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24th December 2010

Great story, as usual
The characters in your story are jumping out of the pages to talk to me. I was engaged from start to finish. You're a good story teller indeed!
23rd December 2010

Never been so much engrossed reading a story from a blogsite. I enjoyed it a lot!!! It felt like reading a very good novel transporting me to some obscure world.
22nd December 2010

Incredible and enjoyable reading!
22nd December 2010

I've never been so completely sucked into a story as I was in this blog. You're a wonderful writer and without a doubt should turn your adventures into a book. I'd love to read it. Safe travels, and thank you for transporting me to another world.
15th December 2010

here there is noyhtings i like
From Blog: Armenia
30th November 2010
The coast, Fais

Fais Island
Hi Eddie this peter i want the picturesof our island to send me some if is it okay with you. thanks peter matherang.
30th November 2010

Fais Island
Eddie i just wrote this to you if you want to send me some pictures of our island by 2008,by the time we tour around the island of Fais.
29th November 2010
A yak near the Akbilis Pass

the animal looks like it was involved in a fight shorthly before, great capture!!!
29th November 2010
Scenery between Sarhad and Badge Goz

great scenery
thats a great scenery , the colours are wonderful and everything looks so peaceful-hopefully it is..............
9th November 2010

From Fais
I was very intrigue by your essay and I very much appreciate your worldly view and passion about world cultures and peoples. I was born and raised on Fais and I was very touched by your comment about my dad, Joe. I now reside in Hilo, Hawaii and I am planning a trip home this summer. Great photos too. Aloha...Adious.
8th November 2010
Going out fishing, Fais

yew halwe!!!paradise hare e-ya?WHAT A BEAUTIFUL ISLAND!!!!!!!!!
6th November 2010
Mother and child, Fais

je te souhaite une bonne soirée
28th October 2010

Thanks for the photos. They bring back memories of my time in Moscow. I loved the stations.
From Blog: Metro Zombies
27th October 2010
A road on Yap island

Would like to learn more about this isaland ,,Thankyou
16th October 2010
Mangyan teeth

Madre mia y yo q creia q tenia mal los dientes
12th October 2010

Palawan the Last Paradise in the Philippines
My search for adventure in Palawan is just starting. The Tao't Bato in this place will be one of my future research as with the Tabon Man cave dwellers in Lipoon Point of which I had personally stepped on the said place last August of 2010. I am hoping to do my doctoral research a reality of which i want to make my own fulfillment of studying the past happening of the said inhabitants and to let the people in this country be informed that there will be more to learn on these people and on this land , known as the Last Frontier of the Philippines.
11th October 2010

Hello, Ed! I'm happy that you are alive and healthy after all. How is your physical condition? I think you're an athlete now :)
11th October 2010

Great blog, as usual! :) I didn't know anywhere in Afghanistan is safe to travel in right now. How did you get the Tajikistan visa? Just asking as part of my ongoing travel research, that I do to help me to decide where my future destinations will be.

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