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18th January 2011

Need time
I need lots of time to go over your blog. I breezed through it now, then decided I'd read it more leisurely the next time. Need time to digest all these. Tough life, indeed. What adventures you make, Ed. Been waiting for this blog , and I intend to read them slowwwwly. It's an altogether different world, really. Thanks for sharing.
17th January 2011

Ed., this is excellent... you rock.... keep this going...
17th January 2011

I just saw the pictures. I don´t have time to read the whole blog. At least I am honest... I follow your itineraries. Very interesting. Congratulations. Love from Argentina.
17th January 2011

Informative as always
Yep, you are probably the most interesting writer on travel blog, and the places and adventures you go through are on par with some of the great explorers of yore. I shall definately buy that book of yours if ever you finish it and get it published.
17th January 2011

Tinnie - actually they are dark-skinned like Asians; this is just a crap photo indoors with a strong flash!
17th January 2011

Lucinda - yes it's worrying and sadly may make the Nenets way of life impossible in the future :(
17th January 2011

Thanks for the comments everyone. Scott and Anny: money - private tutoring English language in Moscow (and this trip wasnt that expensive anyway); time: the 10 day Russian New Years holiday; conviction: obsession! re publishing - am trying to amalgamate a few blogs together into a book at the moment.
17th January 2011

Staggering, beautiful, informative, brave and honest. As always your writing is of a caliber rarely seen on this site. You've probably heard this platitude before, but your writing is easily good enough to be published. Ever considered it? You are always travelling, in so many disparate places in Asia, how te hell do you find the time and the money!? The conviction?
17th January 2011
Nenets toddler inside a chum, Yamal Peninsula

nice read as usual
i can't live in that temperature - the people are so white! please try and stay warm :S
17th January 2011

An amazing journey
Beauty is the barren Artic.
17th January 2011

Greetings Edward. This surprising travel! As always, the Great story! All your blog has read on one breath. I look forward new stories. Thank you very much!
17th January 2011

That is a seriously tough life to lead.. You've probably heard that Gazprom intend to exploit oil reserves in Yamal - does that worry you? Am going to put a link to this on my blog. Write a book!
15th January 2011

This blog was nominated as one of the best of 2010 in the Asia/adventure category. Another congratulations to you! :) ''Really great writing and pictures in that one, too. ''
13th January 2011

Great writing, as usual
If there is anyone who would do it, I'd put my bets it would be you, Ed. The things you have to undergo in the name of adventure. And here we are, your readers, enjoying your adventures without suffering minus 35 degrees in the cold and missing meals and winks. Way to go ,Ed. Can't wait for your next blog. You don't miss the details. And I love that about your blogs. Stay warm and dry, if you can.
8th January 2011

Blog of the Year
Congratulations! :) This blog was nominated one of the best of 2010 in the Asia/adventure category ''Of course Ed Vallace wins for best Adventure in Asia. He caught my attention when he wrote about almost dying in Russia, and now he has me with his latest adventures in Afghanistan. Fantastic!'' http://www.travelblog.org/Forum/Threads/27154-1.html
5th January 2011

The Wakhan Corridor looks very tempting as a destination - thanks for providing such a great read!
1st January 2011

tau't bato
Hi there, me and my friend are going to visit this tribe can anyone tell me which is the best place to start the journey? we are crossing by sea from borneo to balabal island and through the small islands to palawan after that want to find anyone ho can transport us to the best starting point to visit those people in jungle... so i will be glad for receiving any information about that! we are going during january 2011 so if there is anyone of you around and wanna join us just let me know! thx ;o)
28th December 2010

So true
Your observations on the difference between Tajikistan and Afghanistan strike a chord with me. Education and awareness, a willingness to learn and step outside the box make people in some parts of the world stand out. Didn't make it to Tajikistan but the Kyrgyz were a sight for sore eyes after dealing with Han Chinese for far too long
27th December 2010

For a change!
That was quite a change, Ed. A pleasant change. You normally don't post your photos in your blog, but you did here . Looking good. You and Alisa. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you both! Btw, i enjoyed this blog as I usually do with your other blogs.
26th December 2010

really interesting blog! I've been fascinated by Russia and Russian culture since I was in 9th grade and am still trying to visit! I really enjoyed reading, thanks
25th December 2010

Brilliant writing, Edward, this one had me laugh out loud. Thank you for sharing.
25th December 2010

Brilliant writing, Edward, this one had me laugh out loud. Thank you for sharing.
25th December 2010

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25th December 2010

Superbly written. Undoubtedly, the way you've created this blog is awesome and you've marvelously described your real time experiences into words. I was literally engaged with every word that I can see above. Tajikistan is certainly a beautiful destination as I've been there couple of times. My very first trip to Tajiki was initially supposed to be organized by Zapbooking.com but because of few unexpected reasons it didn't turned out well and I decided to do it myself. Being a new traveler and a hardcore explorer I first went to Afghanistan where I had a tryst with the culture which was almost similar in Tajikistan. Similar language spoken, familiar attire and culture that can be generally witnessed in a Muslin country. People are highly amicable and welcoming, they comprehend your each effort you've invested to land to their country as it isn't that easy common to land in Tajikistan. However, you whole experience reminded me of mine experiences that I had. Thanks a lot Jason
25th December 2010
Sheep that was killed to celebrate the five pillars being put in place in the new house

That's disgusting!

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