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21st January 2010

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19th January 2010
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16th January 2010

the tree is mahogany
caoba o mahojani
3rd January 2010

This has helped make our minds up about adding Sweden to our Europe Road Trip, as we have friends there, but now want to see more and more! Thanks, beautiful, and reaffirmed why we are doing this and giving up our jobs, at least for awhile. Nathalie
18th December 2009

britz lousy motorhome
we arrived in new zealand and hired 2 motorhomes we were very diasapointed with the vehicles we recieved both were vw economy was great but the maintenance was discusting caps missing off the toilet units fuel tank not full when we left christchurch 9.2ltrs 3 different brands of tyres onone van and both with different tread pattern on the front quite dangerous when braking no table leg for internal table pillows so thin it was like a dooner cut in pieces one van leeked water on the passengers feet. no antenna for the radio no outlap tap for the waste water we spent a day having some repairs done in queenstown no battery level indicator in one van rear tyre tread fairly low and a number of other problems we had when booking not very impressed with the quality of service we own our own motorhomes in australia would not recomend them
23rd September 2009

I like your blog
working up to leaving in a camper shortly. end this year .bit rushed today.
17th September 2009

Hi Richard, I guess one's view of a city is blurred or enhanced by age! We loved it; but then, perhaps that's because we're both grey-haired and tourists at heart. Clubbing, as you might realise, is not on our agenda! Always look on the bright side of life. Happy days, GHN
17th September 2009

Christchurch is a peaceful city? I don't think it's ever been called that before by anyone who's been there at night lol =/
17th September 2009

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1st September 2009

Dublin Hotels
Nice blog with excellent pictures. Hope this blog comes in with a flurry of information.
27th August 2009

Very helpfull .Thanks for sharing !
26th August 2009

Where were we
We were in the same area last year after seeing your photos and story, we what to go back Bob
15th July 2009

automotive jobs
hi, i like these all photos and the blog is full of the information.
26th December 2008

A perfect article with a nice read
LOved reading the article. Malaysia is truly a b'ful place :) The article has litrally made me to plan my next trip. The pictures have added charm to my temptations :) Thanks
4th December 2008

Come back, all is forgiven!
Hi both (or maybe it's Salamat Datang by now). It seems like you're going to miss New Zealand. Perhaps you could take your own motorhome up to the Lake or Peak Districts and pretend you're still there. You wouldn't even have to tape a picture of elusive Mt Taranaki to the window by your breakfast table. No snow in these parts yet - and no interest on our savings either! Speak to you before Christmas. Keep smiling!
14th November 2008

travelers all
Dear old (!) friends-- These adventures cement my intention to go where you have gone (not like in Star Trek, where NO one has gone before)-- you make everything sound so irresistible, although the frequent squally weather is a bit discouraging. We just returned from a week in Mexico, following 3 weeks in the U.S. western national parks. We are traveled out, not to say unraveling, and now will settle in for the winter (except to drive to San Fran to spend Christmas with kids). The economy dictates a bit of caution for a while. So we'lll travel vicariously, with you intrepid nomads. Tally ho! Affectionately, Linda
28th September 2008

bashing on forever
Hey y'all-- It was fun to read your latest. As much as we are all traveling these days, we may eventually end up together again, by accident. Jo Parilla, for example, must have just missed you: she was in Borneo this year too. Jean-Pierre and I have been doing tamer stuff (national parks, with French relatives: but hey! we saw a condor along our trail in Zion Park, after vainly searching for them for years in the more conventional places). Carry on! and looking forward to being on the same continent with you again one of these days. Linda
12th May 2008

from birds to flowers
Hey folks--I finally got a chance to enjoy your blog from Madeira (I love that stuff, by the way; the wine I mean). Sounds like we had at least one experience in common between Madeira and Thailand: flower festivals! We went photo-bonkers; impossible to resist. We have a hot day today in Colorado and will have snow tonight; so it goes. Thought about you when we were doing a birdcount in the high country yesterday (this morning our 2nd one was "winded out." Stay in touch! Linda (Jean-Pierre would no doubt join me in signing but is immersed in the crossword puzzle)
24th April 2008

Shouldn't be envious but we are
Hi you two, Have heard a lot about Madeira from friends who have been there ,and after reading your " book" it has made us determined to go therein the future. Still think you should go on the ride down the streets!!! Enjoy the rest of your holiday. PS What no Harleys??????
24th April 2008

Your prose has always been excellent and your photography keeps getting better and better. Well done!
24th November 2007

You pretty much covered everything in Western SD. Nice job! Check out for updates about what is going on in the area.
9th September 2007

On Returning
Thanks, Steph for the sobering thoughts. We are finding life somewhat hectic since returning - and incredibly expensive. It's certainnly cheaper 'on the road' and far less stressful. Tell us about Peru. It's still on our list but we're not in the backpacker league you understand! David - ever a grey-haired-nomad
2nd September 2007

On returning to England
I chanced upon this last blog of yours just as I was about to return from 3 months in peru with my partner. It is 2 months to the day since we returned and I thought about revisiting your blog (and my own for that matter) on the subject to see if my perceptions have changed. It was a great comfort then to know there's someone else out there who feels the same about returning, and still is a comfort now. As for things having changed, well no...I still feel the same. I don't think it hurts to remain a little cynical about the 'norm' does it? Have another cuppa. Cheers Steph x
19th July 2007

Awesome Adventure
I wanted to write you both to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading your North America Travel Blog. I am from Baton Rouge Louisiana, just east of New Orleans and my husband and I bought our RV about a year ago and have taken two trips out west along with other 3-4 day trips. Our first RV trip was to the Sequoia National Park, which I highly recommend, and this year to the Grand Canyon for the 3rd time. This time we hiked from the rim to the river and back. I cannot wait until we are able to take a trip like you (RETIREMENT) took and enjoy more than a 2 week journey. We also have a class C Four Winds which we adore. Your part about Sue almost had me in tears-there is no way we would have left her either! Also, parting with Winnie must have been very hard. You have such a knack for writing that it felt as if I were along on every part of your trip. Thank you for the detail of your travels. While we are not "birders", more hikers, we love any type of wildlife. It is true that we have never had a bad experience out west and that is the best area to travel in the USA. I look forward to going back and reading your European travel as well. Once again, Thank you!

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