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18th March 2013

Peace Corps Volunteer Fais 1970-1972
I am completely amazed! I found this site on 3/18/13, had lost contact with my former beloved friends associates and students, and now find this dreamlike revelation. I have dvd copies of movies I took on Fais, and will be happy to send a copy if you/someone gives me a centralized address. with fond memories, Miklos
6th March 2013

I knew this blog was posted years ago but just saw it today. What you\'re saying is right. Sibuyan is a microcosm of the Philippines itself. Too bad, there were some people who can not only corrupt the land but the people itself. My grandparents and parents grew here and as a young kid, I have traveled trips for vacation here. I\'ve seen how they had wised up from people like these and I believe even the inhabitants of the island are coping well. I saw how my folks fought for their very lives. The freedom to live of their own accord which is basic for all human beings. I know that Hans or his friends will not be the last but I know my people will just shake them off and will always rise up from these kinds of corruptors - be it local or not. God bless Sibuyan Island!
28th February 2013

that was crazy! you have amazing medical coverage. now im absolutely terrified of malaria. and i live in the Philippines where you got it from
19th December 2012
Saami reindeer herder, Lovozero Region, Kola Peninsula, Arctic Russia

hello please reply to me now to have something impordant for me ok
18th December 2012
Nenets driving reindeer sledge, Yamal Peninsula

@ one time through times, we were also followed the migrating antelope for food. Dine People from Arizona. USA
5th December 2012

A great blog. I've always wanted to visit Kamchatka and your writing and images feel the next best thing. Thanks for sharing
2nd December 2012
A Nenets sacred site on the Yamal Peninsula, Siberia

your photos are wonderful, thank you!
4th November 2012

nice stuff mate. Hope all is well. Do you have any plans to come to UK for Christmas or next year?
31st October 2012

what a wonderful account of parts of the world we often forget about while sitting at our computer screens... your photos are wonderful
19th September 2012

Great Blogs
I always enjoy reading all of your blogs on the Russian North! I'm from Arctic Canada and am planning on heading to Russia in the next year or so. Your blogs always get me excited about travelling in these exotic, hard-to-reach corners of our amazing world. Thanks for sharing.
6th September 2012

A delightful read
Thanks, Ed, for yet another insight into the world of the old USSR. Great prose as ever. Keep 'em coming! David
6th September 2012

I was beginning to have EdVallance withdrawal!! Thanks for the new blog fix. Seems like a very interesting place...I'll get there someday. Sorry about the memory card, tragic. I know how I feel about my picture memories, so I couldn't bear to lose them. Cheers Ed.
4th September 2012

Ugh, can't believe you lost your memory card.
I'm sure that is a fear most of us have. Hopefully, that is the last one you'll ever lose. Your story is great as always. Love the description of what the old lady was wearing....thanks for taking us along with you. Your descriptions are marvelous.
4th September 2012

That's terrible that you lost your memory card...
everything including the Russian north? What do you recommend to the rest of us as to how we should avoid this calamity. Anyway, it sounds like you had a great vacation.
3rd September 2012

Vivid word painting!
What a magical adventure you've painted! So sorry you lost your memory card, but these photos and your vivid descriptions were more than sufficient to let me experience wonderful, lost-in-time countryside havens. Your destinations are inspiring, and now I'm keen to read your past blogs!
8th August 2012
The road from the airport to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

This is really beautiful ..... Thanks
28th June 2012

Wow! i've just stubbled upon ur blog!! i love ur writing style- what an adventure!!!!!! Wish u the best xx (ur ol' exeter chum)
28th June 2012

Very thorough essay... I am glad you enjoyed your visit to our islands. I grew up on the main island of Yap, so I am admittedly biased in regards to Yapese culture. I would just like to point out that I don't think a laid-back life of fishing and no "real job" makes one lead an "empty lifestyle," like you suggested. Indeed, this type of life is closer to our traditions than one of having a job outside the home. Likewise, I don't think that our ancestors thought of aspects of our "strict" culture to be oppressive and divisive as you seem to think. While parts of our culture might seem this way to an outsider, we were raised to abide by these social norms, and so in general, we don't see it in the same way you do. We all tend to accept the customs and ways of life that we grew up with. I absolutely agree that alcoholism is a prevalent problem in Yap, and while I don't want to downplay the emotional stress alcoholism puts on relationships, I think that the "happiness" you referred to is perhaps a product of the fact that Yapese people still do not absolutely need money. If there are alcoholics in the family and they deplete the family income with their habit, the family can still have a place to live and food to eat. The land and sea still provide these necessities to its people. I think this alleviates some of the stress typical of alcoholic families. Anyway, interesting article!
19th June 2012

Another fascinating blog
It is wonderful how you are able to immerse yourself within an environment and to paint an intimate picture of the people who live there. There is a real humanity in your style of travel. Others you meet obviously sense and warm to your approach to travel and discovery and this flows through to your blogs.
14th June 2012

A Treasured Experience
Ed, you did it again. You brought us to another corner of this world heretofore unknown to many of us. How they live in near isolation and love their life , despite a few outbursts against present politics, is such a valued insight on the people and culture. Safe travels to you. Enjoy reading your blogs as it allows me to view other cultures in an entirely "personal" way.
14th June 2012

Yes. You are a traveller.
24th May 2012
Nenets woman, Yamal Peninsula

I love this women
I love these women because the are hardworking,i will be happy if i can marry them to my
24th May 2012

Wow, this is incredible!!! Gut-wrenching of the kids post-eating...what an experience!
21st May 2012

Great narrative !
Late already but the minute I started to read this entry well I simply had to read it all! Fantastic experience you had there and love how simple & down to earth people seem to be :-) glad you shared this story!

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