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Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris July 17th 2009

Well we have 2 days worth here now. No internet yesterday - well more a combination of tired and didn't want to pay for access. We waved goodbye to hilly Lyme Regis and headed out across the south west thru the famous standing stones - Stonehenge. Awe inspiring sight. How and why did someone move 15 ton rocks 385 miles on water and land, then carve and line them up to be a large sundial???? (monthly - sun shines thru consecutive arches for each month). All this done around 3500 years ago and this is the 3rd incarnation of this structure. Left the henge and went to Guildford. Crashed that night after dinner @ Auberge. Sea Bass and a caesar salad with a Grand Marnier chaser. Next day we got rid of our little car - ... read more
The Boot Inn

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Truro July 15th 2009

Left Falmouth for Lyme Regis. Now we should mention that we stopped in Trelliseck at a Nation Trust garden. Beautifull country garden. Journeyed on to Sidmouth for some picturesque shopping. Travelled some more skinny roads and went to Lyme Regis. Roads here extremely steep and narrow. Climbing the hill in the car feels like a rocket launch. Tomorrow .... Off to STONEHENGE!!!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Exeter July 14th 2009

Today's jaunt was relatively short in distance. I we thought that we had seen the worst in roads by driving thru the Highlands..... WRONG!! A little trick to driving in the Devon area... when the center line strip disappears - brake NOW! Roads will immediatley squeeze down to 5 ft wide (seems a lot narrower) and usually it happens at a curve with high hedges. Scenery makes it all worth it. We drove out to the south western tip of the island.Very windy and sporadic rain. After being soaked to the skin we mad it back to the car and went to Falmouth. Dinner at the Captain's Table. Wonderfull scallops. Oh and by the way, we have covered a lot of this island and have yet to see any peanut butter. (I'm just saying - Lori) ... read more
Earl's Sarcophagus
Coastal road

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Exeter July 13th 2009

We jumped in the car and left Cwmbran and headed out to Bath. Once again a little difficult to navigate around with some of the exits at roundabouts unmarked. I have learned that if I can't find the exit that I want...... I just keep circling till I find what I m looking for. I am quite sure that I am making thre locals nuts. OK now we found Bath... pretty good signs to the long term parking. Let the fun begin. very poor signs to find the big attraction here, the Roman baths. Got on the hop on hop off tour and found the general location. The wait was worth it!!! The area was excavated starting around the 1800's. A magnificent walk thru the 2000 year old baths and pumping house. We were walking on ... read more
Roman Baths
Roman Baths
Roman Baths

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Monmouthshire » Monmouth July 12th 2009

A relatively short day today - in distance anyway. Checked out of the Aber Cottage in Dolgellau (pronounced - dol geth lee yeah I know we'll explain later) and wandered around this tiny hamlet. Very, very narrow streets. almost humerous that there are lines painted down the middle of the road when it is only 6 feet wide. Said goodbye to Barabara at the cottage and headed out on the road. There is no way to drive these roads at what we consider high speeds in North America. BUT!!! the scenery makes you want to stop at every turn. Stopped for lunch in Rhyader at one of the local pubs. I had a chicken breast that was smothered in port & stilton sauce. WOW! Wanted to lick the plate. They had a vintage show ust down ... read more
Aber Cottage

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Gwynedd » Snowdon July 11th 2009

OK now we are off to Wales. Headed west for the coast and tried our best to stay close to the water. Found quite a few holiday towns similar to Blackpool. Huge sections of promenade with arcades, gift shops, pubs and restaurants. LARGE static caravan parks (trailer parks) and I mean huge. As we got further south and west the towns got smaller and the scenery became even more beautiful. Stopped in Rhos Bay for lunch at the Rhos Fyncah Tavern and had some more beer. Finally made it to Dolgellau early in the afternoon. 250 year old house turned into a B&B. Barbara (also an artist) sat down and had tea with us. Decided to walk around and find a restaurant. After we made a reservation we crawled into a pub (The Unicorn) for some ... read more
Static Caravans
Bilingual SIgn
Rhos Fynach Tavern

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Ayrshire » Ayr July 10th 2009

Lots to update, have been without internet fo a acouple of days. July 8th Left Claclaig Inn Glen Coe) headed for Inverarary the seat of the Duke of Argyll the cheiftan of the Campbell Clan. A beautiful castle with the highest room of any home in the UK (60 ' plus) Walls all lined with weapons used at Culloden. Stopped for some great scallops at a roadside Inn (Lochgair). Headed for Girvan on the west coast of Scotland for the night. Well it was bound to happen - the hotel lost our reservation and was full. The owner called another B&B for us and got us a room at the same rate right on the seacoast with a great view of the Irish Sea & Ailsa Craig. We watched the sunset @ 10:30 pm. July 9th ... read more
Lochgair Inn
Inverarary Castle
Ailsa Craig

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Inverness July 7th 2009

We left Invergarry to visit Loch Ness - Nope didn't see it.... We tried! Went thru the visitor center which was informative. Now we are off to the Culloden battelfield. For those of you who do not know - This was the last hand to hand battle in Great Britain between the government and the Jacobites (Bonnie Prince Charlie - the true heir to the throne). Very moving.... They had a very detailed visitor center that showed every facet of the history and cause of the batlle which shaped religion, monarchy and europe itself. They also had a personal GPS system which described the battle in detail as you walked thru the battle field. It made that much more of an impact to stand where these men died. Stood beside the Campbell clan marker. As we ... read more
Urquhart Castle
Loch Ness

Today we are looping around the Isle of Skye. Headed northwest from our castle and travelled the winding roads. Many wonderfull road signs. Most have exlcamation marks and some form of picture. Common ones are school and children but my favourites are for sheep, deer, elderly and blind people. And when they show a sign for road narrowing they mean 1 lane and they mean it NOW! You had best be having your foot on the brake right away. Very majestic mountains that are strangely bare of trees. We noticed some clear cutting of forests as well when ever we did see some trees. Stopped for lunch in Portree. Poor Elke is ready to kill for a real salad. Salads here consist of some leafy greens and a tomato slice (no dressing - really only for ... read more
Loch Garry
Eilean Donan Castle
Eilean Donan

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Inverness July 5th 2009

Left the spanish hotelBarcelo Carleton) in Edinburgh this morning to head for Invergarry. As I had to walk 2 blocks to the rain (that's th way it should be - 1 day nice 1 day rain - well only the morning) We drove along the motorway up to Perth and turned westward toward the Highlands. OK now I appreciate the term Highlands. In some of our pictures you are going to see white dots (resolution not good enough to zoom) you are going to have to trust us - they are sheep. Very Isolated out here. Pulled off to the side of the road and no one passed us for 5 minutes. Elke made a friend at the side of the road. It was so quiet you could hear the sheep from a long ways off. ... read more

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