Wonderful Writing & Photos
I spend a good part of my working day scanning an endless stream of RV related stories that cross my monitor via Google Alerts. This particular blog entry captured my attention from the get-go. Surely the author must be a professional writer or perhaps a professor of English literature. I intend to run this story (a link really) on my RV dealership website here in northern Florida. I then intend to include a link in my August enewsletter that I'll be putting together near the end of July. I'd love to read more of this author's travel blogs. And, at some future point in time I'd love to travel to the lands this author writes about. I think, though, I'll leave my large motorhome here - at home - and rent one over there!
1st July 2010
Nin's Bin

My mum is a Grandmother and Great Grandmother all the children call her NIN.
1st July 2010

Most of your picture are from Hungary and there where your journal started. Why you didn't started your blog Europe-Hungary-Budapest? I'm just curious...
29th June 2010

Waxing poetic.....
I love this paragraph. I think I would be following your blogs more religiously now......... "Here in this barren landscape lies the other face of Croatia, the dark shadows of conflict cast like a storm-cloud across the shallow tree-clad hills around Knin. Small villages line the roads, lifeless and grey. Empty, abandoned, half-built red-brick houses appear, un-rendered, unfinished and sometimes bullet-riddled or with their roofs blasted off. People came and people went I guess; their dreams of a new life turned to nightmares no doubt, displaced or deceased, as the consequence of yet another senseless war. War, like love, thrives on ideals and passion. It's a far cry from the luxury villas of the coast where all of this seems to have been forgotten as the sun shines on flourishing tourism. "
18th June 2010

whoops-- I was cut off!
As I was saying, when the little old kitty dies (now heading towards age 21) we will be able to take longer trips. In the future, our own bear (or maybe my Tigger) will be the only animal of the household. I am birding fiercely near and far; wish you were here to share some of these adventures too!
15th June 2010

very nostalgic. was in austria 18months 1946/7 also yugoslav border. been back 3 times since. our favourite country. gute fahrt und grusse gott. 2jb
6th June 2010

Cruising the Nile
We have enjoyed your blog of our holiday very much. We wish Janice a very happy birthday and you both bon voyage as you set off once again. Thanks for your company. Best wishes from Eileen and Madeleine (the two lively Welsh ladies).
2nd June 2010

Too bad about the hat. If only it could blog, it may see some interesting things floating quietly along.
28th May 2010

Brilliant bloggers as always!
what a wonderful description of your holiday! Thank you so much, it conjured up many pictures, no memories as I have never been to Egypt. Would love to go but maybe in slightly cooler times. At least we have had some lovely sunshine here, but still a little chilly wind. Attempted to sit on Minsmere beach last Sunday but was driven off by cool wind, into a friend's newly erected plastic swimming pool! Not a bad option at 20o. Weekends are getting busy now but it would be lovely if you'd like to transport yourselves over here one weekday for a walk, food, chat, etc. See you soon, love from E x
28th May 2010

Congratulations on your century!
Yet another adventure very ably retold in words and pictures. Pity about the titfer, David ; alas, that tarboosh won't keep the sun out of your eyes - it only protects the bald patch!
28th May 2010

Thanks - What no Hoopoes.
18th April 2010

Thank you!
I am a Canadian planning a trip this summer to the south of France, and I thoroughly enjoyed your travelogue of your adventures. You put just the right amount of description and story and photos together. I followed your travels on my detailed Michelin maps, and marked the highlights as places I might visit. So . . . thank you!
13th April 2010

cool pics. I wish i can go there it lokks really awsome

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