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8th July 2007

Well done!
Whew! How lucky you two are. You have done what some of us can only dream about. Your zest for adventure and appreciation of what each day offers you is inspirational. And how lucky are we who were able to share your discoveries vicariously through the utter magic of the internet. Honoured to have you as guests and would love to have you back anytime for any length of time. Particularly tickled to be mentioned on your top ten places where you might consider living. And of course we loved to see our lake featured on your last blog. Don't be too hard on your "fair and verdant land" it is still the enchanted kingdom of our greatest adventure over twenty years ago. You are the people who hold that memory safe for us. One day there will be a knock at your door and it will be us and we will share stories once again. cheers, T and L and the kids
4th July 2007

yum yum treacle pud and custard
Got as far as the new UK healthy menu and almost for got to read the rest!!!!
2nd July 2007

Great to have you back!
Hi Guys, we have been following your adventure dreaming of a similar trip in the years to come. You take some amazing photos and tell a great tale. Hope to see you soon, maybe a "fossey" bbq should be on the cards. Loads of love your favourite nephew and family.xx
30th June 2007

Lynn and I have the same feelings since returning home. I guess, one needs to plan the next trip ASAP! Cheers!
5th June 2007

Welcome home!
Welcome home, weary travellers. Hope it's not too much of a culture shock. Please get in touch as soon as you are settled and feel like it. Do you still get the sensation of travelling on wheels? Get on those bikes and hop over to the coast some time xx
5th June 2007

Well done you two! You are living life large, as they say...somewhere. Thanks for the blogs. Enjoyed them greatly. Hope that home is still a warm and comfortable spot. Keep in touch! Tom
30th May 2007

David and Janice, We have looked forward to each of your blogs and feel sad that you are leaving. Your descriptions of the west have been wonderful as well as humourous (did I spell it correctly?). Please keep in touch. Lynn and Jon
30th May 2007

Home? at last
I have enjoyed immensely reading your travel logs. Now that you are almost home it would be nice to catch up. Tomorrow (30th May) I am off to France for a week. If you let me have your telephone number I will call you when I return and perhaps we can have a beer together or maybe even a game of golf. Peter
30th May 2007

Ya'll take care
Thanks David and Janice for the travelogue of your adventures which I've followed since you visited us in Nova Scotia last summer. You experienced much more of the U.S. than I or 95% of North Americans will ever see. However, I will make an effort to travel the south eastern coastline and re-visit the old west of my youth. Your observations and perspective on the places and people made for an interesting read. An amazing journey. Of course, an over-all summary and comparison of the U.S. - Canadian experience is in order. So, don't let too much time pass before giving us your final assessment. As well, don't forget to add your thoughts on the next destination of the grey haired nomads. In the mean time, put your feet up and enjoy your summer in jolly old England.
21st May 2007

well done!
We have been silently agonizing with you over the sale of Winnie. Much relieved that the deal is done. Well done. I guess we will hear from you next from "over 'ome". All well here. Details upon demand. cheers, Tom and Lexi
20th May 2007

Well done, what an excellent way to end your jaunt. I am writting that sign at this very minute! Maybe see you somewhere in the UK, what is your next move? Enjoy your last days USA side Moi

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