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15th October 2008

Really beautiful!
15th October 2008

Superb description. Beautiful, sad, with a sense of foreboding.
From Blog: Ambrym, Vanuatu
15th October 2008

I think it's snow-free for 2 or 3 months. They don't use anything to navigate - they just know the tundra. I guess they just use landmarks. The chum is for sleeping, cooking, everything!
15th October 2008

I have read the blog several times. It is really interesting, especially with the photos to illustrate what you are describing. It was a surprise not to see deep snow in the pictures as I hadn't realised that the Arctic could be snow-free at some times of the year. Do you know how much of the year the Nenets spend in green pastures? A couple more questions: what do they use to navigate and are there chums for sleeping as well as the main one for cooking and drinking tea?
4th October 2008

The Nenets have their own language. For people over 30 it's their first language, whereas most people under 30 don't speak it. This at least is the case in the NAO; I think the language is much more alive on the Yamal Peninsula.
4th October 2008

What language did you speak to the Nenets? I assume they all speak Russian, but do they also have their own language or dialect?
1st October 2008

Does the language of the tribe has any similarities with Bislamo or its totally different? Also you said they don't eat any meat a part from beatles. Are there no animals around, or they just don't hunt or fish? And when you got ill did they try to heal you with some plants or other traditional means?
25th September 2008

Its so facinating, it really made me feel like i was there too and my eyes were filling up with tears when i was reading about your departure from the village! Sounds like the most genuine experience one can ever have!
22nd September 2008

Photos of the pentecost jump
If you want to see my past photos of the Pentecost Jump go to http://www.vanuatu-hotels.vu/photo and in feb 2009 I will be back on Pentecost to coordinate with the local people the 2009 tours itineraries. Anyone interested can contact me through the site. Tropical regards from Port Vila, Vanuatu.

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