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20th June 2011
Wooden churches and bell tower under restoration in Lyadiny, Arkhangelskaya Oblast

Great picture.
I love the angle and the clouds give it so much character.
17th June 2011

Just want to let you know that I am always eager to read stories that can only be told or written by you. The off the beaten path places you visit, the interesting people you meet, the adventures and not-your-usual travel experiences. Your travelogues speak volumes about how truly interested you are in people and what they do or think. And now, you even threw in such stunning photography which can only be captured "from the heart". Like photos of things and places you want to etch in your memory. Wish there was a photo of Peter, and of the little fat boy who tried your bike. God bless you, Ed. We're all traveling with you here.
16th June 2011

Hi Ed, Just to let you know you're an excellent writer. I enjoy reading your work. Best regards, Lila
16th June 2011

Sooo Russian!
The pictures and the story are exactly as one would imagine Russia to be like (well if you don't regard the cliche Kremlin with snowfall that is used in every film). It somehow reminds me a bit of Dr. Zhivago. You seem to meet a lot of very interesting people in all of those out of the way places. Peter sounds like you could write a book about just him. What stories he must have. As always I am jealous, but I humbly thank you for providing us with a glimpse of the true Russia.
16th June 2011

You are one of the great travel blog explorers.
Ed, we always enjoy your work and love the descriptions of the light as you arrived in town. Can't wait until some day when you publish your book. You'll be remembered along with Drake, Magellan, De Gama and Columbus as a true explorer. I just realized we had not recommended your blog and now we have. Happy travels and can't wait to read your next adventure. Very nice of you to let the little boy on your bike. Very cool. I don't suppose you have Peter's address. We'd love to make a donation to the work he is doing on the church and other buildings.
11th June 2011

Thanks Liliram. Newish camera, since November :)
11th June 2011

Great post, as usual. Your blog jumps out at us and grabs our attention with all the interesting details. Noticed too that your photography is soooo much improved. ;-) New cam?
10th June 2011

Thank you for a nice story! I especially like in your writing style that you actually write down some of dialogues you had - that gives it a better feel.
10th June 2011

your lyrical style
i'm pretty sure you could write about the phone book and still make it interesting. as always it's a nice break to be so transported to another land. thanks :) alisa
8th June 2011
Gathering the cut hay into piles

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7th May 2011

“practice not price!”
The HS10 is a point and shoot. For the record I’ve only ever owned point and shoots. Whatever camera you own, the trick to great photography is “practice not price” < I’m gonna patent that phrase. A point I feel so passionately about I think someone should raise it in a forum;-)
7th May 2011

accurate psychic
Great job! It good you've shown how people practice accurate psychic. Looking forward for more!
7th May 2011

thanks for the comments guys. The HS10 is a monster of a camera, by far the best I've ever owned, especially taking into consideration its price. Maybe Ali's referring to the point and shoot I was using until November?
6th May 2011

Gorgeous photos and great stories, par usual, Ed ;)
6th May 2011

"Bad Camera!?"
I would swap Ed's Fuji Finepix HS10 with my Fuji finepix s5600 in a heartbeat! ...not everyone has the means to buy $2,000 Nikon's Ali;-)
6th May 2011

For someone with a bad camera....
... you take awesome photos. Your Russian blogs have been fantastic to read, experiences to last a lifetime, I don't envy you the cold 5 months at all though.
5th May 2011

Great job!
your writing has significantly improved. Not that it was bad before but this one is really good. Book critics cant complain!
4th May 2011

You always have wonderful adventures
Carry on!
23rd April 2011

Another entertaining blog for my graveyard shift....you had me at Inglorious Baptists! lol Cheers!
22nd April 2011

crying at funerals
LOL, that made me laugh, I could just imagine, you trying hard to cry. It is how loud you wail that shows how much you care for the dead person. In fact, weeping should not cease...lol...good luck on your next travel.
21st April 2011

Ralf - not sure I'll ever make it to Magadan but have plans to (attempt to) travel overland from Yakutsk to Norilsk across the Arctic next winter!
21st April 2011

As always you are going to places I one day want to visit as well! So when is the road of bones, Jakutsk and Magadan? Or Norilsk for that matter.
20th April 2011

Very interesting
Love this blog post. I've wanted to visit Russia for as long as I can remember. Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky sounds fascinating. Great photos.
20th April 2011

Have you thought about publishing a book? Without sounding over the top, I agree with the other comments below- this was an engrossing read and really enjoyable. Thank you for posting this.
19th April 2011

beautiful pictures

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