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28th February 2012

Fantastic photography - just make us want to come back to Siberia despite the cold!!! Beautifully captured place, cheers, B&T
25th February 2012

Another great entry
Another great entry , Ed. Like your style - your stories and your spirit of adventure, but not sure I'm up for -20C! Me? I'm sitting here in the sun in Andelucia and it's +18. Keep 'em coming. David
24th February 2012

We are waiting for your book
You've had some wonderful adventures and we always look forward to the next blog. Fantastic photos once again.
16th February 2012

LOVee mY couNtryyy
Come and visit us...Tajik people love guestss ..
14th January 2012
Marco Polo sheep horns on the roof of a house in a village in Warmdih

Hi Ed, Sorry to tell you this but this is a photo of Ibex horns not the horns of a Marco Polo sheep. Denis Belliveau Author and filmmaker of "In the Footsteps of Marco Polo"
23rd December 2011

Hot Springs
Hi, The Russian hospitality is great! I went to the very same hot spring two years ago - it was really nice there - a true Russian "spa" :-) Keep writing, I really like your blog!
20th December 2011

Ed, you are incredibly popular!
I am not going to put a comment on all stuff of yours that people are admiring, because your blogs are being admired so often. Just keep an eye on http://www.travelblog.org/Topics/30521-1.html
17th December 2011

This blog is a 2011 TravelBlog favourite!
Check this out, and feel free to add more 2011 TravelBlog favourite anythings, of your own. :) http://www.travelblog.org/Topics/30521-1.html
16th December 2011

Ed.... This is the finest and best article I\'ve ever read on Afghanistan and life of folks livin there....... And the writing is so real that I almost felt that I\'m there virtually having salti tea... U earned a fan.... Keep it up.
14th December 2011

More more more!
Now that I have experienced the motherland myself, I find your blogs more intriging and real than ever Ed! I'm envious of your interactions with the locals...great stories! p.s.The wood churches in your pictures are amazing too. Thanks for sharing.
15th November 2011
The coast, Fais

wow. wat a wonderful picture. i love it. i wish iam the one sitting here on the cliff .. praise God for my beautiful island.
2nd November 2011

Beautiful Pictures.
Hi Edward firstly great Blog. I am shocked that you actually did this journey into Afganistan on your own. Are you planning another trip to Afganistan again, I've been reading about a place called Nuristan where the country is like untouched by the outside world. I am very keen in going there if there's a chance. Regards, Ranjit
11th October 2011

Hey Ed, this Leo, am not so sure weather you remember or not but I was the one who took the picture you used above. \"Arm wrestling during a drinking binge, Yap\". I tried emailing you the pictures but was putting in the wrong email address. Anyways, if you have facebook hit me up, or email me at yinug_leo@yahoo.com Still have all the pics.
7th October 2011

Seems your goals in travelling have shifted from searching for the most remote or untouched cultures to a kind of pilgrimage to all the oldest churches and temples. Though I suspect these goals are secondary to just the experience of travelling and meeting people itself. The Natural Russian landscape looks very similar to Canada. I count my lucky stars we have a more socialist and democratic government though. (for now)
6th October 2011

I have to say great writing and that Volcano shot is one of the best pics i've ever seen! great work! happy travels! Greg
28th September 2011

7th Sweat?
first time I heard of this. And a bride fair? Gosh, those ladies left behind after all others were chosen must have felt really bad, 7th sweat or not! You're a superb storyteller, Ed. Really. And have I told you I'm really impressed about your photography lately? What cam are u using now?
28th September 2011

Excellent writing
Beer in plastic bottles is just wrong. Even more so in large plastic bottles. I liked the topics of conversation of the drunks and the babushki. But what was it with that waitress? Was it her disbelief at a foreigner speaking Russian that caused her not to understand you? But why would she laugh like that? The blatant rudeness of some Russians just keeps on puzzling me...
27th September 2011

Beautiful writing - funny and painful by turns - and exquisite photos. Uglich does not seem to live up to its name!
19th September 2011
The road from the airport to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

What more can I say Ed...wow!
10th September 2011

Seems this tradition is also in China. Your supposed to answer tricky questions the bridesmaids ask or pass obstacles and gift your way into her home. . then carry her out to the car /carriage.
10th September 2011

Congrads! ...
to the luck couple. I wish you many years of happyness!
6th September 2011

Hey Ed, nice entry. I love strolling through cemeteries, they\'re so peaceful and melancholic. You are right, it is ironic and sad that the hordes who died for their country are put to rest in such an anonymous way. It still happens these days, just look at Vietnam or Iraq veterans in the US. Anyway, keep the good blogs coming. Cheers, Jens
5th August 2011

That's all?
Frankly, I got so used to reading your long (but very interesting) blogs that I felt deprived finding it 'short' by my standards. :) Just the same, it's still an enjoyable read. And yes, that's a more attention-grabbing title. Hey, you're getting on with those stolen human interest shots. Nice.
28th July 2011

Lovely blog
I loved reading about your time here. Your description of Peter and the little boy give the story real character. I felt like I was reading an old tale. Keep it up.
24th June 2011

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