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25th August 2018

Things are changing
I am off to Petropavlovsk tomorrow to hike and climb volcanoes. It will take me two days and five plane rides to reach it from where I am in New Zealand. The city is still hard to get to but is swarming with tourists these days.
24th May 2017

very informative info about sibuyan island
this is a well-written blog. as you write in a truthful way so that your readers can see the positive and negative side of the situation of these indigenous people. because of this blog, it gives me the motivation to meet up with Manung Demet and wanting to become their advocate (the SMTs) and be a voice in protecting their rights.
10th February 2016

wow, what a long but interesting read. thank you for sharing! will be visiting the southern coast of mindoro next week. I'm excited!
18th July 2015

hi, thanks for writing this one. I was raised in this island too but not in Cajidiocan. When I was in Sibuyan during my elementary days, I heard a lot about that German named Hans. I salute you for writing what he did to this people in this island, I have mixed feeling about him, yes he promotes the place but earns a lot there! And from what he did if ever that is really true about taking pictures and stripping them is absolutely against the Law or against women rights. I hope this blog of yours is read by everyone who came from Sibuyan. I live in the civilized part of the island and it pains me that he sees people there as easy go lucky people. No not at all, many of Sibuyanons study in the city and well known universities. I do not like the way he talked to you either, he certainly do not respect the people and the culture. I just take vacation in Sibuyan because I already live here in the city since 2008. I appreciate how concerned you are in our place, and everything you say about the politicians and leaders were true. We cannot promote tourism easily because of transportation issues, we actually have an airport but is not build yet. That is in Landingan which is in Barangay Azagra, San fernando, Romb. They said funds were given long time ago to build this but I don not know where it goes. There are lots of undiscovered tourist spots in Sibuyan. Thank you so much for writing this, this writing really enlightened me.
20th April 2015

Great read
I have come to this post quite late, but glad I found it. I made two short trips to Fais in 1996 and 1997 with my father (yes, simply for the reason that "Fais" is my last name, well, and that my Dad and I both love to travel), and it was wonderful to read about the island and all the folks there again. On our second trip, my Dad brought basketballs, other sports stuff and a huge ball of twine (20 pounds? 30?) for constructing their buildings. Those trips were truly special. I have to say, one of my favorite parts was when I "booked" our flight to Fais with PMA and they asked me my name. For the first (and only) time in my life, I didn't have to spell it; I just said, "Fais, like the island." When I was there I talked with people about improving the textbooks at the school, and there were hopes that something was going to be done. Sad to hear that that came to nothing. Thank you for sharing this!
10th September 2014

Very good
I read the whole article and liked it the way you wrote very realistic. Well written!
8th September 2014

Thanks for sharing such exciting stories. I'm also waiting for the book ;)
20th June 2014

Hi, I just chanced upon your blog and while reading the article, I realized you were talking about my relations...My uncle and cousin Rambo. I hail from both Tinglayan and Tanudan...intermarriage of tribes:-) It is nice to read other people's experiences in their journeys to indigenous communities...I am particularly proud of my tribe and my heritage and im grateful for people taking time out to learn about our culture...our ways of life and our people:-)
23rd May 2014
Trees in Nadym Region, Siberia

amazing photos
love your photos amazing place the people in them have very interesting features different to features of Inuit or Siberian nomadic peoples i have seen so far in Docos and web which usally look similar to native american or Mongolians. They look as if they have European in them i.e nose and facial structure and skin colour but there features are smaller and bit rounder in the cheeks like Asian people. anyway sounds like you have amazing travel job want to see your amazing land. cheers from newzealand
11th May 2014

Wonderful, the best travel blog I have ever read
I have read many books about Russia. This blog is mesmeric, atmospheric and the accompanying photographs are of fantastic quality. I have only just discovered the writing and look forward to further captivating articles drawing me into the depths of the secret world of rural Russia.
8th May 2014

Hitch hike, does it cost?
Hello... when you hitch hike, do you have to pay the driver once they drop you off?
2nd May 2014

I've been reading your posts about Mangyan for quite sometime now. I must say that your posts are culturally sensitive. Congrats! I've been working with the Mangyan indigenous groups in Occidental Mindoro and in Oriental Mindoro since 2009. Upon reading your posts, I became inspired to also write my experiences and lessons learned from the field. Let me add that those who would like to visit Mangyan and other indigenous communities for a research, etc must also coordinate with the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP). It has offices or service centers conveniently located at the town centers. Hope to hear from you soon! All the best!
21st April 2014

I usually don't read blog entries throughout that are less than a quarter shorter than this one, but, wow. This entry made want to go to Kalinga tomorrow, or avoid it for the rest of my life. It's sad, but also, familiar. Like, you're describing this person you met, and I'm nodding my head, going, "Yeah. I know that guy. He was my brother.".
16th March 2014

Kalinga Tattoo
I'm not a full-blooded Kalinga but I'm already living the way yKalingas live. The article I read about this province always fascinates me. It would have been better if you have also included here the five waves of Kalinga tattoo. Nonetheless, thanks for writing this blog.
20th February 2014

A pity....
I was just noticing how your photography has been improving from blog to blog..... And you tell us you lost your memory card! What a pity. We can now only imagine those Crimean shots [:(] And hey, we've been missing your writing too!
6th February 2014

It\'s been over 35 years since I tied on a real drunk, but I can recall just how miserable you must have felt. What a blessing that you fell in with good folks! Galina sounds like a diamond in the rough. Seems like I\'ve heard that hot baths draw out toxins. Those pools must have done that for you, don\'t you think?
15th December 2013

Great Photos
Lovely shots here, especially some of the people and that huge mountain scenery. Any interest in contributing a guest blog to www.travelwakhan.com
9th November 2013

Great desire
I have been reading up on Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky and Kurilskoye lake. I have a great desire to visit these places - exorbitant cost involved is holding me back.
5th September 2013

I visited PK in 2000
I spent the summer of 2000 in Kamchatka. Visited Valley of the Geysers, PK and Esso. I really fell in love with the place and had a great time. Met many nice people that I still remain in contact with. I enjoyed Ed's short stories here very much. I would like to return for another visit before I get too old. Back when I visited I was the first American many of the locals had ever actually met in person it was a good feeling to meet and visit with so many wonderful people there. Keep hoping someone comes up with a cruise from Alaska to Kamchatka where we could stop over and spend a month or so visiting again. Larry S Roswell, NM USA
15th July 2013

Great but I have questions.
First of all, your blog is most captivating. I find it very educational and I love your style of writing. I know that you speak Russian. may I ask whether your dialogue with those you met was entirely in Russian or did you use English sometimes? Did many speak English? For a Canadian that was born in the West Indies, reading your blog is most intriguing.
4th July 2013
The road from the airport to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

3rd May 2013
A Nenets boy after drinking blood and eating raw meat straight from a reindeer carcass, Nadym Region, Siberia

once we've done that in Alaska
I am an Eskimo so I know that culture quiet well, also well read in History, I will be watching your writing, I read nearly all or major languages.
29th April 2013

Difference of Mindoro mangyans and Sinuyan manggyans
My mom is from Mindoro and my dad is from Sibuyan. Me and my whole family in my mother's side used to have a reunion every year in the mountains and I can tell you that manggyans in Mindoro were untouched and left alone while the mangyans in Sibuyan were constantly going with the change of influence from lowlands. They may still have their own culture which obviously was rich one but the change was apparent. I used past tense since i am based in USA now and seldom go home. Still,thank you for the thought and interest in the island where I was born and raised :)
14th April 2013

Kamchatka trip
I very much enjoyed the story! good laughs also. My fellow and I have planned a mtn bike and climb. We live in Alberta, Canada. We arrive in Petropavlask May 24th 2013. I hope to contact someone on Couch Surf in that city. It would be wonderful to have contact with you for helpful ideas. Your story is also full of good ideas! we will be in the area for two months. Hope to hear from you!
22nd March 2013

Good job Edward ;) I am visiting Kamchatka in one month time for freeride trip with my friend and now I am looking for some contact person to have a place to stay for a day or two in Petropavlovsk. I do not want to stay in a hotel but with a local people or rent a room/flat from a local person. Could you please give me a contact to Guy you stayed in Petropavlovsk? Good luck in your trips! thanks Filip

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