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21st May 2012
A Nenets child after drinking blood and eating raw meat from a reindeer carcass, Nadym Region, Siberia

Ed, we love this...
I know this blog post has been out a while and we've looked at these photos quite a few times but just wanted to reiterate...love it!
17th May 2012

Its so nice to see pics of the town i was born!
Thank you for this blog, i was born in 1977 and raised in Klyuchi, i lived there till 1994, then i moved to Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky to enter the university. When it was USSR life i Klyuchi was pretty good, my family traveled every year to Moscow or Black Sea, we had a nice condo, summer house. Nature is great and people weren't drinking that much. Now i am 34 and live in the US in San Francisco. Last time i was in Klyuchi in 2006, i went there to visit my father, he is still lives there. I don't have many pictures from Klyuchi, so i was trying to find some online and found yours, so its like a journey to the past. I am going to visit Petropavlovsk this year with my husband, i have many relatives and friends there, we will not go to Klyuchi though, the road is really hard, and my husband is not Russian so this adventure is definitely not for him. Thank you again for the pics and your interest to the greatest place and volcano!
6th May 2012

usar google traductor
hola,soy de argentina y me habian pedido investigar sobre los tao't bato y me sirvio esta informacion.Muy buena informacion. Saludos :)
4th May 2012
The classroom, Fais

Is this the tough folk from Fais Ilethow?
27th April 2012

Thank you. Thank you very much. Great story.
20th April 2012

You have indeed captured the essence of the tundra
Still waiting for you to pull it all together into a book. Your life and chosen path is an interesting one and your glimpse into this lifestyle is mesmerizing. Again--- great photos.
20th April 2012

I like the pictures, those faces, that life, so different to mine, what a place!!! I would love to go sometime. It seems to me they are closer to human nature than me, as a westerner... Hugs from Argentina. Graciela.
17th April 2012

legend of the blog!
From Blog: Faces of Ukraine
17th April 2012

I like it
I like the pictures. It´s a very good idea to give a kind of endless life to those faces. I should consider Ukraine on my list... Yes.
From Blog: Faces of Ukraine
4th April 2012

The life is such how it is
That's my cup of tea: Nordic life, Nordic culture, Nordic nature. I feel here (in the blog-entry) the real life which there isn't easy at all. But I see people working, struggling, taking care of themselves. I myself hardly could live in such an environment. But if You are born there, You see this different. And the life has its traditions and its laws. In any case - very informative (even when a bit long) and very emotional. Thanks!
2nd April 2012

I am amazed at your blog. I cant stop reading it though i have to study something else. The Nenets, their lifestyle, culture and your way of expressing it and most of all, the pictures are amazing ! It is probably the one of the very few evidences of their way of life to the outside world.
31st March 2012

Wonder no longer...
you have taken this whole traveling thing too far. I almost got ill reading the first part about strangling the reindeer and then eating its organs raw and drinking the fresh blood. I think I'm going to become a vegetarian. Did the two Swiss photographers also partake? Have you studied anthropology? The rest of your blog had great insights, and would make a great contribution to the science.
31st March 2012

A touch of real life in a world with few wonders left to discover.
Another great entry, Ed. We are all rewarded with such fine detail and your own reward must be in this intimate knowledge of the lives of others. A realisation that there can be happiness amongst people everywhere, almost regardless of apparent hardship.
27th March 2012

my home town...
i really like your blog because its true and correct ...God bless you
13th March 2012

The first half of my previous comment got deleted somehow...
I asked for the name of the magazine where your article will be published. I would like to buy a copy to see the case you make for the Nenets. Thanks.
12th March 2012

Another great entry Ed, a story well told and super photos.
10th March 2012

The Nenets
An excellent insight into a nomadic life that very few people would ever get to experience. A remarkable blog about a remarkable people.
8th March 2012

another enjoyable read :) i hope the gas company leave them alone.
8th March 2012

You had me at....Nenets
OMG Ed. I am trying to work here...but can't pull myself away from your blogs on the Nenets peoples! The story is perfect, but the pictures, brilliant. Good work.
8th March 2012

as I\'m interested in how you will plead their case against the oil company. I hope it results in compensation for damage done thus far and mitigating the future impact on the Nenets. I think that our own experience drilling in northern Alaska and the pipeline to Valdez shows that the two can work together.
13th March 2012

Hey Bob and Linda. Thanks for the comment. I agree with you - there are examples from Alaska, Canada and Greenland of how indigenous Arctic people and oil or gas companies can work together to the benefit of both. Russia is unfortunately somewhat behind those countries in terms of development and still at the level where a few fat cats at the top of the oil and gas companies can make big decisions designed to enrich themselves in the short term rather then actually benefit the economy or anyone else.
7th March 2012

I was on Mogmog island
I spend one wonderfull week on Mogmog last February. Like you wrote about Fais \"I would almost NEED to go back because I would miss it so much\". Every interlocutor on Yap was surprised that I did not come for diving but just to try to learn about the lives of the people. Drop me a mail and I will send you the link to my pic album.
6th March 2012

Stunning blog Ed...stunning. Best wishes for your tour business...I think you may be able to corner the market. Be safe. Got to vote on the pics next.
4th March 2012

so true!!!
"Possibly Chinese people's minds are different to ours in some way on this level, or possibly they are just not used to dealing with foreignors, but the majority of those we have met seem absolutely incapable of understanding miming or indeed anything other than direct verbal communication. " haha you're really spot-on with this!!! i've been in china for a couple of months and many chinese people don't understand anything I say (or frantically gesture) unless it's exactly perfect chinese verbal communication. they just think differently from how i think, it's amazing.
1st March 2012

Your First Client
Congratulations on your new venture - earning money through travelling - a wonderful combination! Great storytelling with some beautiful photos.

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