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13th March 2010

hope you have no more recurrence
Hi Ed, sorry to hear about your bouts with malaria, where in the Philippines did you contract it? luckily I did not get it when I was there recently, hoping for your speedy recovery bro. Gil
13th March 2010

Just read about your second malaria outbreak, really hope you feel better now! That hospital sounds petrifying, don't know how you coped with it. Great blog post, I will definately be taking my anti-malarial tablets from now on!
12th March 2010

Superb depiction.
Your description of observers reaction to your suffering really brought the story alive. I've often found it difficult to accurately recall pain and illness after the fact. It almost seems at times as if it's happening as I read...Harrowing, Brilliant! I've never had malaria myself, or taken any precautionary medication. I'm taking note.
12th March 2010

I'm seriously considering getting re-tested after my hospital experience in China last year, despite that I was given a hell of a lot of antibiotics..The parasites can remain dormant in your liver for years. You should come back to the UK and get tested and treated properly at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases..
12th March 2010

I'm seriously considering getting re-tested after my hospital experience in China last year, despite that I was given a hell of a lot of antibiotics..The parasites can remain dormant in your liver for years. You should come back to the UK and get tested and treated properly at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases..
4th March 2010

Great blog of my country! Btw, if ever you drop by Manila again, you should check out Carlos Celdran's walking tour of the Walled City, gives a great perspective of the one of the least understood cities in the world. Cheers, Ryan http://tourism-philippines.com
26th February 2010

Re: Mindanao
Ive found your post while reading Cris nomad4ever.com site. Thanks visiting us here. I'm living here in General Santos City.. Thanks also for knowing and seeing some of our fellow tribal people here. More power to you :)
19th February 2010

11th February 2010

can't remember for the life of me, sorry!
11th February 2010

Hi E Just a small question... on which day is Lao Zhai market?... or is the market every 5 or 6 days? Many thanks.
7th February 2010

In sagada try to get 6hr hours cave-in crawling in Crystal cave - it is expensive - 3 000 pesos, buy it it 6 hours in side Caves with middle of difficulty rock climbing.
19th January 2010

messages to edward
hi ed, how are you? i really enjoy your blog.. are you going back to taot bato? i know that place cos im loving in sicud whose near in taot bato,,, i wish you can come back again and i can meet you in real cos i enjoy to read your blog.. i give you my number so that we can meet .. 09295381713
17th January 2010

wow...i live in Panay and talking abt their culture though we are all Filipino, hmmm im stl green. So i can say that this is an eye opener for me...and they are stl behind civilization, huh?! Interesting!!
14th January 2010

I'd email you if you left me your email address!
14th January 2010

You did it
You got past the surface beauty into the darker reality of the place from the sounds of it. Reading of your experience echos much of my own experience there yet I am still planning on the move. Will you go back? I very much would like you to email me if you would since public forums are well, public.
9th January 2010

I hear you loud and clear.
Like so many others on here, I've also recently returned home after 2 years living and travelling abroad. I've also just broken up with my partner of 7 years just before returning home, and am living with my parents again in the suburbs after 2 years overseas and 7 years out of home. Old friendships have changed and am finding it hard to get work, so I really felt everything that came through in your blog. It's nice to know there are others out there going through a similar situation and I'm not all alone. It's not easy, but travelling has opened up my eyes and I know I will do it again some day. Until then, keep the memories alive in your thoughts and on your walls :). I hope things become easier for you soon!
6th January 2010

Blog of the year, for the Europe/Adventure cathegory
Check this out. :) http://www.travelblog.org/Forum/Threads/22180-1.html
From Blog: Metro Zombies
4th January 2010

I love Tatlong Pulo too
I am a Filipino, a local who live in Iloilo City, the neighboring island of Guimaras. Guimaras is my second home and actually my runaway every time I am so stressed from work. I recently visited Tatlong Pulo and I love it too. It's peaceful, clean and beautiful government owned island. I love to read your experience about Philippines. You are true to your words whether it's bad or good about my country.
26th December 2009

the word 'good' does not suffice
outstanding writing. if you're not writing elsewhere, thanks for sharing your skill with us here on TB. it's a true pleasure reading you.
From Blog: Metro Zombies
26th December 2009

did you ever get there man? just printed this out and read it in my bed! super!
20th December 2009

the place where i left before
im a woman with a simple ambition for my self and for my family i grew up in sicud rizal palawan i studied in elementary up to secondary on that place. but when i graduated high school i my family that i will contenue my college degree in manila im so sad cos im sure that i cant see the place where i started to grew up after how many years i going back in sicud rizal palawan im amaze my place coz its improving now they have a electricity ang improving sorrounding and very refreshing place and beautiful spots you can found it like taot bato, sidang sidang and many more... in taot bato they have a lot of indigenous people its familliar to call [PALAWAN a native people] thay so nice and friendly but despite of that the status of there living is so poor and they needs a lot of things especially medicine..and im giving my sympathy for them.. i want to help those people... maybe they have a person who can help me also to pursue my purposes to be able to help them....and i want also to avoid a descrimination for those people who lives peacefully in the mountain.we share our blessings to them...godbless and love our invironment and also to all indegenous people i adore you......
17th December 2009

ati people
you can clearly see the ati people are of african decent by there frizzy hair and facial features mixed with some asian if every one realy wanted to know where they came from stop with the myths and take dna i am sure they will trace there roots to afrira i am sure some one thought of this before me or is it that nobody want to knowledge them being from africa.
2nd December 2009

Being in the Moscow metro is one of my travel fantasies. But the fantasy up until now has been about crystal chandaliers and marble, and excluded beggars, babuskas, drunks, militisia.... But, I am always interested in human life, so they will add an extra dimension to the experinece when, I finally do get to Moscow. ''Of course, the darker your skin the more often you will be stopped. Who can blame them, however, when their salaries are barely more than the cost of renting a room?'' I can and do blame them. The dark skinned people likely earn less in Moscow than the Militsia do. '' Each one of these newly-grinning people was thinking the same thing: how nice that these children are not old and jaded like us, how nice that they relish a new experience and dive head first into it, how nice it would be to be able to laugh like that once again.'' Nice that somebody can see the joyful side of children. I often wonder why people so often only see the noisy, messy aspect of children. I as a parent often dispair about how modern societies view children.
From Blog: Metro Zombies
28th November 2009

head hunters
Head hunters? I am one of the Kalinga people, head hunters is just applicable before 1960s but now its not. generally kalinga people are peace loving citizen as they have their own way of solving tribal conflicts (please read the Pagta d bodong, its nice). others may not understand and i think thats normal because of cultural differences...
20th November 2009

"Greasy food does wonderful things for the mood on a cold, horrible day". I know that kebab always works for you;-). I now can imagine your daily life in Moscow. Thanks. As a tropical creature I am always excited and overwhelmed to see snow. But you succeeded in making me think, "Perhaps it is not as good; could be bleak, depressive and gloomy too," Just for comparison, so is the sun. In England people told me lucky because I have summer all year long. But let's put sun together with flies, mud, rubbish, fish market, blocked drain, lots of people, humidity and cigarette smoke. I've been there before (no wonder I love winter =p). Did you read a lot about Russian history? You wrote such a good story about Russian aristocrats and peasants toiling etc. Thumbs up.

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